A Guide To The Best Acupressure Mat For Neck And Back Pain

best acupressure mat

Lots of people today suffer from relentless neck and back pain. For some, it can even be extremely painful and quite debilitating.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 Americans will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives?  

If you're one of them then look no further. I've found a fantastic solution to your problem.

Have you ever tried an acupressure mat?

This is an all natural and reliable way of curing your back and neck pain for good.

Acupressure mats have been proven to improve your blood circulation to every part of your body reducing your overall neck and back pain.

Let’s look at five different fantastic acupressure mats that you can use for this purpose.

Spoonk Acupress Massage Mat

Spoonk Aucpressure Massage Mat

First of all, let me just say that Spoonk is a leader in comfortable acupressure mats and is well-known worldwide.

Their mats have 6200 pressure points for the most effective relaxation and stimulation.

After using it you'll notice a drastic reduction in stress and muscle tension which causes a sore neck and back.

Only the highest quality plant based cotton foam is used with non-toxic abs plastic.

Dr.Oz and the Oprah show have even featured this product so you can trust and know it works.

Plus, Spoonk backs up their stupendous product with a five-year warranty.

Nayoya Acupressure Mat

Nayoya Acupressure Mat

This mat truly can heal you from all kinds of troubles from back pain to insomnia.

Nayoya uses the positive aspects of acupuncture integrated into their product to help your body repair itself.

This acupressure mat works wonders for back pains and helps you to improve your circulation and blood flow.

I also delight in the fact that it’s super light which makes it extremely portable and you can take it anywhere.

This mat will help you fall asleep faster, and increase blood flow to the areas of your body that need it.

This product is truly one of kind making it the best acupressure mat out there.

Heavenly Acupressure Mat

Heavenly Acupressure Mat

This Swedish acupressure mat is truly awesome and has a great rating on Amazon.

After using this mat for only 15 minutes you'll notice a huge difference in your happiness level and sense of well-being.

This mat is sure to increase your levels of energy and helps to make your sleeping habits more regular.

Your back and neck pain will start to dissipate as your blood circulation increases and your stress lowers.

Give yourself a special present and purchase this incredible acupressure mat because you deserve it!

There's nothing better and more rewarding then healing your body the natural healthy way.

Zensufu Acupressure Massage Mat

Zensufu Acupressure Massage Mat

This acupressure massage mat is going to give you calming back and neck relief by the way it has your body naturally releases its feel-good hormones and endorphins.

It offers you strong relaxation and tension relief for your back, neck and shoulders.

This acupressure mat is perfect for anyone that plans on increasing their well-being and lowering stress levels.

This mat boasts 6,210 acupressure points and can be placed anywhere you like to sit or lay. I chose this mat for its inexpensive price and great quality. It also comes with a carry bag for easy portability.

This is the best acupressure mat for neck and back pain you can find and I truly recommend it.

Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Massage Mat

Pranamat ECO Therapeutic Massage Mat - Natural Lavender

This acupressure mat made my list of the top five because it’s the first acupressure mat to have been certified by the US FDA as a medical device.

Pranamat ECO is fabricated from all natural environmentally friendly cotton, linen and coconut fibres.

It has adorable lotus flower designed massagers and over 5,000 points to deliver you tons of stress-free relaxation and revitalization.

Lying on this mat for just 15 minutes a day is really going to change your world and I promise that you'll notice your back and neck pain starting to ease up and eventually dissipate.


Why not enjoy all the benefits of an easily affordable acupressure mat in the comfort of your own home?

It makes so much sense to cure your back and neck pain naturally and effectively with your body’s own natural feel-good hormones.

Acupressure mats really do work and will offer you tons of stress relief, muscle relaxation and deep comfort.

I sincerely hope this list helps you narrow down and find the best acupressure mat for you.

If nothing else has worked for your neck and back pain, then it's definitely time to try something new and you won't regret that you did.