Defeat Those Rebellious Curls: Pomade For Curly Hair

pomade for curly hair

Have you had enough of your curls getting the better of you?

Then perhaps it’s time for you to look into getting some pomade for curly hair to help you straighten those curls out. Pomade is the perfect weapon in any arsenal for defeating unwanted curls, a fight that never seems to end.

Hair pomade has been steadily gaining popularity since the late 2000’s. In recent years it has taken upward turn in its appearance in the world of fashion and trends.

Did you know that the word pomade comes from the French ponmade, meaning ointment? 

This viscous goo-like substance resembling hair wax is back in fashion for that old school “sleek hair” look, adding shine and slick to the hair.

Smooth Viking has been around since 2014. They've entered the market with a rather rugged approach to men and their grooming needs.

Their collection of premium brand hair care products captures the ancient Viking spirit, and makes it part of the modern man’s everyday lifestyle.

What Makes For A Good Hair Pomade?

A good pomade should provide you with a greasy look that is in fact, not greasy at all.

Furthermore, a pomade should allow you to reach your desired style easily and without any hassle while holding hair in place for the whole day.

No-mess no-fuss pomade should rinse out of your hair easily without leaving behind a sticky residue.

Pomades come in a choice of either water-based or petrolatum-based, both fulfilling the same functions, although one with considerable less difficulty.

With a petrolatum-based hair pomade, you may find you having a tough time getting this product out of your hair, and even off your hands.

The water-based pomades work just as well. They come without the added hassle of struggling to get it out of your hair.

A quality pomade should lock in your look and hold it in place throughout the day, no matter what the weather.

Wet or dry, your pomade should give you the sheen and style that you've been searching for. It should do as little damage to your locks as possible.

Try and avoid a pomade that's heavily laced with chemicals as this will damage and weaken your hair.

Smooth Viking Pomade for Men

Smooth Viking Pomade

Pomade for Men is a top of the range hair styling product that's been released by Smooth Viking.

Smooth Viking’s pomade for men is a water-based hair styling agent that provides your hair with the extra boost that it's been looking for, no matter your hair type.

It will help you to achieve that sleek and dapper look that you’ve been after.

Smooth Viking’s top styling product has no comparison when it comes to style, ease of use, and ingredients.

Smooth Viking’s Pomade for Men is the ultimate pomade for curly hair, taking your hair from ordinary to extraordinary in either a modern, casual, slick, or messy hair-do, the choice is yours.

Better than that, it rinses out, no mess, no fuss, without needing to use any shampoo.

Smooth Viking Pomade for Men provides today’s man with a low-maintenance formula that really works. Lock-in your style without the hassle of having to redo your hair throughout the day.

Simply add a small amount to your hair, style it, and be done for the day.

Use it on dry hair for a matte finish, or dampen your hair to give yourself that smooth, sleek look.

Smooth Viking is a brand that you can depend on, and won’t have to worry about putting all kinds of funny ingredients on your face, skin and hair.

This product is packed with only the finest ingredients and is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Key Product Features

  • Complete control over your hair style
  •  Weather resistant
  •  Rinses out easily
  •  No greasiness
  •  No acne breakout due to water-based formula

The Not-So-Good

The only thing that pomade isn't great for is holding those gravity-defying hairstyles in place.

Pomade should only be used for shaping and hair styles that are free flowing, and/or are not rigidly restricted to one position.

Greasing Off

Smooth Viking has created a product that most definitely encapsulates the Viking spirit of hair care.

Their Pomade for Men has proven itself to be on the front line in the fight against wild and untamed, unstyled hair.

Smooth Viking Pomade for Men is without a doubt the absolute best pomade for curly hair.

It guarantees your success against the elements, keeping you looking your sleek best.