Complete Guide To The Top 10 Best Postpartum Girdles

best postpartum girdle

What is a postpartum girdle?

A postpartum girdle is a device designed to help your body recover and strengthen after giving birth. This is not a tool to be used to lose weight after giving birth, or for shrinking your waist!

These girdles are there to help you become active again after giving birth, as, unfortunately, our bodies don’t naturally ‘snap’ back to how they used to be. Girdles offer support and allow you to take steps towards becoming more active.

They also offer general support throughout the day, especially to the back area which may feel weakened after giving birth. They’re meant to be stable and comfortable and won’t put your body in any danger, provided you use them correctly.

Irresponsible waist-trainer adverts and ‘advice’ shared via social media (I don’t know how I know that the Kardashians love waist-trainers, but I do) give postpartum girdles a bad name. These are two totally different products with very different goals in mind!

Girdles won’t squish your organs into unimaginable shapes in order to make you look skinnier. They’re simply there to offer support as you regain normality, especially if you’ve had a C-section and may need some extra assistance in becoming active again.

Our Top Picks for Postpartum Girdles


Model Name





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Mamaway Bamboo Postnatal Support

Mamaway Bamboo Postnatal Support




Just Us Columbian Postpartum Shaper

Columbian Postpartum Shaper




Trendyline Postpartum Girdle

Trendyline Postpartum Girdle




Healthcom Postnatal Belt Support

Healthcom Postnatal Belt Support




Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Chongerfei 3-in-1 Postpartum Support


One size/plus size


Tirain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Tirain 3-in-1 Postpartum Support


One size/plus size


Dicool 2 in 1 Postpartum Support

Dicool 2-in-1 Postpartum Support

Nude or Pink

One size, M, 4XL


Bestnewborn Postpartum Support

Bestnewborn Postpartum Support


One size


Goege Postpartum Belt

Goege Postpartum Belt

Beige, Black, Gray



Artempo Post Pregnancy Belt

Artempo Post-Pregnancy Belt




Does a postpartum girdle really help?

Provided you use one properly, postpartum girdles can make a big difference to how you feel after giving birth. Again – these are not designed to help you shed the baby weight, but are there to offer support and help you and your body recover.

Your pelvic floor has probably been something that you’ve been aware of for years, but it’s especially important to look after it now that you’ve given birth. Wearing a postpartum girdle can help you feel more comfortable, and confident, with your body.

These make a big difference to anyone suffering from lower back issues following giving birth. If you have had a C-section, these can also help your body recover and keep the area safe while it heals.

As I’ve said, you won’t lose weight instantly but the girdle will really help in looking after your body and helping you become more active.

Your body stretches and grows to accommodate the baby during pregnancy, and using a girdle can help with any extra skin left around your stomach after you give birth.

On a different note, using a girdle can massively help with your confidence levels after giving birth. Sure, you’ve got a newborn and the last thing on your mind is how you’re going to look in your jeans, but feeling confident about yourself affects so many aspects of your life.

These help you feel a bit more like your ‘old self’ as you recover from the birth and get used to having a little one around.

Self-confidence can make big difference to our general outlook, so it’s worth giving a waist trainer a go…

What are the benefits of a postpartum girdle?

So, what will your girdle actually do for you?

Well, it won’t get rid of any excess skin but it will shift your body around slightly so that you feel more comfortable while your body adjusts.

The girdles provide great support to anyone suffering from lower back pain, and offer a safe way to look after your stomach following a C-section. Girdles designed for post-C-section mums really help to keep the incision healthy and allow it to heal.

They’ll make sure the stitches stay in place so you don’t need to feel too panicky about moving or standing up in the first few weeks. 

Girdles won’t shrink your body to the size you were before, but they will hold any excess skin in place. This can be really helpful in terms of stretch-marks, as any extra stomach skin will be supported instead of weighing you down.

Again, it’s not a priority, but how you feel about yourself following childbirth is more important than you may think. Helping yourself feel a bit more ‘back to normal’ can have positive effects on many aspects of those first few months.

Obviously, you and your baby’s health are the most important things to be thinking about, but having a confidence boost can really affect your general outlook.

When can you start wearing a postpartum girdle?

You can start as soon as you feel ready, following giving birth.

Do not use this during pregnancy!

It’s safe to start using this straight after you have given birth. If you don’t feel ready or feel as though you need to use it, don’t. It’s 100% your decision and you should feel comfortable with any choices involving your body.

