The Ultimate Guide To The Best Refrigerated Probiotics

refrigerated probiotics

You may be surprised to learn there are over 500 species of 'good bacteria' that are naturally present in your body. In fact, you've got around 100 trillion bacteria in and on your body right now!

No need to worry, though. Although there is such a thing as bad bacteria, good bacteria is responsibly for keeping us fit and healthy. 

When considering ways to support your gut health, it's essential to explore the right type of probiotics. These beneficial microorganisms can play a crucial role in maintaining a balanced gut flora and promoting overall well-being.

With the use of supplements, we can utilize the strength of these friendly bacteria to improve our overall health.

There are many known benefits to taking refrigerated probiotics. The three main advantages are enhancing the immune system, improving digestion and reducing the severity of allergies and preventing food borne illnesses.

Deciding on which refrigerated probiotics to use can be difficult with the variety available. It's essential to choose based on your individual requirements.

Understanding what each strain can do for your health is confusing, so I've created a list of the top 5 best refrigerated probiotics out there.

Top 5 Best Refrigerated Probiotics



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Renew Life








Earth's Wisdom




Garden of Life






If you find yourself suffering from inflammation related conditions such as IBS, IBD, joint pain, eczema etc then this is the right product for you.

VSL's probiotic blend contains Lactobacillus Plantarum. This reduces the permeability of the gut, helps with immunity and is known to assist in the dietary management of IBS.

Another factor to consider is the shipping and delivering of these probiotics which I find rather impressive.

Being freeze dried, and then shipped in a Styrofoam lined box with 24 oz ice pack allows for temperature control which ensures bacteria viability.

Renew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care

Renew Life

Known for its immune boosting probiotic blend, this product is a great all-around daily supplement.

It's high-potency formula and its specially selected strains are designed to re-establish your digestive balance.

If you find yourself lacking in energy and feeling run down then this product will be the one to reach for.

Renew Life promotes feeling better, lighter, more energized. It provides relief to those who experience occasional digestive discomfort, making for a happier, healthier you.

Nutamax Probiotic Supplements


When you're visiting other countries you may find that your digestive system will become sensitive when consuming certain foods.

Within this product's unique blend is the probiotic strain L Rhamnosus, is known as the 'Travel Probiotic'.

Aiding in the prevention and treatment of foodborne illnesses such as salmonella and food poisoning are reasons I believe this product is a useful one to chose.

The federal government estimates that one in six Americans get sick every year from foodborne illness. If it’s a trip abroad you wish to prepare, for then these probiotics are the ones to pack in your suitcase.

Earth's Wisdom Probiotic

Earth's Wisdom

A positive of this product is it's 100% natural, vegan, non-GMO, dairy & gluten-free.

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, then rest assured that Earth's Wisdom covers a wide variety.

Supporting the immune and digestive system, I see this product as an all-rounder with a few added extras. One is the inclusion of fermented greens such as barley grass, oat grass, wheat grass and alfalfa.

Doctor recommended for noth men and woman, this probiotic blend also includes a delayed release to ensure your supplement reaches its destination in your gut with its full potency intact.

If you're looking for a probiotic that covers all your specific requirements, go for Earth's Wisdom.

Garden Of Life Primal Defense Ultra Probiotic

Garden of Life

Garden of Life excels in the support of the digestive system and colon health.

This product promotes healthy and comfortable bowel movements relieving constipation, diarrhea, and aiding in digestion of dairy products.

With the ability to thrive in the toughest environments, this probiotic blend is undeterred by stomach and bile acid.

If you're looking for something to help with normal intestinal function and regularity, then with these supplements you can maintain a healthy immune system. You can subsequently prevent further discomfort in your digestive and colon health.


With growing health awareness, people are paying more and more attention to refrigerated probiotic supplements.

Now we all know that when you're not 100% in health, your day will surely be tough. Whether its work, school or free time, you need to feel your best.

So if you're feeling run down, suffering from an upset stomach, or you're in need of a boost, then find the right refrigerated probiotics out there suited to your specific requirements .

The five products detailed above have all different strengths to target specific ailments. If you select carefully, you will surely reap the rewards!