Doctors Prescribe Nicotine Vape Juice in Australia


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Later this year, Australian’s who vape nicotine products will need to carry a valid medical prescription that has been issued by a trained medical professional within the country if they want to gain access to vaping stores that sell nicotine products. 

That’s right!

The government has put the new rules in place in an attempt to regulate the sale of nicotine products throughout the country. 

Although a lot of folks are worried about unregistered vaping products flooding the market, others are welcoming the new law because they feel it will help reduce the number of young people becoming addicted to nicotine. 

Smoking traditional cigarettes often have a terrible impact on the smoker’s health, and many die due to smoking-related illnesses. Many people struggle to kick the dirty habit, yet vaping nicotine has helped millions of people around the globe to quit. 

However, young people who never smoked cigarettes are starting to vape, and the government is hoping to make it difficult for them to purchase vaping products. 

Is It Easy For Smokers To Get A Prescription?

If you want to give up smoking and you think you’ve tried everything there is to stop, it might be time to give vaping a try. 

Other treatments, like hypnotism, wearing nicotine patches, chewing nicotine gum, or giving up cold turkey works for some, but the majority of smokers eventually go back to their old ways.

The price of cigarettes has gone through the roof in Australia, which has helped motivate people to stop, but there are still others who can’t manage to stop for good. 

For those, many believe vaping is a fantastic alternative, but don’t think you can just walk into your local GP, tell them you want a prescription for vaping products containing nicotine, and walk out the door five minutes later with the prescription in your hand. 

In fact, it can prove extremely challenging to find a GP that is willing to prescribe vape products that contain nicotine. 

Most GPs throughout Australia will have undergone training to help people quit smoking, such as counseling and the use of different medications. 

Doctors haven’t been trained in vaping, and most of them have gathered information about these products through the media. 

A lot of these stories that have appeared on social media platforms and news outlets have been misleading and untrue. It is understandable why these GPs are reluctant to prescribe these products. Plus, vaping nicotine isn’t supported by the majority of Australian medical organizations.

Why Are Some Doctors Prescribing Vape Products?

Just because most doctors won’t issue prescriptions for vaping products, others view vaping as a game-changer, and many feel that it will help lots of Australians quit smoking traditional cigarettes. 

They view vaping as a far less harmful alternative, and they are more than happy to prescribe these products to heavy smokers. 

Most GPs have seen some of their patient’s health deteriorate due to smoking. Two out of every three smokers die due to smoking-related illnesses. Doctors who view vaping as a safer alternative will assess their patients first before making their decision. 

If you are looking to get a prescription, you must first find a GP that is a registered Australian medical practitioner. Don’t assume you can get a prescription from your local pharmacist. They will want to know if you have tried to quit smoking by using other methods in the past. 

They will prescribe vaping products to help those who want to quit or those who are looking to reduce the number of traditional cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis. They will also want to help smokers from relapsing. 

Lack Of Research

Vaping is still in its infancy, and medical professionals are worried about its long-term effects on those who vape. Vaping has only grown in popularity over the past decade, so there has been very little research carried out on the long-term impact it will have. 

However, most people who have made the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping e-liquids containing nicotine are delighted they have finally been able to kick the nasty habit. 

Although they are still addicted to nicotine, they feel a lot healthier consuming vaping products. 

The long-term effects of smoking traditional cigarettes have been well documented. It has ruined many people’s lives, and it will continue to do the same for many of those who carry on smoking. 

However, a lot of doctors worry that vaping will have similar effects down the line, which is why they are often afraid to prescribe their patients vaping products

In the near future, experts believe they will have a better understanding of what happens to people who vape, so we should get a clearer image of what to expect, but at the moment, research is still at the early stages. 

Where Can You Buy Vaping Products?

There are physical vape stores in most major cities and towns in Australia. Most of them stock a wide variety of vaping products, including starter kits, different flavored e-juices, vape pens, etc. 

However, most of the e-liquid (the substance that you add to your vaping device) for sale doesn’t contain nicotine. If you want to add nicotine you can purchase it separately and add it to the juice yourself, however, you will need a prescription to buy nicotine. 

Other juices will already contain nicotine. 

There are lots of online stores that sell vaping products to people around Australia. Because these stores don’t have to spend a lot of money on overheads, they can sell their products for a fraction of the price in comparison to physical vape stores. 

However, to legally purchase vape products from an online vape store, you must provide them with your prescription. Online stores like Nicotine Vape Juice Australia stock everything you need to start your vaping journey including coils, e-juices, pods, etc. 

Tips For Those Who Are New To Vaping

If you are new to vaping, don’t be surprised if you feel confused about the different vaping products readily available on the market. 

There are many different vaping units out there, so many folks find the process of buying a vape overwhelming. For those who are new to vaping, here are a few tips:

  • Start with a juice that reminds you of the cigarettes you smoke: There are lots of fruit-flavored juices out there, but before you start vaping mango or strawberry-flavored juices, start with a juice that tastes like the cigarettes you are currently smoking. 

For example, if you are smoking menthol cigarettes, invest in menthol-flavored juice. 

  • Buy products with pre-made coils: There are coil systems that allow you to build your own coil. Although a lot of vapors build their own coils, those who are starting to vape should invest in a coil that is already built. 

Making your own coil is not easy and can cause a lot of frustration. Premade coils are easy to maintain and manage. Once the coil is finished, you should have no issues replacing it with a new one. 

  • Start on a juice that contains a lot of nicotine: Trying to quit smoking with juices that contain little to no nicotine is not going to be easy. 

When you vape, you won’t get the same hit as smoking traditional cigarettes, so it is best if you start with a juice that contains at least 9MG of nicotine. Once you get used to a strong juice, work your way down to juices that contain lower levels of nicotine. 

If you go to a physical vape store, don’t be afraid to ask the staff members for advice. Explain that you are new to vaping, and ask them for easy-to-use products. If you buy your vaping products online, consider making direct contact with the website’s sales representatives for advice. 

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