Chocolate Flavored Condom: A Guide To Flavored Condoms

chocolate flavored condom

Why Flavored Condoms?

If you aren’t yet familiar with the idea of using flavoured condoms, then I’m here to provide the answer to what are flavored condoms used for.

Considering that you can still get sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex, it’s wise to always use a condom.

This seems fine, except for one downfall. The giver of the oral sex doesn’t always like the taste of latex in their mouth. In fact, it can remind you a lot of going to the dentist.

Unless your partner was a fan of going to the dentist, then you are going to need to make the experience better for them.

The solution to this conundrum is to find the best-flavored condoms. The chocolate flavoured condom has been ranked as the most highly rated in many studies, but there is a wide assortment of flavors you can choose from.

How would you even know where to begin looking to find the best on the market?

I’ve created an extensive guide to the best choices for you. So let’s dive right in and discover the top choices for the best chocolate flavoured condom and other great assorted flavors as well.

One Flavor Waves Assorted Flavored Condoms

One Flavor Waves Assorted Flavored Condoms

This assortment pack is your answer to the question, “Why are there flavored condoms?”

Because it’s fun!

This lubricated assortment comes in 6 different flavors including bubblegum, fresh mint, banana split, island punch, mint chocolate and chocolate strawberry.

While it doesn’t contain the sought after chocolate condoms, it does have those two varieties with chocolate in them.

It’s like having dessert every time you use one.

LifeStyles Luscious Flavors

LifeStyles Luscious Flavors

This assortment pack does include the chocolate flavored condom as well as a vanilla, strawberry, banana and blueberry scent.

This is great for trying out different varieties of the best-flavored condoms and, from a trusted name like LifeStyles, you know they have to be good.

You also know that by using a brand name, you’re going to be taken care of with the safety of your condoms. They're also lubricated for maximum pleasure.

Trustex Flavored 24 Pack

Trustex Flavored 24 Pack

Another fabulous choice for an assortment that includes the chocolate flavoured condom is this Trustex Flavored Pack.

Flavors in this pack also include strawberry, banana, vanilla, grape, cola and mint.

Remember that one of the flavored condoms purpose is to bring some fun into your sex life and this pack will do just that. 

Chocolate Trustex Condoms

Chocolate Trustex Condoms

If you’ve been hoping I would talk about an option that just had chocolate in it, this is your pick!

The Trustex brand features latex condoms that are strong and durable.

They have the reservoir tip and lubrication you need for sex plus are FDA approved for maximum strength and protection.

This condom is the answer to the question of what is the purpose of flavored condoms. Yum!

Tastees Condoms Assorted Pack

Tastees Condoms Assorted Pack

For the final pick, I’ll head back to an assorted pack that will give you a little more variety in your sex life.

This pack features condoms with reservoir tips and lubrication for comfort. Your assortment will include banana, chocolate mint, strawberry, and vanilla.

Tastees have been in business since 1991 providing condoms made only in the United States.

They are FDA approved and individually tested for safety. You can rest easy with this brand as your choice and have a little fun in the process.

What Are Flavored Condoms For?

As we get to the end of our discussion together, you might still be asking yourself, “What are flavored condoms for?”

Primarily they’re intended for oral sex although some people will also use them during sexual intercourse.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't use flavored condoms during vaginal intercourse as they can cause infections. 


So whether you've chosen to pick a chocolate condom for your sexual pleasures or are leaning towards a variety pack which will spice things up, remember this, there are many great choices available to you.

You don’t even need to pick just one!

Collect an assortment of flavorings and try them all out until you discover what the perfect fit is for you and your partner. I’m sure you can have a lot of fun giving it a try.