Paleo Breakfast Recipes: Where To Find Our Favourites!

paleo breakfast recipes

One thing that stands in the way of many people going paleo is that they have no idea how to make balanced, nutritious meals. They contain none of the ingredients that paleos try to avoid.

For those unfamiliar with the paleo diet, the idea behind it is to go back to the diet that we originally evolved to thrive off.

This is the diet that we lived on back when were nomadic hunter-gatherers, before we began cultivating crops.

That means that cereals and grains are off the menu, as are dairy, beans, and refined sugars.

This is because paleos believe that our bodies just aren’t equipped to deal with the foods that we've started eating since our lifestyles have undergone such a dramatic change.

Breakfast Paleo​

Breakfast Paleo

When you consider what we generally eat for breakfast these days, adapting this to a paleo diet can seem very tricky.

Breakfast is usually based on toast or cereal, both of which are off limits to paleos.

Toast and cereal are quick and easy breakfasts which fill you up.

None of us wants to spend longer than we have to in the mornings preparing breakfast.

In order to successfully make the transition to a paleo diet you need to find alternatives that are both delicious and quick to make.

You also need a few special paleo breakfast recipes that you can make when you have more time to cook at the weekends.

I myself went paleo without taking much time to think about how breakfast would work. After my first week, I realised I’d had bacon and eggs for breakfast every morning.

Whilst a great breakfast, no one wants to eat the same thing every day.

I was fast becoming disillusioned with my paleo diet but couldn’t come up with any alternatives.

That slice of toast or bowl of cereal were looking more and more tempting. That’s when I found The Paleo Breakfast Recipe Book.

It’s a comprehensive guide to paleo breakfast recipes. This book will really open your eyes to all the possibilities that exist. 

It also guides you through forward planning, getting you to prepare breakfasts for the week ahead. That means you can grab your breakfast in the mornings and walk straight out the door.

Overall, it focuses on keeping your diet interesting and varied. That’s because it's often boredom that causes us to make poor choices. 

With this book of paleo breakfast recipes, you’re giving yourself the best possible chance to succeed with your paleo diet. That'll pay dividends later on.

There are also plenty of child-friendly options, so the whole family can feel the benefits of a paleo diet.

Vegetarians and vegans that are avoiding grains will also find lots of recipes that are suitable for them in here, as well those who don’t fancy eating meat in the mornings.

If you prefer to drink your breakfast, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in here. There are even substitutes for breakfast staples like porridge which taste just as good or better.

They also won’t lead to that energy crash that cereals bring with them.

There are also ideas for fancy breakfasts you can cook up at the weekends or on a special occasion that everyone will love, paleo or not.

Don’t take my word for it! 

Head on over to The Paleo Breakfast Recipe Book site to check out a few customer reviews and get the book for yourself.

It’s risk-free as if you aren’t happy with the book they offer a 60-day 100% money back guarantee, no quibbles.

Give it a test run and see if it works for you. Win-win!