Tanning Tips: Everything You Need To Know About Self Tanning

tanning tips

Having sun-kissed skin is something many people aim to have, but it isn’t always easily achieved. 

Using the power of the sun can be dangerous and also age the skin more quickly.

 For this reason, tanning beds are also not a great idea. Instead, millions are turning to spray tans to get that healthy glow without the risk of damaging our skin or creating health problems.

Spray tans seem to have a bit of an art to them as they can go horribly wrong and end up making you look too dark or even stripy.

So what exactly does a spray tan entail?

How much does a spray tan cost?

What should we be doing to prolong the life of our new tan?

We’ve compiled a list of tanning tips to make sure you get the most out of your tan and look as natural as possible while getting the most out of your money.

Preparing For A Spray Tan

spray tan cost

Our indoor tanning tips start before you even get to the salon.

You'll get the best from your tan if you prepare the skin before the spray tan. This includes exfoliating.

This gets rid of the dead skin cells and ensures a nice even coating which helps protect against streaks.

Don’t use any moisturizers, sprays, or deodorants either as this can have an effect on the spray sticking.

However, you may want a bit of moisturizer or Vaseline on the palms of your hands, soles of your feet, ankles, and lips – all places where a build-up of self tan would not look good!

Keep yourself makeup-free for best results too.

What To Expect

You'll need to find a tanning salon that offers the right spray tanning for you. Not all tanning salons offer a spray tan, but you’ll want to find a mystic tan booth.

Alternatively, some salons offer a spray tan done by hand. This isn’t something everyone is comfortable with so that’s why we’re providing mystic tan tips.

When you get a spray tan, the mist is full of an ingredient called DHT that works with your skin in effort to bronze. It’s completely harmless to you and your skin, but note it doesn't protect against the sun.

A spray tan booth uses several nozzles from different directions to coat your body lightly in the tanning solution.

There's a small range of spray tan colors to choose from. All tanning tips suggest going with only one step up from your natural skin color.

It’s always best to go for a lighter hue before going dark to see if it works for you.

The color will gradually build so you'll see a difference from when you first get sprayed to a few hours later, so don’t panic if you don’t see a difference at first.

What To Do After a Spray Tan

Give yourself a minute or two to dry before putting your clothes back on. Wearing big, loose clothing will be best so nothing is tight against the skin.

When it comes to showering after tanning, it's recommended to wait at least 6-8 hours.

In fact, some people just chill out at home after a spray tan, allowing it to dry and build.

It’s always best to do a spray tan a day or two before an event if that's why you were wanting one.

Don’t be surprised to see a bit of orange on your towels after a shower after a spray tan and on your bed sheets.

Your tan isn’t coming off yet. It’s just the excess.

What Should I Expect In Terms of Spray Tan Prices?

A spray tan can cost anywhere from $25-50. This may be a big drawback for some people, along with the added inconvenience of getting to a tanning salon.

However, knowing that you have an even tan with top, professional quality ingredients usually makes the price worth it.

Our tanning tips guide, if followed properly, will make sure you have a golden glow without the streaks or blotches.

To sum up, our spray tanning tips suggest to not wear makeup or moisturizers before the spray tan, wear loose clothing, choose a lighter color if it’s your first time, and wait before showering.

Then just wait for people to ask you where you’ve been on vacation since your skin will be looking like you've been lounging on a tropical beach somewhere.