Keep It Fresh! The Best Toothpaste For Bad Breath

best toothpaste for bad breath

Bad breath can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Nothing quite dashes confidences away like the fear that you’ll open your mouth and everyone will recoil from the smell.

Did you know that there are two types of bad breath? One's the type you get temporarily after eating something garlicky, and the other is called halitosis, which is an imbalance of bacteria in your mouth. 

You don’t have to worry, though!

There are plenty of products out there that work for bad breath.

Unfortunately, there are also a lot of products that claim to help bad breath. Don’t worry, though, because we're here to help you find the best toothpaste for bad breath.

5 Best Toothpastes For Bad Breath







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SmartMouth Toothpaste

SmartMouth Toothpaste

6 Oz

Refreshing Mint


BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste

BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste

4 Oz

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Clean Mint


Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste

Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste

7.8 Oz

Fresh Clean Mint


Oxyfresh Fluoride Mint Toothpaste

Oxyfresh Fluoride Mint Toothpaste

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Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste Herbaliste Triple Action

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste Herbaliste Triple Action

3.5 Oz



Halitosis is the Medical Term for Bad Breath

Halitosis can be a horrible thing to deal with, and is the medical term for bad breath. It can be a result of various issues, which I’ll go into later.

Generally, it develops due to poor dental hygiene, so you may need to up your game in the bathroom! The smell comes from a build-up of bacteria in the mouth, often due to food or a lack of efficient cleaning.

For some people, it may be a sign of more serious issues with your gums and teeth. If this is something new for you, it’s worth going for a check-up with your dentist just in case.

Most of the time, it’s something that can be prevented and reduced over time, so don’t lose hope...

It’s often linked to incorrect cleaning of the teeth and gums, as well as certain foods and drinks.

Excessive drinking and smoking can also take their toll on your breath, so this is something to bear in mind. Equally, if you have a very dry mouth, this can make your breath smell unpleasant.

I’ll run through some general tips on how to prevent bad breath, as well as the most common causes for it in more detail below.

These Are the Top 5 Causes of Bad Breath


A dry mouth can really affect your breath! If you’re not drinking enough water, your mouth won’t be able to produce saliva as efficiently.

As a result, food and and bacteria aren’t broken down properly, leaving a bad smell and taste! This is why your breath doesn’t smell so great first thing in the morning…

Dry mouth can also be a result of some mediation or existing conditions. If it’s becoming a problem for you and you’re already drinking plenty, check with your doctor that everything’s okay.

Foods and Drinks

Some foods and drinks can give you bad breath in general, we all know that. Avoiding these foods can be a way of minimalizing the risk of bad breath. With halitosis, it’s normally the leftover good in our mouths that causes the bad odor.

The more neutral the foods you eat, the less chance they have of making your breath smell, even if they do accidentally get stuck in your teeth!


We all know that smoking is a bad habit that can give you yellow teeth. It can also add damaging bacteria to your mouth through the tar and nicotine.

If you’re really struggling to quit, try swapping to an e-cigarette - you’ll still get the nicotine fix without all the other nasty stuff.

Poor Dental Hygiene

Leftover food and bacteria can cause nasty smells in your mouth, so make sure you’re cleaning your teeth thoroughly.

If food is stuck in your teeth, the smell will build up and only worsen. Try and brush at least twice a day, or after every meal if you’re really struggling.

Medical Conditions or Treatments

This isn’t said to panic you, but your bad breath could be a symptom of a bigger issue. Check with your dental hygienist if you’re concerned – they’ll let you know if it’s a bigger problem or just bad habits.

Equally, some medicines can dry out your mouth or alter the smell of your breath. If it’s becoming an issue, consult your doctor and see if you can change medication you’re on. You won’t be the first to ask!

Top reviews

1. SmartMouth Toothpaste

SmartMouth Toothpaste

This minty toothpaste earned its title for one of the best toothpastes for bad breath in 2017 for good reason!

It promises a “straight from the dentist” feeling and its users couldn’t agree more. It uses Smart-Zinc to help eliminate bad breath and keep your mouth feeling fresh for 12 hours.

However, this toothpaste does more than just freshen your breath. It has been proven to remove the plaque from your teeth and strengthen your enamel.

If you’re worried about pesky coffee stains too, this toothpaste is also fantastic for whitening your teeth!

It's even comfortable to use if you have sensitive teeth.

2. BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste

BreathRx Whitening Toothpaste

This toothpaste is made to make sure your breath stays as fresh as possible throughout your day.

It uses its own blend of zinc, thymol, and eucalyptus oil – called Zytex – to break up odor-causing bacteria.

Clinically and consumer tested, both fronts say that this product works fantastically.

It also features components that are intended to whiten teeth, making your breath look and feel as fresh as possible.

