The Best Mattress For Sex: Comprehensive Review Guide

best mattress for sex

When the time comes to set the mood and get intimate with your significant other, there are few things that can be more annoying than having to fight an overly-hard, or super-soft mattress, especially when trying to get into the right rhythm.

Having the right type of mattress can really do wonders for your “after-dark” recreations in the bedroom. It provides the necessary, and much needed, targeted support for you and your partner, while at the same time enveloping your body with the comfort you need for a great night’s sleep.

We're going to delve into this guide to the best mattress for sex so that igniting that flame is all the more comfortable and enjoyable.

What Makes a Mattress Good for Sex?

There are a few things that pop into mind when thinking about the right kind of mattress for a better sexual experience. There are some criteria that are rather essential to the smoothing out of the whole process.

Many people agree that a bouncier mattress is better for sex. Helping you find your rhythm while at the same making sex more enjoyable.

A mattress should preferably not be noisy, depending on your living situation. Having kids or housemates, and a noisy mattress, isn't the ideal situation for achieving your maximum sexual pleasure.

Owning a mattress that allows for ease of movement is a big plus when trying different positions, or simply shifting into a new one. You want to able to do this with as little resistance as possible, changing positions quickly, making for a smoother experience.

A mattress that doesn't have a solid edge support can leave you wanting in the bedroom. These “out-of-bounds” areas of the mattress can be rather limiting, and will most definitely get in the way of you experiencing certain positions.

Saatva Mattress by Saatva Luxury Mattress

Saatva Mattress best mattress for sex

From the information gathered, we can deduce that the Saatva Mattress by Saatva Luxury Mattresses is the best mattress for sex.

This American-made premium mattress has received an over 95% customer satisfaction rate from those who have tried and loved it. Its distinctive coil-on-coil construction comes complete with the top 5 premium mattress features.

The Saatva Mattress features a steel coil base support layer and an individually wrapped coil upper layer.

It has enhanced lumbar support, dual perimeter edge support, and a euro pillow top with bio-base foam wrapped in an organic cotton covering.

Saatva’s eco-friendly materials and construction means that it comes free of any chemical sprays, formaldehydes, or any PBDE flame retardants. Saatva uses organic cotton, recycled steel, a bio-based foam, and a natural thistle flame retardant.

During 2015 Saatva was named by Forbes Magazine as one of its top 100 Most Promising Companies. They back it up with a 75-day trial period for your new mattress, in the comfort of your own home.

This American-made, eco-luxury innerspring mattress is surprisingly affordable. It's available in 3 comfort levels (plush, luxury firm, or firm), as well as in your preference of height (11.5” or 14.5”).

Pros and Cons

Let's get the negative out of the way so we can move onto the reasons to love this mattress.

The long and short of it is that most negative remarks regarding this mattress revolve around how soft it is. One must however keep in mind that this is an innerspring mattress and is thus designed to have some spring, cushioning and softness to it.

The reason why this has been viewed as the best mattress for sex is due to its design elements and the material composition of the mattress. Being an innerspring mattress, the Saatva allows for good bounce, helping you find and maintain a comfortable rhythm during intercourse.

The dual perimeter edge support allows you expand your sexual horizons by taking full advantage of the surface area on offer. It provides you with sturdy support for some of those more awkward and challenging positions.

Even though the Saatva is an innerspring mattress, changing positions won’t cause you too much hassle. The Saatva mattress is firm enough to provide ample support, without holding you back.


Sex is one of the most sensual and integral parts of any human relationship. It's the one thing that can allow us to be animalistic selves. That shouldn't be complicated by the wrong choice of equipment.

A better mattress could mean the difference between great sex and no sex. The choice is yours.