Put Your Feet Up: Choosing The Right Foot Elevator

foot elevator

When you injure your foot or have surgery, keeping your foot elevated is the most important part of your recovery.

That's because it reduces blood flow to the area which can decrease pain, swelling and inflammation.  

You can always use a pillow, but they aren’t sturdy enough to give you any real support during your healing process.

There are so many foot elevators on the market that it can be difficult to know which ones are a good, quality product.

We've researched the best brands so that you can make the best investment in a foot elevator and get on the road to recovery.

Hermell Products Elevating Leg Rest 

Hermell Products Elevating Leg Rest

This product is designed to relieve back and spine pain, but it’s just as useful for keeping your feet elevated after injury or surgery.

The angle keeps your feet above your heart to keep swelling down and improve circulation in your legs.

The cover is removable and machine washable, so keeping it clean is the least of your worries.

It’s perfect for those recuperating from surgery who need something that’s wide enough to rest both legs.

InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge

InteVision Ortho Bed Wedge with High-Quality, Removable Cover

This product, like the Hermell Elevating Leg Rest, is perfect for those recovering from surgery who need a product that will fit both legs.

This product is a little more comfortable, with a layer of memory foam on top of the firm base for a more comfortable recovery.

The Intevision also comes with a removable pillowcase that's machine washable, and the manufacturer sells covers separately if you want to invest in more than one.

The pillowcase breathes well, making you more comfortable during your recovery time.

Considering its comfort and the convenience of being able to buy more than one cover, the InteVision is the best foot elevator on the market.

ProCare Elevating Foam Support Pillow

ProCare Elevating Foam Cushion Leg Rest Support Pillow

The ProCare Elevating Foam Cushion is different from the Hermell and InteVision pillows.

It’s made specifically for people in leg casts who need to stabilize their leg.

You can use it on either leg, and it allows you to keep your leg consistently elevated during your recovery.

The foam used in the product ensures that it won’t slide off the bed.

The only downside to this product is that it’s one size fits most, so you must get some measurements before buying it.

This product isn't for people who need to elevate both of their feet, like the other foot elevators in this list.

Footsmart Leg Elevator

Footsmart Leg Elevator

The Footsmart Leg Elevator has an ergonomic curve that will allow you to stay comfortable during your recovery while keeping the swelling down.

It’s made of foam, allowing it to form to your body while maintaining its shape.

Like the other pillows, it also has a machine washable cover.

It’s narrower than some of the other pillows on this list, so you may have trouble keeping both legs on it unless you’re a straight legged sleeper.

The only downside to this product is that it may not be high enough for some people’s needs. It’s only 8 inches high at the base, where the ankles rest.

Depending on the type of recovery, this may not be elevated enough for you.

Dura Med Foam Bed Wedge

Dura Med Foam Bed Wedge - Size 24

Dura Med’s Foam Bed Wedge is the most basic model of the foot elevator.

It comes in a perfect wedge shape with no curves or ergonomic adjustments to it.

It comes in three different sizes, which is convenient for those shopping around for the perfect size.

None of the other options on this list offer that option. It also comes with a removable, machine-washable cover.

Since the angle is gentle and doesn’t angle up like the other foot elevators on this list, this bed wedge can double up as a back or chest elevator as well for those with breathing or back problems.

However, one issue with this product is that eventually, the foam does wear out.


When looking for a good, quality foot elevator for your recovery from injury or surgery, many products on the market offer many different benefits.

You want to choose the right product that’ll help with your healing and be a sound investment, in case you ever need it again.

Hopefully, this guide will help you decide which foot elevator will be the best one for you.