Dazzling Smile: The Best Toothpaste For White Teeth

best toothpaste for white teeth

We all know the importance of a dazzling, white smile. Unfortunately, we all know how hard it can be to keep your teeth white.

You’re in luck, though! There are plenty of toothpastes on the market that advertise to be the best toothpaste for white teeth.

Here, we'll look at which of these toothpastes actually hold up to that promise. With the help of the information in this article, you’ll have healthy, white teeth in no time.

We'll help you not only to find the best product but to know what to look for as well.


To know what to look for in the best whitening toothpaste reviews, you first need to know what makes a whitening toothpaste the best! First and foremost, this toothpaste should do its job quickly and effectively.

Many toothpastes say they whiten your teeth but when you buy them, you end up seeing little to no change take place. The best toothpaste will, of course, actually whiten your teeth when you start using it.

Ideally, the best toothpaste for whitening your teeth would also help with sensitivity.

Some treatments for white teeth may have the effect of dehydrating the teeth and increasing tooth sensitivity, so you should be careful that your chosen treatment is designed with sensitive teeth in mind.

It should also, of course, help protect your teeth from cavities and other dental problems.

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

Crest 3D White Toothpaste

In our research, we found the best toothpaste for whitening to be Crest 3D White Toothpaste.

This toothpaste removes up to 90% of surface stains with results starting to show after just two days of regular use.

Teeth are noticeably whiter after five days.

Once your old stains are gone, this toothpaste also helps you out by blocking new stains with their unique Whitelock Technology.

You won’t constantly be starting the process of whitening your teeth over again repeatedly.

This toothpaste is also made to protect your teeth from more than just the discoloration from your morning coffee.

The fluoride in this toothpaste helps to protect the enamel on your teeth as well as strengthen them to prevent cavities.

A vibrant mint flavor will give you lasting fresh breath throughout the day as well. Unlike some whitening treatments, you can use this toothpaste daily, without having to take any breaks from it.

That makes it so you can constantly work to whiten your teeth without damaging them.

Pros & Cons

Crest’s 3D White toothpaste is impressive in what it claims to do for your smile and dental health.

First and foremost, it effectively whitens teeth. With continued use it will prevent further stains from reversing the process thanks to its exclusive Whitelock Technology.

This toothpaste will also help your breath be and feel fresh with its vibrant mint flavor. However, this product offers more than just a cosmetic appeal.

It also offers an enamel safe fluoride that strengthens your enamel and helps to prevent cavities. It easily will reach your expectations of what a whitening toothpaste should be able to achieve.

On the other hand, though, everything has its drawbacks and this toothpaste isn’t immune. First off, many people are frustrated with the price tag on this product since it’s one of Crest’s more expensive products.

This is a sore spot since some of the benefits that some people may desire aren’t present. Most notably, this toothpaste lacks any benefits for users with sensitive teeth.

In the end, while these drawbacks are, overall, minor, you must decide for yourself if this product is worth it in the end. We would definitely recommend it, though, as even with its drawbacks, it's excellent for whitening.


Whitening your smile doesn’t have to be an expensive or difficult process. It can even be just as simple as finding the best toothpaste for white teeth.

With the information you now know, finding the best whitening toothpaste for you is an easy task. The product we discussed here, Crest 3D White Toothpaste, is an excellent choice and is a product that easily overcomes any downfalls it may have.