True Support: The 10 Best Shoes For High Arches

best shoes for high arches review

When your feet aren’t like everyone else’s, it can be frustrating trying to find shoes that are comfortable yet still stylish.

If you have high arches, you're in the same boat as 20% of the population. That means there are plenty of shoes designed just for you! 

Feet with high arches need more support than regular feet or you could run into more pain and problems in the future.

To find the best shoes for high arches, be sure to read through my complete guide and save yourself some valuable time and unnecessary discomfort.

Top 10 Best ​Shoes For High Arches







KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandal


28 options


Rockport Women's World Tour Classic Walking Shoes

Walking shoes

Chocolate, brown, black, sand


New Balance Men's M890v4 Neutral Light Running Shoe

Running shoes

6 options


Neat Feat Men's Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-On Sandals Flip Flop


Black/tan, red/white


Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Arch Support Diabetic Men's Orthopedic Slippers




Brooks Women's Glycerin 14

Running shoes

8 options


Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals


Navy blue, black


Dunham Men's Blair Slip-On


Black, brown


Telic Unisex VOTED BEST COMFORT SHOE Arch Support Recovery Flipflop Sandal


12 options


Nike Women's Air Zoom Vomero 10 Running Shoe

Running shoes

29 options


What Is a High-Arched Foot?

Otherwise referred to as cavus foot, a person with high-arched feet has a foot with an extended arch.

This places extra weight on the ball and heel of the foot during standing and walking.

It can create pain and instability for the person and can develop at any age. You may also experience it in one foot or both.

Some people have cavus foot caused by a neurologic disorder like cerebral palsy. It could also be the result of an inherited structural abnormality.

High-arched feet can be so painful that many will refrain from their favorite activities so they won’t have to experience the discomfort.

Some symptoms may also be present in someone with a high-arched foot:

  • Hammertoes or claw toes
  • Calluses found on the ball, side or heel of the foot
  • Instability which can lead to ankle sprains
  • Pain during standing and walking

Buyer’s Guide

best sneakers for flat feet

When you’re ready to pick out a new pair of shoes, there are several things you’ll want to watch for.

First, pick a shoe with extra cushioning. A higher arch will require more cushion for the foot to be comfortable, so don’t skimp in this area.

You’ll also want to make sure that your heel is locked into your shoe, but it shouldn't be so tight that you can’t wiggle your toes.

It’s always wise to leave half a centimeter empty over the big toe. This is important especially after exercise because the foot will swell.

When you wear a shoe with laces, you’ll want to tie them tight enough that your foot can’t move around, but not so tight that the circulation gets cut off.

A high-top style might give more support through the ankle to provide additional stability as well.

If you combine this with a wider sole, you should be able to prevent a lot of pain.

Finally, you must have a shoe that breathes. It’s essential not to let your foot overheat, especially during exercise.

You’ll want to look for a shoe made of mesh or other breathable fabrics.

Keep in mind that most shoes which will provide the support that you need are going to be more expensive than regular shoes.

Considering they’re providing additional cushioning and could eliminate the pain, they’re worth every penny if you ask me.

Best Shoes for High Arches

This whole process can surely be overwhelming and many people don’t know where to start. Shopping around for the right shoe to work with your foot can be downright exhausting.

Thankfully, I’ve done all the research and found exactly what you need. Save yourself the time and check out my list of the 10 best shoes for high arches.

KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Women's Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN sandals are a leader in providing comfort in every shoe they make and this option is perfect for those summer months.

These sandals are made in the USA and include a compression-molded EVA midsole for optimum comfort.

It also provides Cleansport NXT and a breathable mesh lining for natural odor control.

The sole will conform to your foot’s personalized shape to provide the comfort you won’t find in another sandal.

Finally, enjoy the razor sipped outsole and 3mm lugs for amazing traction wherever you go and a water-resistant leather upper so you can enjoy outdoors no matter what the weather.

KEEN sandals are just for wearing in the summer either. Many people enjoy wearing theirs with socks, believe it or not.

Considering these sandals are built for everything athletic, they would also make for a great option when you go hiking or exploring a nearby trail.

Rockport Women's World Tour Classic Walking Shoe

Rockport Women's World Tour Classic Walking Shoes

Enjoy walking again with this lightweight leather, padded tongue, and collar that’s designed to provide the ultimate in comfort.

The San Crispino heel keeps you from becoming unstable while you’re walking.

It also has an EVA footbed and walking platform construction to give the higher arch support you need.

Any active woman will appreciate the durable traction sole that makes it easy to walk on any surface.

The Stobel design also means exception flexibility for your forefoot. You’ll never have to worry about blisters again.

What I really love about this shoe is that it can be used for walking, but it also looks great with a pair of jeans to wear casually.

Even though it gives the appearance that it wouldn’t be a comfortable shoe, the inside tells a completely different story.

New Balance Men's M890v4 Running Shoe

New Balance Men's M890v4 Neutral Light Running Shoe

New Balance shoes are a leader in comfort and this is a great choice if you want to maintain an active lifestyle despite your high arches.

This lightweight running shoe features a one-piece FantomFit upper that has an REVlite foam midsole and ABZORB shock-absorbing cushioning. It’s the ultimate in comfort.

The 8mm heel-to-toe drop allows for plenty of room to fit any foot comfortably. You can achieve all your goals, painlessly, despite the shape your feet are in.

