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Our goal is to improve people's quality of sleep and their general health, meaning they have buckets of energy. We have a dedicated team of writers who are all passionate, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. Their mission is to create informative articles so that you can lead a happier and healthier lifestyle! 

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Meet The Team!

Katie Uniacke Head Content Manager

Hi, I’m Katie. I’m the head content manager here at SleepHealthEnergy.com. When I’m not working on the site or writing about health and wellness I can be found exploring the world, trail running, trying out new plant-based recipes, experimenting with making my own natural cosmetics, or reading a good book. I learn something new every day whilst reading the contributions to this blog, so I hope you’ll join me on the journey to enjoying top-to-toe health and getting the best night’s sleep possible, leaving you bursting with energy.

Hi, I'm Lucy and I'm currently traveling around South East Asia with my trusty yoga mat and a constant craving for the ocean. I love finding healthy, eco-friendly ways to improve my well-being, even more of a challenge whilst on the road. I’m always on the lookout for interesting new ways to work on my mental and physical health.

Lucy VinestockRegular Contributor

Peter Martins

Hello, my name's Peter. I'm an expert on a whole host of sleep & health topics. I pride myself on living a healthy lifestyle and my passions include running, cycling and cooking. I hope you enjoy my content! If you find something useful, please share it with your friends and family.

Nina Trevalier

Hi, I'm Nina, a mother of one and a proud contributor to sleephealthenergy.com. I've always enjoyed learning about my body and how I can live out a more healthy, wholesome and fulfilling life. I'm beyond excited to be a contributor to sleephealthenergy.com as I can now channel my passions into helping educate others.

Monica Pullman

Hi, I'm Monica, working mother of two, writer, yoga teacher and happiness coach. I'm passionate about spirituality, sleep, healing and yoga. That's how I stay balanced and full of energy. I know the power of self-awareness, discipline, and knowledge in being your best self, whether that's as a mother or in the workplace. 

Rani Bhan

Hi, my name is Rani. I've always been amazed by the effect that excellent nutrition and healthy living  can have on energy levels and improving overall health. I've devoted my life to nutrition, holistic therapy and learning techniques to run a healthy home.