Our Complete Guide To The Best Feminine Wash On The Market

best feminine wash

Finding the best feminine wash to use isn't as simple as it might seem.

Taking care of such sensitive parts of the body has a little more science behind it.

Many women use the washes they use on the rest of their bodies in their intimate  areas, but that can cause problems. 

Maintaining a balanced pH level is key here.

Many generic wash products are far too harsh on the skin and will cause more harm than good.

Both poor hygiene in this area and using harsh chemicals can contribute to vaginal infections.

Did you know that 75% of women will have a yeast infection at some point during their lives?

You want to keep the good bacteria that's naturally found around the vaginal area and find a great product that will tackle odor and hygiene.

How Do I Choose the Best Feminine Wash?

Choosing the best feminine wash needn’t be tricky!

You just need to make sure that the product you choose ticks a few important boxes.

You don’t want any nasty chemicals upsetting the balance down there, so make sure your product of choice is as natural as possible.

It should be mild, not harsh, and shouldn’t have a strong scent to it.

Although a light, natural scent is great for a feminine wash, a strong, artificial scent indicates that the product is full of chemicals, so steer clear!

Importantly, the ph of the product should be between 4.5-5.5, to keep everything nicely balanced.

If the product you decide to go with meets all these criteria, you're on to a winner.

Is Using a Feminine Wash Safe?

Some of us are so nervous about our vaginal health that we prefer to just ignore the issue altogether.

If you’ve chosen to start taking control of matters, however, you still might be worried about the idea of putting anything on such a sensitive area of your body.

You’re right to be cautious, but if you buy a feminine wash from a reputable brand that fulfills all of the criteria above, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

These products have all been tried and tested, so you don’t have to worry!

If you’re still concerned, do a patch test by using just a little in a sensitive area like the inner thigh.

If there are no adverse reactions, you can proceed with confidence!

Feminine Wash Vs. Soap

If you’ve never used a special feminine wash and soap has done the job just fine over the years, you might be wondering whether you really need to make the change.

The answer is, you really do!

The majority of soaps or generic body washes have a lot of harsh chemicals in them.

Both liquid and bar soaps have high ph values, and don’t fit into the safe 4.5-5.5 range we mentioned above.

The natural ‘good’ bacteria in your vagina are no match for these products, leaving the way open for ‘bad’ bacteria to cause havoc.

If you haven’t had any issues yet, it’s probably down to luck!

It’s worth remembering, too, that just because you’re not showing symptoms of bacterial infection, it doesn’t mean you don’t have it, as 50% of women show no symptoms of bacterial vaginosis.

The cost of a separate feminine wash from your body soap is neglible in the scheme of things, and so worth it!

How to Use Feminine Wash?


To use your feminine wash, just pour a small amount onto your hand and apply it to the area around the vagina, whilst you’re having a shower or a bath.

You can also use it in between showers if you want to, after having used the bathroom.

You can use your feminine wash as frequently as you feel the need to, and daily usage is absolutely fine.

Just be sure that the product that you decide upon is as natural as possible and has the right ph so that you’re helping, not disturbing, the natural balance!

The Role of Yeast and Bacteria in the Vagina

Yeast and bacteria are extremely important when it comes to vaginal health.

You may not have realized it before, but your vagina is actually home to a whole colony of extremely important micro-organisms, and the key to having a healthy vagina is keeping them all happy and in balance!

Your body can only support so much yeast and bacteria at a time, which means they compete with one another for resources.

If yeast gets the upper hand and grows too much, you can develop a yeast infection.

If ‘bad’ bacteria takes hold, that’s when you get odor or a bacterial infection.

The good news is, you also have plenty of friendly bacteria down there, which serve to keep the bad bacteria in check.

Using a natural, purpose-made feminine wash is the best way of keeping that good bacteria strong and stopping the yeast and bad bacteria from getting carried away.

5 Best Feminine Wash Brands

We've gone out and trawled the market for the top feminine soaps available.

We've taken into account customer ratings, product ingredients, and performance reviews to find the 5 best feminine wash products available.

1. Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash

Summer's Eve Cleansing Wash, Naturally Normal

Summer's Eve is a leading brand in feminine care wash products and has different types available, from wipes to sprays to powders.

Their cleansing wash has been clinically and gynaecologist tested for sensitive skin., designed with you in mind.

A great aspect to this feminine wash is their clinically tested scent selection.

This means you can still have a pleasantly scented product without irritation, harsh soaps or alcohols.

If you’re looking for a product you can use daily that's ultra sensitive, takes your pH level into account and is highly rated by customers, then this best seller in feminine hygiene is a great choice.

2. Vagisil Intimate Wash, Odor Block For Sensitive Skin

Vagisil Intimate Wash, Odor Block for Sensitive Skin

Vagisil is a well-established brand that's known around the world and trusted.

Their intimate wash targets the prevention of odor and doesn't just cover the problem up with a nice scent.

They specially formulated this product to eliminate odor and keep you fresh all day long.

As our vaginal areas change with age, Vagisil also offers a variety of intimate wash products, from their pH Balance Wash to their Sensitive Plus Wash.

You're sure to find one to suit your needs.

This is a reliable brand that has customers raving about their intimate wash range.

If you're looking to specifically improve odor and perspiration, then Odor Block is for you.

3. Organyc Certified Organic Natural Intimate Wash With Chamomile

Organyc Certified Organic Natural Intimate Wash with Chamomile

Organyc as a brand really bring something unique to their intimate wash product by using only 100% natural active organic vegetable-based ingredients.

This enhances and maintains your vaginal area's pH level and natural good bacteria.

They have also designed and picked ingredients known to have soothing properties such as calendula and chamomile to alleviate any irritations.

Like anything, many of us choose to consume and use only organic products.

Why not do the same when it comes to such delicate matters? Choose this organic intimate wash with chamomile.

Understanding that this product doesn't use any artificial scents or chemicals means you know exactly what you're getting. It's no wonder this product is highly rated.

4. Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash

Luvena Therapeutic Feminine Wash

Luvena has designed their feminine wash to cleanse and soothe your delicate areas.

Unlike regular soaps, it has no drying agents, instead, moisturizing and replenishing to leave the skin calm, soft and protected.

Free of parabens, PABA, and sodium lauryl sulfate, this product is for sensitive skin and also targets odor for all-day freshness.

Another feature this product excels in is the discreet packaging it comes in, designed to be vague and basic. This aspect will appeal to many people.

5. Healthy Hoohoo, All Natural Gentle Feminine Wash

Healthy Hoohoo, All Natural Gentle Feminine Wash

Healthy Hoohoo has made a feminine wash for anyone wanting a natural product that is fragrance-free.

Many people will struggle to find a fragrance-free product on the market.

With this all-natural feminine wash you won't be hindering your freshness by opting for a scent-free product.

Also, this gentle feminine wash targets the bacteria that's responsible for odor.

It does so without disrupting your body’s natural pH level.

So, if it’s a fragrance-free wash that gently cleanses, moisturizes & soothes the delicate vulvovaginal area that you want, then the Healthy Hoohoo wash is a top choice. 


By selecting a great feminine wash product, you'll be able to tackle all kinds of vaginal problematic issues from yeast infections to odor and perspiration.

All of our picks are sure to leave you feeling fresh, clean and healthy.

Focus on the product description and try to select brands focusing on pH levels and sensitive skin properties.

Remember, regardless of your personal preferences, as long as you're choosing a product that's been specifically designed for feminine hygiene care, you're sure to pick the best feminine wash for you.