With this pair of sneakers, nothing can hold you back. You can enjoy running and other exercise once again.

Neat Feat Men's Zori Sport Flip Flop

Neat Feat Men's Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-On Sandals Flip Flop

If you’re a man that doesn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort, this flip flop is what you’ve been looking for.

Zori is derived from traditional Japanese footwear.

This sports version is the most comfortable and versatile footwear available. You can get this shoe wet with no issues and they also dry easily.

The heel measures approximately 1” and the platform measures 0.5”. You’ll be protected from pronation with this when the ankle turns and you’ll also have the high arch support you need to preserve foot structure.

This shoe is also designed to maintain good posture and prevent unnatural curvature of the spine. Enjoy this shoe all summer long.

You might just want to live in them!

Orthofeet Asheville Orthopedic Slippers

Orthofeet Asheville Comfort Arch Support Diabetic Men's Orthopedic Slippers

Slippers are shoes too!

If you want to be comfortable walking around your home, this is the pair for you.

The contoured orthotic insole offers anatomical arch support and a deep heel-seat to mold into the contours of your foot.

This provides the ultimate in comfort and gives you a reprieve from pain and discomfort.

The lightweight sole with air cushioning will soften your step and add a little spring as well. You’ll achieve the optimal stability while enhancing natural foot motions.

Thankfully, this pair also comes with a wide toe box to eliminate any pressure on bunions or hammer toes.

This pair of slippers is also ideal for other conditions. Whether you suffer from diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, neuropathy, heel pain, plantar fasciitis or back pain, these shoes will restore your faith in comfort.

No matter what the cause of your foot pain, these slippers will bring so much comforting relief, you probably won’t want to leave home anymore.

Brooks Women's Glycerin 14

Brooks Women's Glycerin 14

This sneaker provides excellent support for a high arch and is ideal for running or walking.

They consist of a comfortable upper that uses 3D Fit Print overlays to reduce the weight, mainly from the heel.

They even offer narrow sizes down to a 2A so you can fit your exact width. 

Footminders BALTRA Unisex Sandals

Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals

This rubber pair of sandals is anatomically molded to support foot arches and provide maximum comfort.

Don’t walk on flat sandals anymore, use these around the house, at the park or even for a trip to the beach.

The deep heel cups cradle your feet and help to keep you balanced.

They’re even recommended by podiatrists and chiropractors to relieve foot pain. 

Dunham Men's Blair Slip-On

Dunham Men's Blair Slip-On

When you need a dress shoe, choose this option made from New Balance.

This shoe features a stability shank which is embedded into the midsole.

It features exceptional cushioning and high arch support.

Perfect for the office or when you need to dress up. There’s no reason to be uncomfortable with this pair of shoes. 

Telic Unisex Arch Support Flip Flop

Telic Unisex VOTED BEST COMFORT SHOE Arch Support Recovery Flipflop Sandal

Many celebrities, orthopedic surgeons, and golfers worldwide have been raving about these amazing sandals.

This lightweight and ergonomic flip flop contours to your foot while providing the support you need.

The slightly negative heel takes the weight off the ball of the foot to make it feel like you're walking on a cloud. 

Nike Women's Air Zoom Running Shoe

Nike Women's Air Zoom Vomero 10 Running Shoe

Nike has always been a leader in the athletic shoe department, and this version shows why.

With superior cushioning, you’ll get maximum high-arch support with this running shoe.

They would also be great for walking and are lightweight. 

Tips for Dealing with High Arches

If you’ve already pushed your feet too far and are experiencing a large amount of pain, try one of these remedies to temporarily bring comfort:

  • Rest – get off your feet and take a break
  • Ice – apply for no longer than 20 minutes at a time
  • Compression – helps prevent and reduce swelling
  • Elevation – also a great way to reduce swelling

This is called the RICE method and can be used to treat most any type of foot pain. It’s always a good place to start as it’s the least invasive route to take.

Aside from carefully choosing a comfortable pair of shoes, there are several other options available if you want to alleviate the symptoms of having high arches.

 You can have a custom set of orthotics designed to fit inside your regular shoe. This will give most any pair of shoes that you love, the support that you need.

This is an easy procedure that just requires you allowing someone to take a mold of your foot.

It can get a little pricey if you go this route as insurances don’t always cover the use of orthotics.

You might also be interested in trying out an over the counter support first.

While this might be a cheaper option, there’s no guarantee it will work for you. It won’t be customized to your foot, so it could create more of a problem for you.

You could also have a foot or ankle brace created. This can hold your ankle in place to make each step you take more stable.

If you also suffer from foot drop, where you don’t lift your toes properly, this will work to alleviate issues with that as well.

If None Of That Works...

That hasn't helped? It's time to speak to a doctor about surgery. They can offer various procedures such as tendon repair, stabilizing ankle joints and more. 

Only a qualified doctor will know what treatment is best for your condition, so don’t be afraid to call them.


I hope this article has brought you some hope and that you’ve come to realize that you don’t have to live with any more pain for even another minute.

Choose the best shoes for high arches, and then try some of the other remedies that have been highlighted.

In no time, you'll find that investing in the right pair of shoes and taking the time to care for your feet will make walking a pleasure once again.

To see a doctor talk more in-depth about high-arched feet problems, make sure you watch this YouTube video.