Law Of Attraction: Best Pheromones Cologne For Men

best pheromones cologne

Are you looking to find the best pheromones cologne so you can attract women the next time you have a night out?

I’ve put together a comprehensive guide, designed just for you, to the best male pheromone cologne. You’ll no longer have to wonder which is right to make you more sexually appealing to the opposite sex.

All you have to do is purchase, apply and attract.

What Are Pheromones?

In case you’ve never heard of the term, pheromones are the chemicals that are used to attract a partner in the animal world when mating is about to occur. We aren’t much different from the animal world, scents attract and cause feelings of arousal.

Although we normally rely on our sense of touch and sight when it comes to feelings of arousal, studies have shown that a woman can be more attracted to a man if pheromones are released. Give your cologne a chance to do the talking. 

Raw Chemistry Pheromones For Men

Raw Chemistry Pheromones For Men

Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men is rated as one of the best pheromones cologne currently on the market.

This cologne serves a dual purpose as it’s not only proven to attract women but it also smells amazing.

This combination has a patented blend of the top pheromones for men and appeals directly to the woman’s sexual receptors. This unique blend contains Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone and even Androsterone.

This isn’t your typical cologne, it’s the highest pharmaceutical grade available and the best pheromones on the market.

You won’t even need to reapply as this formula works for over 24 hours.

Raw Chemistry Pheromone Cologne Oil

Raw Chemistry Pheromone Cologne Oil

If you prefer an oil to a cologne, but still want the best pheromones for men, you'll want the Raw Chemistry Pheromone Cologne Oil instead.

This also contains the same four ingredients in the blend. It has Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone and even Androsterone just like its counterpart the cologne.

The difference in the oil is that it's a more concentrated formula.

This isn't a pheromone gel but rather the best pheromone cologne available with pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

This formula isn’t just effective, it smells wonderful as well.

Realm By Erox Corporation For Men. Eau De Cologne Spray

Realm By Erox Corporation For Men. Eau De Cologne Spray

Realm is truly a manly and sexy pick for any man looking to attract a beautiful woman. You'll find that this cologne has a warm blend of woody notes but isn't overpowering.

It's produced by the Erox Corporation and also includes a subtle smell of mandarin, orange, berry and ginger.

This is the best pheromones cologne because of the rave reviews it has been given by other men, who just like you, are looking to make themselves as attractive and desirable as possible.

Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromone Oil Infused Cologne For Men

Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromone Oil Infused Cologne for Men

If you’re looking to awaken the senses of females all around, be sure you check out the natural pheromones for men in this Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromone oil infused cologne.

The only purpose of this scent is to entice, arouse and allure women. It’s a clean and refreshing smell that you won't find overwhelming.

You could even pair it with your favorite cologne to make a scent all of your own.

This blend uses Andronone and Copulandrone, which are the active male pheromones. Mixed with your own pH balance, this oil-infused cologne will have a unique smell that’s all yours. Best of all, this choice is sulfate, paraben, and sugar-free.

The company also does not partake in animal testing so you can feel good about your purchase of these best male pheromones.

Pheromone By Marilyn Miglin For Men

Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin For Men

The best pheromones for men reviews wouldn’t be complete without the Pheromone by Marilyn Miglin for Men Cologne.

This was actually released in 1980 and contains a blend of dry, aromatic woods making for an extremely manly scent.

This cologne is sure to become one of your signature scents.


When you're ready to take your game to the next level, you'll need to enlist the help of some powerful chemistry. There will be no more leaving attraction up to chance, now you have the power to take charge of your sexual life.

Finding the right scent for you isn’t a difficult thing to do and women will love it. Don’t worry, you can thank me later.