Summer Feet: Best Arch Support Flip Flops

best arch support flip flops

Whether you only get warm weather in the summer or are lucky enough to live somewhere where it's warm all year round, keeping cool when it's hot outside can be tricky. Part of this is finding the perfect shoes to keep your feet cool!

Whether you've got high arches, as 20% of the population do, medium arches or low arches, your feet can always benefit from supportive shoes. 

However, finding the balance between support and style is hard – especially when it comes to flip flops.

It isn’t impossible. While it may seem a little confusing now, we’re going to break it down for you. We’re here to help you find the best arch support flip flops without sacrificing how you look.

More than just throwing you a product, though, we’re going to share with you how we found them, so you’ll always know how to find the best arch support flip flops, even if our choice of isn’t exactly what you’re looking for.


When you’re looking to find the​ best arch support flip flops​ for the summer, it’s easy to understand that a $2 pair of flip flops from your local convenience store just won’t cut it.

However, it can be harder to discern what exactly does make the cut.

Our first piece of advice would be to look for a flip flop that has a thick sole. A thin sole won’t form to your foot.

It won't offer the comfort and arch support that your feet need to be comfortable and supported properly to prevent injury.

Another consideration is what the flip flop you're looking for is made of. When you grab a cheap flip flop, you may notice that it’s a hard plastic or even a cheap foam that can easily rip in your hands.

A flip flop with a memory foam sole - such as the flip flops we’ll look at in a moment – for example, will form to your foot but still keep their shape enough to not crumple after a handful of uses.

To sum up, just make sure that the flip-flop that you’re looking at was made for wear. Don't be tempted by the cheapest and easiest to make option.

New Balance Women's Cush Thong Sandal

New Balance Women's Cush Thong Sandal

We found the ​best arch support flip flops​ to be a pair of New Balance flip flops for women.

They're available in US sizes 6 to 10. They come in four color combinations: black and white, black and gray, black and green, and black and pink.

The sole of these flip flops is memory foam. You won’t only have a supported foot but you’ll be comfortable with each step you take.

In addition to the memory foam, the shape of these flip flops allows them to form not only to the arch of your foot, but to your foot as a whole to ensure total support and comfort.

These shoes are made for women, however, don’t be discouraged if you’re looking for men’s flip flops.

You can find plenty of great New Balance flip flops for men. It just takes a quick search.

Pros & Cons

There are plenty of great things about these flip flips. First of all, they offer the support that you're looking for to protect the arch of your foot.

More than just support, though, they offer comfort thanks to their shape and the use of memory foam to pad them.

They also come in a variety of styles and sizes. They're made to please any potential customers no matter what they're looking for.

However, there are, of course, some downfalls to these flip flops as well. As we mentioned earlier, they're women’s shoes. Sorry guys, you'll have to look elsewhere! 

As far as size goes, these only go up to a size 10. That won't be big enough for a lot of women.

It can be frustrating to think that you've found the perfect set of flip flops only to discover that they don’t come in your size. Trust me, I've been there! 


That being said, these flip flops are an excellent choice for many. If you're more unfortunate, though, and these don’t work for you, then don’t worry!

You now know what to look for in the best arch support flip flops, so you can easily go off and find a pair that's perfect for you.