A Guide To The Best Compressions Socks For Nurses

best compression socks for nurses

Nurses that are regularly on their feet for long periods of time will benefit from compression socks. They should become an essential item in your closet.

Especially useful for those who endure long working hours that require sitting or standing for extended periods of time, they can also be worn by almost anyone.

As not everyone is able to take a break during their work day, this can take a toll on the body. That means compression socks are important.

There are various reasons to wear compression socks, but primarily they're great for increasing the blow flow and circulation to your limbs.

They also prevent blood clots and further progression of venous disorders.

Amongst those available on the market, are different types, sizes and fits all claiming to have different functions and benefits.

This can mean your decision might not be as easy as you initially thought.

With help of our comprehensive guide, we hope to clarify and simplify all things to do with compression socks.

We've reviewed the different types and brands available so you can get the best compression socks for nurses.

Top 10 Best Compression Socks For Nurses Reviewed​

Different Types

With the selection of compression socks available being so wide and varied, starting with the different types out there is a great way to begin.

You'll be able to narrow down your selection getting you one step closer to finding the right compression socks for your needs.

Some of the basic differences you'll find at first will be in the size and fit, these are available as knee high socks, thigh high socks, and even pantyhose.

However, the main differences between socks will be the level of compression you'll get. They come in 4 main stages from low and mild compression to high and extra firm compression.

Below, we've stated the different types of compression levels and what benefits they bring.

Low Compression: 8–15 mmHg

Offer relief for achy legs and are targeted to those who spend most of their time at work on their feet or even sitting for extended periods of time.

Great for daily wear, travel and pregnancy, this lightweight option is available in various colors, materials, and styles, making these a popular choice.

Mild-Moderate Compression: 15–20 mmHg

Again great for daily wear and travel, offering slightly more support these are a great option to reduce swelling after surgery or when on flights. Some also chose this grade of compression to treat such issues as varicose and spider veins.

Firm Compression: 20 – 30 mmHg

These are more for medical conditions or more severe forms of the previous conditions mentioned.

Firm compression socks are usually used in the management of existing problems rather than the prevention.

This option is the better choice for people with active ulcers and/or the manifestation of PTS which is a post-thrombotic syndrome.

Also beneficial to post-surgical procedures and anyone with more severe varicose veins.

High Compression: 30-40 mmHg

Would usually be recommended to you by your doctor for an array of reason such as the treatment and management of severe edema, lymphedema, Orthostatic Hypotension and Postural Hypotension.

Again this type of compression level would be useful for more severe cases of all the previously mentioned conditions.

If you find yourself still suffering when using this level it would be wise to communicate and work with your doctor on finding the best treatment for you.

For a quick overview of the compression levels discussed, this handy site has a quick -reference table guide.

By following this link you'll find step-by-step instructions on how to get your exact measurements for the size and fit of compression sock and how they're measured in millimeters of mercury. 

Different Brands

Now you know what type of compression levels and sock sizes there are, you can look at finding a reputable brand as this can make all the difference.

Looking for a brand that has experience with other compression products will mean their products have been carefully selected and that brand is quite knowledgeable on the subject.

Another factor to consider is customer feedback and ratings, after all, these are personal testimonies from people who have used and reviewed the product, so this is a key aspect to consider when selecting a brand.

Here are a couple who meet the mark on all factors discussed.

best compression socks for nurses

Nurse Mates

Nurse Mates are a unique brand who specialize in innovative products for hard working professionals.

A leading brand in professional apparel, they have a very wide variety of support socks for nurses.

What makes this brand stand out is their individual style and design, offering an array of compression socks which are specially designed for hard working professionals.

This is a brand that has proven to know their customers and their needs.

Physix Gear Sport

This brand focuses on producing quality compression products which can give you some extra comfort and reassurance, knowing that this is where their attention to detail lies.

Not only have they focused on the level of compression each sock provides, but also on the innovated designs of their socks in terms of materials used and the support provided.

Their socks are some of the most cleverly designed compression socks on the market making them a stand-out brand.


This is an all round great American brand that have so many positive qualities which lie mainly with the manufacturing of their compression socks.

Sockwell proudly supports American mills and sheep farmers. By supporting local economies they're preserving jobs and also providing an environment from which wool can be sheared from free-grazing sheep.

If where your products come from is an important factor to you then Sockwell should be your top choice in brands.

Although there are many more brands we can discuss, all of which have unique approaches to their brand and produce great products, the ones mentioned have some of the best customer ratings, great feedback and have become the most popular brands on the market.

Now we can move onto the best compression socks for nurses available and get you one step closer to making your decision.

Top 5 Compression Socks

Overall there are plenty of great products available to suit your needs, here we can clarify and filter the great from the not so great.

Our picks have been chosen based on some of the key aspects mentions such as reviews, ratings and performance.

Physix Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Physix Gear Sport Plantar Fasciitis Socks with Arch Support

Physix Gear as mentioned have some brilliant compression socks available.

This product, in particular has the highest customer ratings by far in comparison to others available and it shows in their carefully designed compression socks.

This doctor-designed sock has been made to support and provide compression to the ankle without reducing mobility.

Highly recommended by trainers and doctors this product has so many great features to it.