This toothpaste also contains fluoride at a .243% level to help with the cleaning and freshening process. The company advertises their toothpaste as the first step in their fresh breath system, so it's a good place to start.

3. Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste

Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste

Colgate is a very familiar brand for most people when it comes to toothpastes.

The specific Colgate product that's best for bad breath, however, is their Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste.

It's made specifically for whitening your teeth and helping your breath feel as fresh as possible throughout the day.

This process is helped not only by its mint flavor but also the addition of breath strips in the toothpaste for an extra burst of freshness.

This toothpaste will also help you fend off cavities, so your teeth won't just feel clean and healthy, they actually will be!

4. Oxyfresh Fluoride Mint Toothpaste

Oxyfresh Fluoride Mint Toothpaste

This toothpaste underwent a 12-month clinical study published in the International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research.

It was proven to be one of the best toothpastes for whitening and protecting teeth available.

It promises that with the regular use of this toothpaste, you’ll have teeth that feel like you just came from the dentist.

Not only does this toothpaste help whiten your teeth, it will protect and strengthen them as well.

Even those with sensitive teeth will find relief in this toothpaste. It also avoids using unnecessary chemical ingredients making it safer for your teeth.

With the use of natural peppermint, though, it will still help your breath feel and smell fresh all day!

5. Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste Herbalista Triple Action

Twin Lotus Active Charcoal Toothpaste Herbaliste Triple Action

This is a type of toothpaste that we don’t hear about too often: charcoal toothpaste.

The activated carbon charcoal is an ingredient that helps freshen your breath and offer a uniquely deep clean.

This toothpaste also uses a triple action formula to keep your teeth as clean and healthy as possible.

The first step in the formula is to remove and kill the bacteria in your mouth.

The final two steps work to remove and mask your bad breath, so you can feel fresh and clean all day long.

This toothpaste is also good for those with sensitive teeth since it's all natural. It's also cruelty-free so you don’t have to worry about any animals being harmed during the making of this product.

Other tips for preventing bad breath

Brush Regularly

Aim to brush teeth at least twice a day. If you’re really struggling to control things, I’d suggest brushing after each time you eat. It might sound excessive, but this will help prevent any build-up of leftover food and bacteria, both of which cause bad breath.

Floss or use a mouthwash every day (or after each meal, if you can) to lessen the likelihood of bacteria build-up.

Clean Your Tongue

Yep, really. The tongue harvests a high amount of bacteria and is often skipped in our dental hygiene routines. We focus so mouth on flossing and swilling and whitening that we forget about our tongue!

Many toothbrushes come with a textured surface on the back to clean and scrape the tongue. You can buy tongue cleaners on their own, too – great if you’re experiencing bad breath.

Stay Hydrated

Having a dry mouth is uncomfortable but can also lead to bad breath, as we know now. If your salivary glands aren’t working properly, they can’t break down food and bacteria in your mouth.

This leads to bad breath, as well as unhealthy teeth and gums. Drink plenty of water, or combine fresh mint leaves with hot water if you fancy a change. Fresh breath and hydration!

Watch What You Put in Your Mouth

Halitosis is usually the result of lifestyle choices. Unhealthy diets, smoking and excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption can all lead to bad breath.

The foods you eat can make a massive difference to your oral hygiene. Spicy food, garlic, onion and caffeine can all lead to bad breath.

Sticky food is, unsurprisingly, more likely to get stuck between your teeth. The longer leftover food has contact with your teeth, the more impact if will have on your breath.

Sugary and acidic foods are damaging to tooth enamel anyway, so it’s best to steer clear of them for a number of reasons.

On that note, think about lowering your alcohol intake. Alcohol dries the mouth out, which leads to bad breath. If you fancy a few drinks, do your best to stay hydrated – the hangover the next day will be much easier to handle, too!

Stop smoking, or at least swap to an e-cigarette. The water vapor is much less damaging than all the tar found in regular cigarettes.

Check Ups

Regular visits to your orthodontist can make a huge difference to the condition of your teeth, and breath. This lets you know if the smell is due to lifestyle choices or if you have an oral health issue.

Either way, you’ll be able to stop bad habits early on, as well as forming new habits as your teeth change. Don’t feel embarrassed about booking regular appointments with your orthodontist – it’s what they’re there for!

Chew Gum

While this is a great short-term option to help freshen breath, it can actually be useful in the long run, too. Chewing gum increases the production of saliva in our mouths.

This helps to keep our teeth and gums clean and free of food and bacteria build ups. Make sure it sugar-free, of course – there’s no point having fresh breath if your teeth are full of cavities.


Bad breath plagues a lot of people yet having it can be more than a little embarrassing and damage your self-confidence. Fortunately, it isn’t an unsolvable problem!

With a little help from the best toothpaste for bad breath, your bad breath will be a thing of the past.

Any of the toothpastes that we mentioned above are a great option and will have your breath fresh in no time!