Sauna Suit Reviews: Everything You Need To Know

sauna suit reviews

Sauna suits aim to implement the qualities of a sauna into a weight loss solution.

For those of us who don’t have easy access to a sauna, a sauna suit encourages perspiration to let out toxins and burn calories.

These work by heating up the body so you sweat and also raises the metabolism, allowing more calories to be burned.

This is very popular with wrestlers and boxers who need to maintain a certain weight and get rid of excess water weight quickly.

Sweatshirts and sweatpants have also helped get people sweating during a workout, but they don’t keep the heat in, they aren’t very durable and can tend to stink!

Not all sauna suits are created equal, though!

We’ve gone through all the sauna suit reviews out there to find the ones that work and show you results!

What are Sauna Suits?

A sauna suit is an item of clothing that’s made from waterproof plastic. It’s designed to make whoever wears it sweat heavily, which is where the name comes from.

It aims to make the wearer sweat as much as they would during a sauna session.

These suits are normally made of coated nylon cloth or PVC.

They typically come as a waterproof tracksuit, with a pullover jacket and trousers with a drawstring at the waist, to keep them nice and tight.

There are also tightly elasticated at the neck, wrists and ankles so that body heat and moisture is kept inside, creating the ‘sauna’ like environment.

There are some sauna suits that have hoods, too, to prevent heat escaping from the head.

Some sauna suits are a bit on the tight side and actually look more like wetsuits, but that comes down to a matter of preference.

What Are the Advantages of Sauna Suits?

Sauna suits are designed to help the wearer sweat and thus lose water weight.

This can be great for anyone who needs to drop a few extra pounds, and athletes such as boxers also use them when they need to hit a certain weight.

You get much hotter much more quickly when exercising in a sauna suit, and increased body temperature means that you burn more calories, so if you’re trying to lose weight then a sauna suit could definitely help you along, if used in conjunction with a healthy exercise regime and a good diet.

Are Sauna Suits Safe?

Now, I’m not going to pretend that sauna suits don’t get a bad rap from a lot of people who claim that they can cause the wearer to become dangerously dehydrated, and even lead to people fainting.

If you push yourself too far with your sauna suit, then yes, you could run into problems.

It’s all a matter of being a responsible user and knowing your limits.

If you don’t go crazy and give your body time to adjust to your sauna suit, and make sure you stay hydrated and replace the vital salts that your body is losing with all that sweat, then there’s no reason why using a sauna suit should have any negative effects on your health whatsoever.

If you tend to push yourself until you collapse during your workouts, then a sauna suit might not be for you.

How to Use My Sauna Suit

Firstly, make sure you choose the right size sauna suit for you. They’re normally about the same as normal tracksuits in size. If you can, try before you buy!

Once you’ve got your hands on one, make sure your underwear is close-fitting and designed for the purpose, to wick moisture away from the skin.

Pull the suit on over the top, and don’t tuck the top half into the bottom. Make sure the elastic sits comfortable at your wrists, waist and ankles.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Before, during and after your exercise.

Don’t jump write in! You can’t expect your body to do the exercise routine it normally would when it’s got a sauna suit to get used to.

Start off with wearing it for 5 or 10 minutes at a time and gradually increase it. Never wear the suit whilst exercising for longer than an hour.

Start slowly, like walking rather than jogging, and build up as you get used to it.

Make sure you clean the suit following the instructions given by the manufacturer.

Check if it can be machine washed. If not, hand wash it in warm, soapy water. Unless the instructions state otherwise, don’t iron or tumble dry your suit.

sauna suit reviews

RAD Heavy Duty Sauna Suit

RAD Heavy Duty Sauna Suit

This may look like an average sweat suit, but RAD offer a durable alternative to cheaper vinyl suits.

It has a EVA nylon material lining on the inside.

The cuffs, waist, waistline and ankles have an elasticated band for air retention and help with the sauna feel.

The suit also has Velcro for an extra-secure fit.

It comes in a variety of sizes from medium to 6XL.

It's a two-piece suit, unisex, and has a slightly oversized fit which is how it's meant to feel to help the sauna suit work.

On the trousers, there are handy pockets and a zipper close on the ankles.

Of course, as the name implies, it's also heavy-duty and resistant to rips and tears! This is the best sweat suit for those intense workouts and optimal results.

2Fit Heavy Duty Sauna Suit

2Fit Heavy Duty Sauna Suit

Although quite similar to the RAD version, the 2Fit heavy-duty sauna suit has its own qualities.

The fabric has a nylon and PVC coating, giving an extra durable layer to keep that heat in.

There's also a rubberized inner lining.

What also makes it different is its hood. It’s rip and tear resistant.

The ankles, waist, and wrists are elasticized, and the wrists also have extra Velcro fittings.

This sauna suit also comes in sizes XS to 6XL.

Kutting Weight Neoprene Sauna Suit

Here’s something a bit different if you don’t like the traditional sauna suits.

This neoprene sauna suit contributes to an increase in metabolism which leads to greater weight loss when compared to the same exercise with no suit.

Their SweatTech neoprene gives greater flexibility than regular neoprene suits.

Also unlike other sauna suits, this one has mesh in the underarm and inner thigh areas to help with ventilation but keeps heat at the core.

Triple-stitched for added reinforcement, it'll last you a long time with proper care.

It's one piece and zips in the back.

Sauna suit reviews suggest that this is the best one piece sauna suit on the market.

If you’re serious about training and losing weight, as far as neoprene suits go this is the best sauna suit for weight loss.

TITLE Pro Hooded Sauna Suit

TITLE Pro Hooded Sauna Suit

TITLE is a respected name in professional training gear and their sauna suit lives up to the brand.

Their take on the sweat suit is a virtually indestructible suit that brings professional results.

This suit has two layers of thick anti-rip nylon with PVC to keep the heat in the suit.

The elasticated waistband  also has a drawstring to provide a better fit around the waist.

Overall, it has a loose fit that helps bring out the sweat. It also has a drawstring hood.

RDX MMA Sauna Sweat Suit

RDX MMA Sauna Sweat Suit

RDX’s sauna suit claims to help you sweat 70% more than you would without it.

The EVA lined suit is a two-piece unisex suit in sizes M to XXL.

People love it for how it seems to work right away, keeping in that heat and encouraging sweat and how it looks like a regular track suit, which some people prefer!

A Word of Warning...

People have been known to become severely dehydrated when using sauna suits, so make you you take all the necessary precautions and don't push yourself too far. Better to be safe than sorry!

That's a Wrap

Sweat suits aren’t for just boxers or wrestlers now.

The right sauna suit will build your metabolism and burn those calories quicker than without one.

If you want to make the most of your workout and sweat off the pounds, go for the best sauna suit that's right for your needs from our list of sauna suit reviews.