If you do feel as though you need a bit of extra support, strap yourself in once you’ve left the hospital and see how you go.

If you feel as though you only need the support for various activities, go ahead. You don’t need to commit to using it all the time – find what feels good for you and go from there.

You can wear your girdle underneath your clothes, so it’s totally up to you how often and for how long per day you wear it.

You can also sleep in your girdle if you want to. Bear in mind that it may make you very hot and sweaty if you don’t go for the right fabric.

Again, this is totally up to as they can offer added support while you sleep and keep things in the right place!

How long can you wear the girdle after pregnancy?

Again, this is pretty much up to you. Most people suggest using the girdle for up to two months following giving birth.

The idea is that they support your body during its recovery, not to help you lose weight.

Be sensible and stay safe – if things start feeling uncomfortable, stop wearing the girdle and chat your midwife or doctor.

During the recovery period, every woman’s body will behave differently. If you feel okay after a couple of weeks, you can stop wearing the girdle. If you feel as though you want the extra support for a little while longer, go ahead.

If you’re having ongoing problems or persistent pain following giving birth, especially after a C-section, speak to your midwife or doctor immediately.

How long after a C-section can I wear a girdle?

Check with your midwife or doctor on this, as answers vary depending on your personal experience. Some will recommend that you start wearing it within a few days of giving birth, as they really can help to keep everything in place and allow faster healing.

Most women choose to keep their girdles on for the majority of the time following childbirth, for the first week at least.

This is totally up to you, and your doctor, so find something that feels right for you. You may choose to wear the girdle at all times after a C-section in order to feel more safe and comfortable.

Many women will wear their girdles for around a month and a half after giving birth. During this time, the stitches will stay nice and tight without being too painful or uncomfortable. Again, if you have any questions, check with the hospital before leaving.

Remember that these are designed to help you, so always double check with a medical professional if something doesn’t feel quite right…

Can post pregnancy girdles be harmful?

If you don’t follow proper instructions, yes, postpartum girdles can pose a risk to your body.

Make sure you’re using a postpartum girdle and not a waist-training corset! The latter work by squishing your organs and can be harmful to everyone, let alone someone who has just given birth.

There are some concerns that post-pregnancy girdles can cause issues with your organs and digestive system. As per most aspects of pregnancy, check with your doctor or midwife that you are okay to be wearing one.

For most women, these girdles will be absolutely fine to wear. That said, it’s worth checking, as they should be avoided by women with certain existing conditions or problems.

These girdles are designed to offer support and help you feel more confident and comfortable following childbirth. Seek medical advice if you’re experiencing severe discomfort, and stop wearing the girdle if you don’t feel as though it’s helping you.

Our bodies are all different, so don’t worry if your girdle doesn’t give you great results. There are different ways to look after your body following pregnancy, and this one might just not be for you.

What to look for when choosing a postpartum girdle

As with everything, have a budget in mind before browsing. This will help you make realistic choices instead of instantly getting attached to something way out of your price-range.

Use our handy buying guide to find a girdle type that you think will work best for you. There are different options depending on your preference for style, as well as what you most want to get out of it.

If you've had a cesarean, you may want to spend a little bit of extra time researching, as your needs will be slightly different.

Check that you’re okay with any materials used in the girdle. Most are designed to be super comfy, but double check the materials used if you have sensitive skin or any allergies.

Make sure this is going to be comfortable for your body as you know it best! Find a style that suits you and will easily fit into your daily routine.

Think about when you want to wear your girdle – will you be wearing it during the day, or during the night as well?

Find something that will let your body breathe and doesn’t have any bulky parts that may dig into your skin while you sleep.

If you’re mainly wearing your girdle during the day, look for something relatively sturdy that won’t roll or ride up as you move around.

This is something you’ll want to mention to your midwife or doctor anyway, just to make sure it’s a safe option for you, so listen to any advice they may have.

After all, they know your body by now, and they’ll have been asked by a million other mums before you.

Postpartum girdles are designed to look after you, so find one you really like and you’re already winning.

Different Types Of Postpartum Girdles

There are a few different types of postpartum girdles you can get. While they all may have a different design to them, the main thing is that they should pull your tummy in, giving you support while being comfortable.

Here are a few of the most popular types of post pregnancy girdle:


The belt style normally wraps around the abdominal area to give support. It’s usually easy to control how tight it is whereas others don’t have as much control over that aspect.

The material is often stretchy and secures with Velcro on the front.

