Is Baby Ear Protection Necessary? Ear Plug & Hearing Guide

baby ear protection

As an adult, we know our ears are sensitive to the nearly deafening sounds of blaring music, airplanes, and crowded streets.

However, babies are even more sensitive to the world around them, as they have thinner skulls than adults

Fortunately, baby ear protection can make a noisy world seem a little quieter, and a little less scary.

When looking for the right kind of ear protection it's important to consider what your baby’s needs are.

Will the ear protection be used to help your baby sleep, or will it be used help tone down a possibly overwhelming situation?

The two main types of baby hearing protection are ear muffs and ear plugs.

Below is a list of the most popular brands in these two categories.

Snug Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs

Snug Safe n Sound Earmuffs

One of the most popular brands of earmuffs are by Snug.

Their Safe n Sound Earmuffs for kids offer comfort and protection.

As parents we all have to consider the idea that no matter where we go, our child may have to go with us.

With the Safe n Sound Kids Earmuffs you won’t have to worry about a crowded shopping center or roaring sporting event, as they're ideal for blocking out noise.

These earmuffs have padded ear cushions and are lightweight, making them comfortable to little ears.

High quality parts make them very durable, so much so that the company gives them a 5-year guarantee.

These earmuffs are available in a wide variety of colours and are adjustable, so they will grow with your child.

Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff

Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuff

For tiny ears, Baby Banz Infant Hearing Protection Earmuffs offer great baby ear protection.

Made specifically with newborns in mind, these earmuffs are small enough to fit into the palm of your hand.

This makes them very convenient as they can be slipped into a diaper bag along with other necessities like diapers and baby wipes.

They're also very light-weight, just under 7 ounces, and are made with soft cushioned cups. This ensures that your baby will be comfortable while wearing them.

Made from 100% plastic, they're hand washable, so you don’t have to worry about little fingers making them sticky.

Baby Banz are available in two colours, pink and blue.

Em's 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs

Em's 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs

For a different type of baby earmuff, Em’s 4 Bubs Baby Earmuffs are both unique in design, and very stylish.

Available in a whopping 16 different colours and patterns, these earmuffs are designed just for infants, and offer great baby ear protection.

Uniquely, these earmuffs are made to fit snugly around a baby’s forehead instead over the top of their head. The headband is adjustable, made with elastic, and secures with velcro.

Many of the positive reviews say they have helped their babies sleep soundly, even in the loudest of environments.

The Em’s 4 Bubs Hearing Protection Baby Earmuffs are highly recommended for babies aged from newborn to 18-months old.

PUTTY BUDDIES Floating Earplugs

Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs

Noise isn’t the only things little ears need protection from.

Swimming and bath time can be potential pains if care isn’t taken to protect babies’ ears.

Invented by a physician, PUTTY BUDDIES Floating Earplugs offer a great option as baby ear plugs.

Not only are they a good option for babies, but they're a perfect for children who have ear tubes.

PUTTY BUDDIES are soft, moldable silicone ear plugs that offer great protection from water for your child’s ears.

They're used by molding the putty over the ear canal. These earplugs come in a variety of colours, and can be torn, molded, and shaped to any size ear.

Each ear plug can be used for up to two weeks, or until dirty.

Although these ear plugs are perfect for keeping water out of your child’s ear, these ear plugs are not for noise reduction.

Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone Ear Plugs

Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone Ear Plugs

Another great option for bath and swim time, Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone Ear Plugs offer protection for children and babies against water.

In addition to protection against water, many reviewers have said they also work well in helping to lessen loud noises.

These pliable silicone ear plugs fit easily over the ear and can be molded to create a seal. These can help children or babies that are vulnerable to ear infections, or have tubes in their ears.

Flents Seal-Rite Kids Silicone Ear Plugs come in three different colors, and every purchase comes with 6 pairs and a convenient carrying case.


Ears, especially little ones, need a lot of protection. In addition, protecting ears early in life can benefit your children throughout their entire lives.

No matter if you want to protect them from water, or loud, over-whelming noises, there are many different forms of ear protection to choose from.

From moldable silicon, to snug fitting ear muffs, there are a lot of fantastic products that can provide your baby hearing protection.