Are You Sleeping Enough?: A Few Simple Tips On How To Get More Rest

Are You Sleeping Enough - featured image

Are You Sleeping Enough - featured image

During a busy workday, you have to make a multitude of decisions, sometimes simultaneously. In addition, you have to have focus and concentration, and this leaves no room for listlessness or lethargy. 


If you aren’t getting enough sleep at night, this can have a serious effect on your ability to function during the day, and this will correspondingly affect your workday.

While many of us have had days where we’re just tired for no particular reason, some of us have a chronic inability to sleep well during the night. 

This not only carries over into your work life, but it affects your personal life as well. And, if you don’t get enough sleep over a long duration of time, this can manifest both physiologically and mentally.

There’s nothing like a deep sleep, so if you’re looking to get more rest at night, in the following post we’ll discuss a few ways to remedy your nightly tossing and turning. 

Adjust Your Schedule 

Most of us have an inner clock that we’re consciously unaware of. However, our bodies are very much aware of our inner clocks, which correspond to a circadian rhythm. 

We all have natural cycles that we operate during the day, and when this cycle gets thrown off, it can take months (or longer in some cases) to get back on track. 

For example, those who’ve worked nighttime hours, specifically a graveyard shift, can have the most difficulty getting rest. This is because we humans are daytime creatures, and we sleep according to the natural cycles of light and darkness.

Once you come off of working a graveyard shift, it’s been reported that it can take a few months to get your body back into a natural rhythm.

If you find yourself not sleeping well at night, try adjusting your schedule a bit. If you’re staying up too late, try getting to bed earlier. And, if you’re waking up early, try to give yourself a little more time in the morning to get rest. 

Often, a simple tweak of your daily schedule can work wonders. 

Sleep Devices 

For those who can’t seem to fall asleep (or stay asleep), a sleeping device might be in order. These devices range from the very simple, to the eccentric. And a few of these should come with a note of caution. 

Some of the more popular sleep devices are classic sound machines. While some claim that these lull them to sleep with ease, others find them not so useful. A typical sound machine mimics several different sounds such as waterfalls, natural nighttime noises, a gentle breeze, crashing waves, and the list goes on. 

Other sleep devices are for much more severe sleep disorders such as sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition where you abruptly stop breathing during sleep, which can be frightening, to say the least, and can prove fatal in more extreme cases. 

Sufferers of sleep apnea have used CPAP machines in the past which regulate airflow. 

These machines also have been known to cause problems, and some CPAP devices have been linked to the development of cancer.

Get Some Fresh Air

Being outdoors has a natural way of making you not only feel good, but you’ll also feel naturally tired at the end of the day once the sun fades down over the horizon. Fresh air and the sounds of nature have a naturally calming effect on the body, and this also invigorates the senses.

You might not think a little goes a long way, but spending just a few hours outdoors each day can work wonders for your overall health. 

In fact, studies have shown that those who work or spend an above-average amount of time outdoors have much less trouble falling asleep at night than those who work or stay inside for most of the day.

Sleep is a crucial component to our mental and physical well-being. Without adequate sleep, we can become moody, grumpy, tired, and lose focus along with the ability to complete basic tasks. If you want to get more zest out of life, ensure that your sleeping habits are within the recommended hourly range per night. 

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