This is a popular choice of post-pregnancy girdle due to how easy it is to get on and off and how you can adjust it.

It can cover the whole torso or just the abdomen, targeting the appropriate areas.


This is often the type we think about when we hear the term “girdle.” It covers the entire torso, from the hips to just under the breasts.

It often secures in the front with hooks (or sometimes the back with laces for traditional corsets) and will definitely help with posture as well!

It isn’t very adjustable, and you need to really make sure you get the right size for that reason.

These are also not a great choice for those who are recovering from a C-section.

control underwear

This is another popular type for all women, postpartum or not! Control top underwear is often made with stretchy get firm material.

It can come up to just the belly button or further to under the breasts. You can find them with different types of control from light to firm support.

It’s underwear, so you don’t need any extra underwear underneath that may feel a bit bulky and uncomfortable, so consider more than one if you're deciding on this girdle.

Women who gave birth naturally like the control underwear since it covers the pelvic area as well.

Top 5 Postpartum Girdles

goege postpartum belt

Goege Postpartum Belt

Here is the first and best postpartum girdle on our list!

The Goege Postpartum belt is a wrap-around girdle that's lightweight and perfect for the summer for that reason.

It comes in five sizes: Medium to 3XL (from 35- to 50-inches in length).

A size guide is available on their page but Goege themselves suggest you buy a size up.

It’s adjustable though with stretchy material, giving good but comfortable support, and a double Velcro secure fit that gives you the perfect fit for your body.

There are four flexible bones within the belt that help prevent the material from rolling down.

It also helps with posture. There are four flexible bones within the belt that help prevent the material from rolling down. It also helps with posture.

This postpartum girdle is fine for those who’ve had a C-section. Some have mentioned that it’s a tad noticeable under some clothing if you plan on wearing it out.

The great thing about the Goege Postpartum Belt is that it really works!

Moms love how comfortable it is and how they start to notice results even after a week.

The support it gives mothers along with how comfortable it is makes it the top of the postpartum girdle reviews.

tirain 3-in-1 postpartum support

Tirain 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Tirain have a brilliant 3-in-1 support girdle.

The three belts are for waist, pelvic, and stomach support and can be worn separately or together.

It will see you throughout the recovery process for weeks to come, targeting all the troublesome areas.

If you’ve given birth naturally, then use the stomach belt within the first week to help your body recover. Use the waist belt within the first six weeks.

If you had a C-section, the waist belt will also be helpful in making sure the stitching heals nicely, providing extra protection on a sensitive area while also relieving from back pain and providing lumbar support.

Tirain recommends then using the pelvic belt to provide additional aid in stitching healing as well as uterus support after swelling has gone down for C-sections and natural births.

To make it simple, there are only two sizes to choose from.

The material is stretchy and breathable. It has even gone through air-permeable tests to ensure breathability.

It’s hardly visible under clothes and comfortable enough to wear all day, although Tirain doesn't recommend wearing it to bed.

You get the right choice of belts for both natural and C-section births which make this one of the best post pregnancy girdles to choose from.

chongerfei 3-in-1 postpartum support

Chongerfei 3 in 1 Postpartum Support

Chongerfei have got the postpartum support right with their version of the 3-in-1 belt!

Each belt for the tummy, pelvis, and waist have all been carefully designed for the muscles in that area.

There are only two sizes: Standard and 4XL (recommended for anyone over 190lbs. postpartum.)

There are some reviewers who say the sizes run a bit small, so if you’re close to the top of the standard size, definitely go the next one up.

It’s adjustable with its Velcro to fit properly anyway.

New moms love how this 3-in-1 helps to reduce discomfort! It has very breathable, stretchy material and has a fishbone design that helps prevent the material from rolling down or up.

It will support your lower back and correct your posture while working to get those pelvic and abdominal muscles back in place.

Don’t worry though, it won’t keep you stiff! You can move around as normal without restriction in your movements, but while you do you can be sure your muscles are still being supported!

You can wear all the belts together if you need to, and with that you may be a bit more restricted but on their own, they’re very flexible.

This is another great choice for girdle that sees results quickly.

Moms of twins have even complimented this postpartum girdle as a “miracle worker” for helping bring their body back to its normal shape while providing much needed back support.

Trendyline Postpartum Girdle

Trendyline Postpartum Girdle

Trendyline have a convenient one-piece girdle that will flatten your tunny and tighten those muscles back up.

There are four sizes: Small (for 25-29” waists) to X-large (40-44” waists.)

