Why You Need Motorcycle Ear Plugs: Our Complete Guide

motorcycle ear plugs

There's nothing like the thrill of riding a motorbike, but there are plenty of safety precautions to take when riding a motorcycle.

The first ones we usually think of are the most immediate and obvious, like helmets. Some motorcycle users think that a helmet is enough to protect your hearing too, but that's not that case. 

Motorcycles are loud, but it's not the motor itself that's necessarily doing the damage to your hearing. 'Wind noise' is the 'silent killer', with turbulence around your head as you travel playing havoc with your hearing. 

To make it easy to save your ears while on the road, we've reviewed and found the best motorcycle earplugs available.


The primary function of this product is to protect your hearing.

Since this is a pair of ear plugs you’d wear on the road, it’s important that these ear plugs reduce sound rather than muffle the sounds around you so you’re still aware of your surroundings.

These ear plugs should also be comfortable to wear for a few hours at a time and stay in your ears while you ride, this includes not only not fitting in your ears oddly, but not irritating the skin either.

When it comes to saving money, if a pair of ear plugs can meet these criteria as well as being affordable, then they're perfect. 

If they're reusable as well then that's even more money saved for the buyer.

A warranty is another important feature, as it promises security to the buyer and the company’s assurance of an exceptional product.

Product Overview

BestCraft Ear Plugs

BestCraft Ear Plugs

The motorcycle ear plugs we found that go above and beyond for these criteria are the BestCraft ear plugs.

They come with two pairs of ear plugs per order with a carrying case and an attachable cord.

Each pair is to protect from different decibel levels.

The white pair offers a 28-decibel reduction and the green pair offers a 23-decibel reduction rate and both of these pairs are reusable.

They're made of a soft, silicone material that's both hypoallergenic and nontoxic, so sensitive skin isn’t a concern.

The company also offers a full money back guarantee with this product.

Pros and Cons

This product does its job exceptionally well. The soft, hypoallergenic ear plugs fit comfortably in your ears and don’t fall out easily.

Since they offer two-decibel levels of protection, these ear plugs will keep you safe at whatever level you need.

They're especially good for motorcyclists, though, since they offer noise reduction rather than noise cancellation. You can still hear the other vehicles around you.

The clarity in these ear plugs is thanks to the design that means you can still hear normally instead of simply muting the world around you.

Since these are safely reusable, even someone who rides their motorcycle as daily transportation won’t break the bank buying ear plugs.

These also come with a money back guarantee, so if they don’t work for you for some reason, you can return them with no personal losses.

For your ease, these also come with a cord to attach the ear plugs and an aluminum case to carry them in so you can easily keep track of these ear plugs when you aren’t using them.

While no product offers perfection, there have been no complaints as to these earplugs, seemingly giving them no notable cons to counteract their pros.

This impressive track record assures anyone who's looking to buy these ear plugs that they've discovered a superior product.

Even the price is reasonable, ruling that out as a downside as well.


You protect yourself from any immediate physical danger when you ride your motorcycle, and your hearing should be no different.

Motorcycles provide several dangers, one of them being to your ears with how loud the motorcycle itself is, not to mention the other vehicles around you.

However, with these motorcycle ear plugs, you and your hearing will be safe.