Natural Attraction: Best Pheromones Perfume On The Market

best pheromones perfume

Do you like to smell good?

Who doesn't?

Do you like to use scent to impress and attract people?

Perfumes are one way to feel confident in yourself and appealing to others.

Perfumes that contain pheromones do an even better job of this. Pheromones are invisible chemical signals that can alter your mood and perception.

Naturally, men and women give off different pheromones, but you'll subconsciously only respond to the gender you find attractive.

We still don't know that much about human pheromones, as they were only identified in 1998, but studies have confirmed their effect on attraction. 

Have you ever met somebody and found yourself instantly attracted to them, but can’t figure out why?

That would be the pheromones talking. For many years both men and women have been wearing perfumes and colognes to help increase their attractiveness.

Pheromone perfumes will help you make a lasting first impression, but can also enhance your existing relationships. They help promote sexual desire and attractiveness.

Caleb Hester from reminds us "The effectiveness of pheromones can vary greatly among individuals, and their impact is often subtle. It's important to approach their use as a supplement to, not a replacement for, natural social and interpersonal skills."

This article will provide you with more information about what pheromones are, and the best pheromones to help enhance your sexual attractiveness.

Pheromone Perfume Reviews Comparison Guide

Different Types Of Pheromone

There are four main types of pheromones found amongst the animal species. Their purpose and effects may differ slightly between animals and humans, but the general response is the same.

Releaser Pheromones

These pheromones are linked to sexual attraction and provoke an immediate response. For these reasons, they are the most common pheromones found in perfumes.

Signaler Pheromones

These give out information that's related to genetic odor imprint. This type of pheromone is the reason that many mothers are able to recognize their babies by smell.

Primer Pheromones

Offering a slow response, primer pheromones can change physiology through hormone levels that affect development, menstrual cycles and pregnancy.

Modulator Pheromones

These pheromones are responsible for synchronizing body functions. Have you ever heard that if women live together, or spend an extended amount of time together, their menstrual cycles may eventually sync? You can thank pheromones for that!

Human Pheromones

In humans, pheromones can be broken down further. Here are six common, human pheromones that are found in pheromone perfumes (and you can see why)!


This pheromone has the most potent molecules that can increase sexual desire and sexual attraction.


A male pheromone that can help make you appear more masculine.


A pheromone that helps create a feeling of comfort and can increase sexual intimacy.


Will make you seem more approachable.


Commonly called the ‘icebreaker’ pheromone, it can make you feel more at ease when meeting new people.


A female pheromone that can increase the level of testosterone in men.

The best pheromones perfume will contain a combination of these pheromones to help make you more appealing to the gender you wish to attract.

Brands Of Pheromone Perfumes

There are many perfume brands on the market, but I've found five of the best pheromone perfume brands that will have men and women falling at your feet!

Marilyn Miglin

Marilyn Miglin’s signature scent is called Pheromone. It’s a luxury brand at a reasonable price that caters for both men and women.

It has consistently been one of the top ten fragrances in luxury department stores and has an incredibly desirable effect.

Designed to invite romance, Marilyn Miglin perfume Pheromone offers everything you want from a pheromone perfume. It's a fragrance that will invite attraction from others whilst giving you confidence.

Just a small spray of the eau de toilette will create desire and intimacy, even from your long-term partner.

best pheromones

Marilyn Miglin products are available in stylish and elegant bottles that will make a great addition to your dressing table.

Raw Chemistry

Created with the needs of both men and women in mind, Raw Chemistry’s colognes and perfumes contain a high content of pharmaceutical pheromones.

Their products are very reasonably priced and therefore attainable by everybody.

Raw Chemistry also manufactures pheromone oils making them a versatile and popular brand. They're relatively new to the market, but that hasn't stopped their successes. They're one of the top rated brands and use natural ingredients to create high-quality products.

Pure Instinct

Pure Instinct is the range of pheromone products created by Jelique. Jelique is a company known for their products that have enhanced the sexual lives of couples all over the world for the past 15 years.

Pure Instinct offers a great variety of pheromone-infused products including perfume, cologne, unisex oil, solid perfume and body lotion.

Priced very reasonably, they work effectively to attract men and women, and can be worn by men or women, regardless of sexual attraction.


Containing the highest amount of human pheromone on the market, PherX has been one of the top pheromones since 2002, boasting the motto ‘the science of attraction’.

Selling colognes and oils for both men and women, PherX is sure to create a desirable effect and attract all the attention you can dream of.

Their prices are slightly higher than other brands, but it can only be a sign of their quality and effectiveness.

PherX are one of the few companies that have created pheromone products to cater for the gay and lesbian community too, making them useable by everyone.


With a motto of ‘the secret to instant attraction’, it’s no wonder it’s one of the best pheromones. Pherazone have created their perfumes and colognes with both heterosexual and homosexuals in mind. 

They really have mastered the laws of attraction, for everyone!

Top 10 Pheromone Perfumes

1. Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Men

Raw Chemistry Pheromones For Men

Containing a patented blend of human pheromones, this powerful scent is youthful and empowering.

With some of the best pheromones such as Androstadienone, Androstenol, Androstenone and Androsterone, this particular blend of pheromones has been crafted for men to specifically attract women.

The scent and effect will even last for 24 hours after application.

When it comes to positive pheromones reviews, Raw Chemistry has thousands, making this cologne everything you can wish for and more.

