What You Should Know About Concierge Care

You probably have had the experience of having to wait several weeks to see a physician. This was probably due to the number of appointments they had to attend to before getting to you. On the day of your appointment, you arrive at the hospital and again, you need to wait to see the specialist. There is a long list of people who also have an appointment with the same specialist and are ahead of you on the queue. Finally, it’s your turn and you get to see the doctor but you do not have ample time to fully explain or really get to trash out all the issues bothering you as other patients are still waiting to see the same specialist.

If you have had anything similar to the experience described above and wish you can see a specialist without having to wait weeks or even months then you are not alone in this. You want to arrive at the hospital and see the physician straight away, not having to wait in line. When you do see the doctor, you want to have as much time as you can to discuss and get an explanation. You may even want a home or office visit, so you can see the physician at your convenience. You may also desire to be able to get to talk to a specialist over the phone rather than having to go all the way to the hospital to get the desired attention. If any or all of these describes what you need, then what you need is personalized care which is referred to as concierge medicine.

Concierge medicine which is also known as retainer medicine or boutique medicine is a form of direct care where a physician treats and cares for his patients based on a retainer, a monthly or annual fee to subsidize amenities that are generally not available or provided by a primary care center. These amenities or services include providing enhanced care in the form of availability of the physician, lengthy visits and attention. The physician commits to limiting patient load. This form of medicine has benefits for both patients and physicians alike. It reduces physician burnout rate and improves the personalized care of the patient. See this article here.

A good concierge medicine practice has the patient at the center, paying a great deal of attention to them. It is small scale, has financial strength and strong care coordination. With fewer patients, medical personnel can offer comprehensive care. They may be able to offer services like same-day or next-day appointments, after hours or making house calls. This also gives the medical personnel guaranteed income. With this extensive attention, patients benefit from being able to get personalized care based on their lifestyle and also discuss preventive care. Due to the volume of patients a physician has to see in traditional medicine, this is not always possible.

Concierge medicine is all about enhancing the patient’s experience. There is a one-on-one relationship with the physician. This breeds trust and closeness between the two. The patient is king in this form of practice; no idle time waiting to see a physician, and they can take as much time as they want with the physician. It is exclusive care based on patient’s needs and requests. There is usually a 24/7 phone access as well as other wellness services that accompany the regular consultation with a physician. These additional services may include helping to arrange appointments to see a consultant, ordering tests, or helping to navigate the health care system.

How Concierge Care Works and Where to Get It

Most practitioners of concierge medicine give you the option of paying either a monthly fee or an annual fee. It depends on how best you can structure payments. Some have some treatments covered by insurance where bills for certain treatments are sent to your insurer or Medicare.

Five Journeys provides you with the best concierge care. With best-in-class providers, leading-edge diagnostic tools and a personalized wellness plan, fivejourneys.com gives you care as unique as you are. It is designed to give you a well-lived, long lasting life with a strategic plan, customized nutrition, and an executive style annual physical. It is a personalized wellness plan that is available when you need it. With longer visits to give you the attention you deserve to off-hour appointments and 24/7 availability.

Some key benefits Five Journeys offers you include:

  1. Direct contact information of your physician.
  2. 24 hours of availability.
  3. Same-day or next-day appointments.
  4. Longer appointments.
  5. Walk-in service.
  6. No wait or minimal wait times.
  7. Direct lines to administrative staff.
  8. Off-hour appointments.
  9. Referrals.
  10. Expedited communication.

As noted above, there are several benefits to concierge medicine. The result of all these is that you as the patient will get the highest quality of medical care due to the focused attention you will enjoy. As physicians get to treat fewer patients, they, in turn, do not experience burnout so they can stay sharp and ready to attend to patients at any given time. You therefore get a physician who has the luxury of taking enough time to relate extensively with the patients on a personal basis. The patient can build a rapport which makes it easy for them to freely trust them with their health history and information.


Concierge medicine is a win-win situation for both the physician and patients alike. While it helps the doctor function optimally and with job satisfaction, it rewards the patient with more focused attention and treatment as they find their doctor more accessible and readily available, resulting in high-quality health care.

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