The Complete Guide To Choosing The Best Paleo Cookbook

best paleo cookbook

If you’re reading this article, you may have already gone paleo and be looking for the best paleo cookbook to add more variety to your diet.

You might've decided to go paleo and are looking for your new cooking bible to help you on your way.

Maybe you're just flirting with the idea and are curious to know what culinary delights might await you if you make this big dietary choice.

Now, the idea of going paleo and cutting out dairy, grains, legumes and processed foods might leave you wondering what on earth you will be able to eat.

But What Can I Cook?

Fear not! We’ve selected four of the very best paleo cookbooks out there that will prove to you that following a paleo diet is far easier than you might think.

Your new diet can still be incredibly varied and satisfying.

A diet based around meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds is the diet that our ancestors thrived on. It's what our genetics evolved to cope with.

You’ll be amazed what returning to this more natural diet could do for your body.

As the popularity of the paleo diet has exploded so has the number of cookbooks available on the internet that cater to this new market.

Before you invest those hard-earned dollars in one of these cookbooks, however, you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll be getting value for money.

The cookbook needs to be written by a true authority on the subject who can guide you.

I’ve picked out my four favorite cookbooks to make your decision a little easier.

Paleohacks Cookbook

Paleo Recipe Team

The Paleohacks book focuses on delicious recipes that can be whipped up fast.

The people at Paleohacks think that the main reason that people give up on a paleo diet is because they don’t know what they’re doing.

They end up eating the same food every day, meaning they get bored and frustrated.

As well as the standard categories, there are sections on how you can enjoy pasta and sandwiches on a paleo diet!

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One of the best things about this recipe book is it’s aimed at total beginners. Every recipe is incredibly easy to follow.

Why not visit Paleohacks’ website to learn more about their philosophy?

Check out the added extras they throw in with their cookbook while you're there. 

The Caveman Feast

Caveman Feast

Abel James and George Bryant are the people behind Caveman Feast.

This cookbook has most of the same categories as the others we’ve mentioned.

However, one of its stand-out features is its section on condiments and sauces.

They're all mouth-watering and will help you forget that a non-paleo diet ever existed.

There are over 200 recipes in this book. Each of them features beautiful photographs taken by George himself.

George and Abel are so confident that you’ll love their cookbook that they even offer you a 60-day money back guarantee.

Pay them a visit to see if this could be the best paleo cookbook for you.

Paleo Grubs

Paleo Grubs Book

This cookbook has been named the web’s number onebestselling cookbook in 2017.

Boasting a whopping 470 recipes and a 10-week meal plan to keep you on track, Paleo Grubs has had some wonderful customer reviews.

This book also has more categories than the others we’ve looked at, with 17 comprehensive categories. You can find the recipe you’re after straight away.

Just like the people behind the Caveman Feast, Paleo Grubs are so confident you’ll love their book that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Primal Palate

Primal Palate

Last but most definitely not least we have the comprehensive 30 Day Guide to Paleo from Primal Palate.

Their philosophy is that people need a step-by-step guide to the paleo diet if they’re really going to succeed and thrive. 

The book includes two different 30-day meal plans, so that’s shopping lists and planned meals for a whole 60 days, over 180 recipes and lots of extra helpful paleo hints and tips.

The people at Primal Palate pride themselves on their paleo community.

Buying the book will also mean you get access to their active forums.

So, there you have it.

There’s no shortage out there, but choosing the best paleo cookbook out of these amazing options might be tough.

In my opinion, any of the options mentioned here are great ways to either breathe new life into your tired, unvaried paleo diet, or to introduce you to the wonders of the incredible food you can create using natural, nourishing ingredients.