Naturally Healthy: A Guide To Organic Hair Conditioner

organic hair conditioner

It can be hard to determine what just the right hair conditioner is even when you don’t have any particular requirements.

There are just so many options out there! If you’re looking for a conditioner with specifics, it can get even more complicated.

Some people suffer from frizzy hair and some want a conditioner to help define their natural curls or waves.

Some are just looking for a product without harmful chemicals that will make their hair look great and smell good.

If you’re overwhelmed with so many choices, want an organic hair conditioner with just plain good, natural ingredients, and just aren’t sure which company to trust, look no further than our top pick.

We've done all the legwork for you!

The Method

A natural or organic hair conditioner can be a great option for a variety of hair types.

It eliminates nasty, harsh chemicals which can actually have the opposite effect to that you’re hoping to achieve with conditioner in the first place.

In fact, some of the ingredients found in commercial skin care having been linked to cancer, such as sodium lauryl sulphate

When adding conditioner to your hair grooming routine, take a look at the ingredients list.

If there are a variety of ingredients you both recognize and enjoy, it’s likely that you’ve found a product that you can feel happy about using regularly.

Take note of how it tames any frizzy hair, reduces static, and if it leaves your hair feeling soft, looking shiny and has a scent that appeals to you.

When using conditioner, the best results generally come from first washing with your favourite shampoo, rinsing well, and applying a small amount of conditioner to your strands from root to tip.

It’s good practice to leave the conditioner in for a few minutes (for your hair to absorb all of that goodness) before thoroughly rinsing.


Silk 18 Natural Conditioner

And here it is!

Your answer to an organic hair conditioner that is sulphate free: Silk 18 Natural Hair Conditioner for Men and Women by Maple Holistics.

It’s safe to use on colour treated hair, and has 18 different silk amino acids in its ingredient list.

These amino acids will help to build and strengthen hair without damage from chemicals.

Whether you have straight, wavy, curly, or short or long hair, this conditioner will help to tame frizz and flyaway.

Add moisture without feeling greasy, and leave hair looking shiny and feeling so soft!

The botanical keratin will help to build up your hair’s natural keratin levels. This conditioner will work well with your current shampoo choice.

Add to that a power punch of organic pomegranate, argan oil, shea butter, and hibiscus green tea, and you’ve got a recipe for a great head of hair!

Pros And Cons

Because it contains no artificial fragrances, colouring, sulphates or other harmful ingredients, this conditioner will suit those looking for a better alternative to harsh chemicals.

The scent is from 100% natural vanilla, which appeals to a wide range of customers and isn’t too feminine or masculine a scent.

It can be happily be used by both sexes. The fact that men and women can both use it means it frees up space on the shower shelves. You won’t need his and hers bottles of conditioner!

The product is cruelty-free, meaning that it’s a great choice for those who are seeking more ethically sound products.

A con of this particular product is that, despite having a line of other products, Maple Holistics isn’t a brand name that is as common as some others. It just doesn’t have the trusted following that it may, in fact, deserve.

It’s hard for some customers to switch to a product – even if it’s a better choice – if there are more popular brands on offer. 

In Summary

Silk 18 Natural Hair Conditioner is an all around great conditioner that leaves hair feeling soft and silky and looking healthy with a shine that you might only ever otherwise see in commercials.

It won’t break the bank, it has a wonderful clean vanilla smell, and it’s an ethical choice. Winner!

When you’re looking for a great product you’re faced with a whole hoard of contenders.

I hope this review has helped you to weed out the bad and make a better choice for you, the environment, and your hair!