Raw Chemistry is a reputable brand that's priced very reasonably and will leave any man with the confidence and prowess to attract women.

2. Pheromone For Women by Marilyn Miglin

Pheromone for Women by Marilyn Miglin

Marilyn Miglin has created a luxurious and romantic scent. It will attract men whilst also pleasing the female wearer, leaving a feeling of power and femininity.

Compliments will come your way when wearing the Marilyn Miglin Pheromone, and they won't just be from men.

Inspiring confidence, it does come at a higher price than many other perfumes, but it’s money well spent.

You’re investing in the best female pheromones perfume that will last you a long time.

3. Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Perfume & Cologne – 3 Pack

Pure Instinct Pheromone Infused Perfume and Cologne

This gender-friendly scent is perfect for men or women to help incite a sexual desire from the gender they wish to attract.

The pack contains three small bottles that are perfect for travel or to fit in your handbag, and is worn just like any ordinary cologne.

Not only will it help attract the opposite sex, it will improve your confidence, enhance your mood and heighten your senses.

It may lack the specificity of other pheromone perfumes, but the low price and convenient size makes it a perfect trial option.

Containing a mix of pheromones and essential oils, it's gentle on the skin and is unlikely to cause any allergic reaction.

Pure Instinct is designed not just for the single person. Those already coupled up may notice increased flirtation and desire that's sure to spice up any relationship.

4. Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Women

Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Women

The pheromones, such as copulins, in this perfume, are proven to appeal to men’s sexual receptors, increase their testosterone levels and attract men to the female wearer.

The scent is delicate and divine and will leave women feeling confident and sexy within themselves, which in turn creates an incredible attractiveness to the opposite sex.

The spray bottle is easy to use and apply and will linger for around 24 hours after application.

Raw Chemistry has created a scent that's sure to not only capture his attention but to keep it as well.

One bottle is very reasonably priced and with a strong concentration of human grade pheromones, it’s the best pheromone spray you'll find.

5. PherX Pheromone Cologne for Men

PherX Pheromone Cologne for Men

Developed by doctors of Biology and Pharmacology, PherX offers a high concentration of human pheromones that's sure to attract women.

One 30ml, or 1oz. bottle will last around 200 sprays, making it great value for money.

Women may not swoon immediately, but PherX Pheromone Cologne will create a certain kind of intimacy and desire that men crave from women and cannot get from appearance and personality alone.

It’s safe for sensitive skin and the scent will last a significant amount of time, which adds to the longevity of your bottle.

Wearing this pheromone cologne will give the wearer an air of confidence and desire. It's a vital addition to any man’s bathroom essentials.

6. Raw Chemistry Cologne Oil for Men

Raw Chemistry Cologne Oil for Men

This is another of the best pheromones on the market, specifically designed for men who want to attract women.

It has a moisturising effect meaning it won't try out your skin and is safe for sensitive skin. 

Why not add a few drops to your clothing, or even to your bedding to spice things up a bit in the bedroom? 

Bear in mind, though, that this product is slightly more expensive than other pheromone perfumes on the market. 

7. Pure Instinct Roll-On Pheromone Infused Cologne/Perfume

Pure Instinct Roll On Pheromone Infused ColognePerfume

This handy small bottle of pheromones is perfect for travel or for slotting into your handbag, so you can reapply whenever necessary!

It's easily applied anywhere on the body with its convenient roll-on tip. 

The mix of pheromones and essential oils in this product mean it's completely safe for use on most skin types.

You'll be pleased to know that it's far cheaper than many other pheromone oils and perfumes. 

8. Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromone Oil for Men

Healthy Attraction Extra Strength Pheromone Oil for Men

This is a bold and masculine scent designed to entice the opposite sex. The spray bottle allows for easy application anywhere on the body. 

This product is made with cologne alcohol, which may cause an adverse reaction amongst some consumers.

It's always best to do a patch test before using a product like this just in case. This pheromone perfume comes in a sophisticated bottle at a reasonable price, similar to other pheromone perfumes and colognes on the market. 

9. Raw Chemistry Perfume Oil for Women

Raw Chemistry Perfume Oil for Women

This women's pheromone perfume offers an elegant perfume scent. It contains long lasting pharmaceutical grade human pheromones.

This product is designed specifically for the purpose of women wishing to attract men, using a specific blend of pheromones for the purpose. 

It’s alcohol-free, making it suitable for sensitive skin and those who suffer allergies.

On the downside, it's more expensive than other pheromone oils on the market, but it's a very effective product, so it may well be worth it. 

10. PherX Pheromone Oil for Gay Men

PherX Pheromone Oil for Gay Men

This product was developed by doctors of pharmacology and biology.

These are designed specifically to be worn by men who wish to attract men.

Although more products are now being released that are designed for this market, this is one of the products designed for gay men you can currently find. 

A few dabs of the oil can be applied to any part of the body to provide a long lasting scent. It’s more expensive than other pheromone oils.


When it comes to sexual desire and attractiveness, it always pays to offer up your best self. Top pheromone perfumes can lend you a helping hand.

I've reviewed some of the best pheromones for you, many of which are appealing to both the wearer and the people they're wishing to attract.

It’s important to remember that pheromones aren't just for single people looking for a partner.

Many people already in relationships will experience a heightened sense of arousal and attractiveness – just what you need to spice up a long-term relationship!

Even if sexual desire isn't your preferred effect, you'll feel confident and attractive.

What's better than that?