Ankle Support Shoes: A Guide To The Best Ankle Support

ankle support shoes

Have you ever stopped to think about how vital your ankles are to your daily life?

They're the joint that allows for the up and down movement of the foot, and you need healthy ankles for basic mobility. 

Don't neglect them! 

We took a close look at ankle support shoes as an option for ankle support whilst exercising, along with a few other options.

Your whole body relies on the health of your ankles but they don’t always hold you up the way they should. Sometimes injury or instability of the ankles can cause numerous issues with your mobility.

This is the perfect time to turn to ankle support shoes.

To provide the best ankle support possible, you may even want to pair the shoes with some good ankle braces for even more stability.

Possible Reasons You Need More Support

Ankle injuries are very common, especially among athletes.

There are many different problems you might be facing, like unstable ankles. These are ankles that seem to turn over very easily and are prone to spraining.

Maybe you're a person who has trouble with painful ankles as a result of arthritis or other issues.

Or is it possible that you experience ankle pain as a result of your flat feet?

No matter what your reasoning, it's time to end the pain.

With the vast amount of medical ankle braces and ankle support shoes on the market, there's just no reason to live in agony for one more day.

Choosing the Right Shoes

The first thing you'll need to consider is whether or not you'll be wearing your shoes with or without an ankle brace.

It makes sense to find the best ankle brace you can, but then you also need to find shoes that are going to fit over it comfortably.

The right shoes can reduce symptoms associated with most ankle conditions and can be an integral part of your treatment plan.

The additional support from the proper shoes is also going to reduce stress on your ankle, reduce the amount of wear on your joint, and thereby lower your overall risk of injury.

Unstable Ankle

If you're battling with an unstable ankle, you'll need a shoe that's stable on the outside.

This will prevent your ankle from wanting to turn. It'll also help to have stable arch supports.

 Anything that makes your shoe more rigid will increase the chances of keeping your foot upright and in line.

Ankle Arthritis

If your pain is a result of ankle arthritis, you may already be using the best ankle brace for sports.

If you want some added support, try to find a shoe that's going to reduce the force on your joint by offering to cushion and limit the ankle joint motion with a rocker sole.

A rocker sole is when a shoe has a thicker-than-normal sole with a rounded heel.

Flat Feet

If you suffer from flat feet, it's very likely that your ankle pain is the result of the rolling of the ankle that happens to compensate for the flatness.

It's possible in this situation that you might need custom orthotics in your ankle support shoes.

Things To Try Before You Buy

When buying a pair of shoes, there are a few things you'll want to check out so you can be sure you’ll receive the optimum fit.

First, check out a speciality store that's known for carrying shoes just for this purpose.

They'll be much more knowledgeable and better able to help you. Then, be sure you try them on at the end of the day because this is when your feet are at their largest.

Make sure you can wiggle your toes while the shoe is on. Take a short walk or run around and ensure that they're comfortable.

Make sure you bring the socks you would wear for your sport and ensure that your heel doesn't slip as you walk or run.

Taking these easy steps will enable you to find the right shoe.


Whether you're using the best ankle brace or simply trying to add extra support through the use of the proper shoes, your ankles are important and deserve your attention and care.

Taking the extra time and investing a little money will provide you with a pain-free and more active lifestyle.