Is The Answer In The Acid? Alkaline Drinks

alkaline drinks

Let’s be honest.

A growing number of people today are overweight, tired and sluggish. We generally attribute this to our stressful lifestyles.

We don’t stop and think that it could, in fact, be due to a major imbalance in our diets.

Proponents of the alkaline diet argue that the natural Ph of our body is between 7.35 and 7.45, and that our bodies are always striving to return to this natural level.

In our modern diets, we tend to consume more acidic foods than we should. This means that we're constantly working overtime to get back to this natural balance.

They also say that these acidic foods can disrupt the hormones found in our body, along with our metabolism. This means that a diet heavy in acidic foods could lead to weight gain.

People that are looking to loose weight or gain higher energy levels should, those that follow the diet believe, be one that balances the Ph levels in your body.

These foods are natural, wholesome, free from preservatives and pesticides, and have no artificial flavouring.

This is because our bodies evolved to be able to extract nutrients from the whole foods that we would originally have had access to before humans began consuming the very artificial diet they do today.

Things that feature heavily in the modern American diet, such as fast food, white bread, fries and cereals, are actively doing our bodies damage because we find it hard to digest them.

Want to Get Started? 

Clearly, consuming alkaline drinks and food as part of the alkaline diet isn’t something that we can just switch to overnight.

We wouldn’t even know where to start.

Anyone thinking about making the change and committed to feeling more energetic and losing weight needs a knowledgeable guide to steer them through the process and make it easy.

That's where this guide comes in. 

The Alkaline Gourmet

Alkaline Cook

There's really only one go-to guide to the alkaline diet, and that’s the Alkaline Gourmet.

If you decide to put your faith in her, which I really can’t recommend enough, then you’ll get the gourmet package, made up of four individual cookbooks.

The first is Alkaline Recipes, with 50 delicious recipes.

There's a 14-day meal plan to help revolutionise your energy levels.

The second focuses on salads, with 10 delicious and filling salads. You can drizzle on some of their amazing salad dressings.

As if that wasn’t enough, there's Alkaline Avocado Delights, a whole selection of recipes based around this delicious and filling superfood.

To top things off, alkaline drinks aren’t left off the menu.

There’s even an extra book that includes 50 green smoothie recipes, all absolutely jam-packed with nutrients.

This huge amount of variety means you can try out different alkaline drinks every single day for the best part of two months. There’s no chance of you getting bored with this selection!

Not Convinced Yet?

Well, you can’t know until you’ve tried it.

At The Alkaline Gourmet they offer a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back-guarantee. If you’re not 110% happy you can get your money back.

With the incredible selection of alkaline food and drink recipes, however, I don’t think there’s any danger of that!