Support Where It’s Needed: Volleyball Ankle Braces

volleyball ankle braces

Any volleyball player knows how hard the sport can be on your ankles.

We take a look at ankle support or braces for volleyball and how they can help you.

If you’re an avid volleyball player, then you have faced sore ankles from time to time. 

It’s no secret that playing volleyball can cause a lot of strain on your ankles. Injuries to the ankle are the most common volleyball injury, and lead to the most lost playing time. 

But what’s a player to do?

You certainly aren’t going to give up the sport you love.

Let’s take a look at how volleyball ankle braces can ease the pain and give you that added support you need.

Who Needs A Brace?

Many people are under the misconception that ankle braces for volleyball are just for after you’ve been injured.

While that's a good time to use them, there are plenty of other opportunities to take advantage of a quality ankle brace for volleyball.

There's a nice selection of braces on the market that will actually help to prevent injury.

They do this by adding that extra support you need and keeping your joints aligned.

These aren't braces you'll want to wear all the time but are perfect volleyball ankle braces.

Most volleyball injuries are in fact ankle sprains, so by using a brace, you're protecting yourself from that dreaded rolling movement.

If you’ve been injured and want to continue your favorite sport, you'll want to look for ankle braces in volleyball that also have air pockets or cushioning on the sides.

This is going to not only give you the comfort that you need but also keep you from further injuries.

Let’s Look at Different Styles Available

When you're shopping for the best ankle brace for volleyball, you'll have several different varieties to look at.

Sock Models

You’ll find the easy to use sock models. These are the simplest support to use, as they slide on just like your sock.

These are great to use for a short time, but you might notice some wear on them after prolonged use.

 If you need something more durable, one of the other styles might be more effective for you as a volleyball ankle brace.

Mechanical Model

A mechanical model is best if you're in need of a strap on the support that secures itself under the foot.

Normally these models also include the padding that I talked about above, making it the perfect option if you're already nursing an injury.

If you're experiencing an injury, you’ll want to wear a brace not just for volleyball, but anytime that you'll be putting weight on the ankle.

Something to consider when looking for the best ankle braces for volleyball in a mechanical model is that these won’t be as comfortable as your sock model.

When looking for comfort and ease of mobility, this wouldn’t be your first choice.

If You're Dealing With An Injury

If you’re choosing to play volleyball despite having an injury, there are some things you'll want to do. Firstly, make sure you get as much rest as possible.

Those painful tissues will need time to heal. Consider grabbing a pair of crutches to keep weight off the ankle when you can.

Secondly, use ice to reduce pain and swelling. You may also find that some compression will work well to push the swelling away from the ankle.

Both styles of volleyball ankle braces that I mentioned above will provide that for you.

The third thing you will want to do is elevate your ankle as often as you can.

 Keeping the injured ankle above the heart is going to reduce the swelling you're experiencing even more.

You may find that taking a mild pain reliever may also help with some of the discomforts.

 Keep in mind that it could take up to six weeks to recover from a sprained ankle, so be patient with yourself.


Whether you're aiming for that added support to prevent injury or you're caring for an existing sprain, you'll want to take your time and search the best ankle braces for volleyball before playing.

Your ankles are fragile and need to be protected in order to maintain healthy joints for a long time to come.