The polyester fabric is lightweight and should be comfortable directly on the skin.

Because it’s one piece, it covers the entire belly.

This is something not everyone prefers, but it’s great for those who find their stomach muscles in need of the most help. It also has strong bands in the back for back support.

Trendyline also offer a lifetime guarantee with their products! It will stay in its best shape if you hand wash it.

This girdle was meant to last, so it’s handy to hold onto if you plan on more children or even to pass to a friend or family member who is expecting. They will thank you for it!

Dicool 2-in-1 Postpartum Support

Dicool 2 in 1 Postpartum Support

Dicool have a very supportive 2-in-1 postpartum girdle set that should be everything you need in your postpartum muscle recovery.

This girdle, made from stretchy fabric, goes from your hips to just under the breasts when the two pieces are worn together.

Extra support is provided by the bands around the waist and pelvis, with another band across the abdomen. It’s secured with trusty Velcro!

The material is very soft and it can be worn all day, but it is a little bulky under clothes. It’s a wonderful choice for those who had a C-section for that reason.

Next 5 Best Postpartum Girdles

Mamaway Bamboo Postnatal Support

This is a very high tech postpartum girdle!

Made with bamboo charcoal, this machine-washable girdle has far-infrared technology that helps with blood circulation in the abdominal area, helping to speed up the healing process.

It’s antibacterial and anti-odor too!

Mamaway Bamboo Postnatal Support

Bestnewborn Postpartum Support

Bestnewborn offer another version of the 3-in-1 that targets the pelvis, tummy, and waist.

It’s very easy to put on as it stretches around the body and secures with Velcro to wherever you feel most comfortable.

New moms love the versatility of it!
Bestnewborn Postpartum Support

Artempo Post-Pregnancy Belt

Here’s a simple one-piece belt girdle that’s fully adjustable.

It doesn’t just “push in” the belly, which can be uncomfortable, but instead gently lifts it while recovery takes place, helping the muscles return to their pre-pregnancy position.

It’s perfect for wearing under clothes, but may not be great for those who had a C-section due to its positioning.

Artempo Post Pregnancy Belt

Columbian Postpartum Shaper

This is a bum and tum girdle that you slip on and wear from your upper thighs to just under the breasts with thin straps that can be removed.

It provides the right amount of compression for the tummy area.

If you’ve lost some confidence, this will help bring it back while your pre-pregnancy body comes back into shape.

Just Us Columbian Postpartum Shaper

Healthcom Postnatal Belt Support

This postpartum girdle sits perfectly on the waist.

It’s very durable, but you definitely need two hands to pull it across for a proper fit.

It’s a bit too bulky to go unnoticed under clothes, but great for around the house as it does the job nicely!

Healthcom Postnatal Belt Support

Post Pregnancy Girdle Buying Guide

Without a postpartum girdle, the abdominal muscles can become too relaxed, making it difficult to regain your pre-pregnancy body.

This is why many women are using post pregnancy girdles, either the control panties, corset, or belt style.

The corset-style is not one normally recommended for postpartum, especially those who have had a C-section.

This style is generally more for cosmetic purposes for women trying to achieve an hourglass figure.

Belt-type girdles are designed more for just preventing muscles from relaxing in a lower than normal position after birth, supporting the back, and giving compression to swollen pelvic areas and supporting muscles there too.

Control panties are excellent to wear while going out as they’re not meant to be seen under clothes at all. The right pair can make any lady feel confident!

It lacks the back support belt-type girdles have, though, and often doesn't provide the same amount of firmness. Control underwear is recommended for those trips out for this reason.

Serious postpartum recovery comes in the form of belt girdles. They target the key areas, can be adjusted for firmness, and are easy to get on and off.

They also give you that flexibility a mother needs to move around with baby when a corset cannot.


Giving birth is one of the most natural things in the world, and women should be proud of their bodies no matter what stage of pregnancy or post pregnancy they’re at.

Postpartum girdles are just an additional aid mothers can use in recovery, allowing those muscles to heal back to their natural positions and relieve the discomfort that comes with aching muscles and swelling in the abdomen and uterus after birth.

A postpartum girdle will also help prevent visceroptosis, a condition where the organs may lie lower than their natural place due to the weakened muscles.

If you’re expecting a baby, get your postpartum girdle at the ready to start allowing those muscles to recover and strengthen again as soon as possible!

Here's a video that talks about postpartum girdles used after pregnancy.