Thin lightweight materials have been used, which allows for it to be worn all day or all night to relieve pain and inflammation.

Made with 80% nylon and 20% spandex for stretch and stability, this sock sleeve has also been made with breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics.

It's a great product for anything or anyone, from nurses to expectant mothers, and also travelers.

This sock will provide you with firm support that allows you to go on about your day with ease.

Nurse Mates Women's 12-14 mmHg Compression Sock

Nurse Mates Women's 12-14 mmHg Compression Trouser Sock

Nurse Mates are a great company and their women's Compression trouser sock is a great knee length choice.

It's made with an ultra-soft microfiber blend and available in an array of colors and prints to suit your style.

A great choice for many nurses and professionals who suffer from swelling and achy legs.

Unlike other socks, your toes are free from compression giving you more motion and movement.

Also, much of the feedback received from customers have stated the fit of these socks is great and very comfortable for all day wear.

Physix Gear Sport - Calf Compression Sleeve For Men & Women

Physix Gear Sport - Calf Compression Sleeve for Men & Women

It's no surprise that Physix Sport has made another appearance with their footless compression sleeve.

Available in a wide variety of calf sizes and made with their great blend of materials for breathability and flexibility.

Physix Gear offers a 100% money back guarantee.

If you feel this sleeve isn't for you, there's no issue in returning the product.

Aimed at increasing blood flow and circulation, this sleeve has a compression level of 15-20 mmHg meaning this is perfect for everyday use and prevention methods.

CompressionZ Compression Socks 30-40mmHg

CompressionZ Compression Socks 30-40mmHg

Whilst these socks are aimed at runners, they're also great if you're suffering from severe varicose veins, blood clots and bad circulation.

This product has been made with silver yarn anti-bacterial fabrics which help regulate temperature, keeping cool when warm and warm when cold.

If you're going to be wearing your choice of compression sleeve for long periods at a time, then this is a great pick, thanks to its anti-odor elements keeping your feet dry and odor free.

Another great feature is the socks anti-slip meaning you won't have the problem of your socks rolling down of moving out of place.

It's a very comfortable and reliable compression sock.

BLUETREE Knee High Graduated Compression Socks

BLUETREE Knee High Graduated Compression Socks

These 15-20 mmHg socks are some of the best medical, nursing, travel and flight socks available.

Made with quick-drying fabrics to prevent the growth of bacteria and keeping your foot fresh and dry, this is a great choice for anyone with foot sensitivity and are prone to leg and foot sweating.

Available in a variety of colors and sizes you're sure to find one to fit you perfectly.

These socks are great for treating pain due to plantar fasciitis and foot injuries and also prevention wear against bad circulation and achy legs and joints.

Having received excellent customer feedback, it's no wonder people are choosing this product above the rest and the affordable price is competitive too.

The Next 5 Best Compression Socks

They were our top 5. However, you can imagine there are many more products available to chose from that cover all the important aspects we have discussed.

Here are the next best 5 products.

The GMARK Unisex Moderate (15-20 mmHg) Graduated Compression Socks

GMARK Unisex Moderate (15-20 mmHg) Graduated Compression Socks

These are suitable for almost anyone, and aid in promoting better blood flow and circulation.

These socks are available in numerous different styles and are a great low compression option.

The PRO Compression Marathon Compression Socks

PRO Compression Marathon Compression Socks

A great choice for anyone enduring long hours or strenuous physical activities.

These socks have moisture control properties.

Dapperganger Moxie Edition Women's Compression Socks

Dapperganger Moxie Edition Women's Compression Socks

These are some of the brightest, the most colorful, and attractive compression socks available.

With their funky designs, these socks are also functional and practical.

They're targeted at relieving the pain of tired and achy legs from anything like running, walking or even during work.

Cool Sox Compression Socks For Men & Women

Cool Sox Compression Socks for Men & Women

These are another top product.

Their socks are double-stitched with anti-bacterial fabric there are many benefits to choosing these compression socks.

A lot of attention to detail has gone into producing this product.

For example, the stitching won't be found in any areas of the sock that might rub or irritate your skin, meaning you can wear these socks for a long time without any discomfort

3Plus Socks Men & Women Compression Performance Socks

3Plus Socks Men & Women Compression Performance Socks

Are great compression socks for nurses, sports, running, shin splints, flight travel, pregnancy, circulation, and recovery.

These knee high socks, unlike many others, have the compression starting midfoot.

This helps support the arch, heel and ligaments and gradually provides compression up your leg.

Buying Guide

Understanding which compression socks are being honestly advertised can be difficult with everyone claiming to have the best out there.

All the products shown are available from Amazon, so you can see the personal testimonies, feedback and ratings these products have been given for yourself.

When buying any compression sock be sure to understand the level of compression you require as we discussed above.

By using the link provided, you can find the perfect size.

Now you have the knowledge necessary, you can go out and buy the best compression socks for nurses.


After reviewing all the products mentioned, it must be said, it's no wonder finding the right compression socks isn't easy. With the number of options available, you can become overwhelmed and give up.

With this comprehensive guide, we wanted to eliminate any doubts and get down to the important factors to consider.

Now, with all your new-found knowledge you can go on to find the best compression socks to alleviate and prevent any aches and pains.