A Guide To The Best Natural Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

best natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you already know how hard it can be to enjoy those cold or hot foods and beverages that most of us love so much.

Ice cream, your morning coffee, and even breathing in cold air can have you cringing.

The best natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth will have you smiling again. You'll even be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods that you might have avoided until now.

Using a toothpaste with natural ingredients means that you can avoid chemicals and abrasives. These are truly counterproductive against your sensitive gums and enamel.

In fact, if you use a regular product that uses these chemicals and abrasives, you may have been unknowingly making your teeth even more sensitive while trying to maintain good dental hygiene.

Keep reading for our pick of the best organic toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

The Method

Brushing at least twice a day (and your dentist has probably recommended three times or even after each meal; which for some of us could lead to five or six times!) is supposed to keep your teeth whiter, looking and feeling much healthier and brighter.

If you’re one of many that suffer from sensitive teeth, each time you brush can be a painful process. It sure isn’t something that you look forward to.

Using lukewarm water as opposed to cold water might make a difference, as will using a toothbrush with soft bristles. The real noticeable difference, however, might come from your toothpaste.

If you’re averse to adding any harmful ingredients into your hygiene practices, you’re in luck.

The best natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth has all that you’re looking for. It’s got organic ingredients and avoids GMO, fluoride, hydrogen peroxide and surfactant.

ToothBrite Natural Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

ToothBrite; Natural Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder -Mint Flavour- Made with Organic Coconut Activated Charcoal and Bentonite Clay Formula for Stronger Healthy White Teeth by Dental Duty

Dental Duty’s ToothBrite Natural Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder has all that you’re looking for in the best natural toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

There's no bleach or chemicals, and it won’t strip the enamel from your teeth.

The charcoal is 100% natural and is wonderful for whitening teeth.

The formula is fully vegan and there are no added artificial colours or flavours.

You’ll remove stains normally brought about by coffee or wine.

You'll also detox your mouth, fight plaque, bacteria, cavities and gingivitis, and prevent tooth decay!

Customers like the natural flavour and how well it protects sensitive teeth from causing the user any pain or grief.

The organic activated coconut charcoal will help your teeth and gums stay healthy.

Dental Duty is so convinced that you’ll love their product that they offer a 100% money back guarantee for those that are unhappy with the product.

No questions asked!

Pros & Cons

The pros of Toothbrite are numerous. We live in a society that accepts a lot of unhealthy ingredients in our food, beverages, grooming products, and household cleaners.

It’s nice when a company goes back to the basics and offers a product that's vegan, organic and avoids chemicals found elsewhere.

Natural ingredients are often the best choice as they avoid so many issues brought about by using synthetic ones. Natural products often work even better!

A con of this product is that, since it’s in powder form, it will seem strange to many who are used to using a paste or gel for their dental hygiene. It will take some getting used to.

Another con is that the powder can be messy if the customer isn’t careful. If kids are using it they’ll be sure to make a mess.

Luckily, the powder is easily wiped off of any surface or vacuumed up from the carpet.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a great product that will help to protect your sensitive teeth and gums, you simply can’t go wrong with ToothBrite.

Customers love that it’s an organic product that uses natural ingredients to do the same job of products that use harsher, more abrasive ingredients that can sometimes have negative side effects.

Dental Duty offers a money back guarantee. However, we don’t think you’ll be returning this great and natural product once you’ve experienced the benefits.