Good Support: The Best Arch Support Socks

best arch support socks

Anyone who does lots of exercise or is even just on their feet all day, you may experience foot pain at some point.

A lot of this pain can stem from the foot’s natural arch, with muscles pulling and causing discomfort.

Having support for their arches can benefit people who deal with aching feet.

The right shoes can make a big difference, but did you know that socks are important too?

Having all the right gear can prevent injury and pain. However, we don’t often think about socks since we don’t always see them.

If you're serious about reducing foot pain, then check out our choice of best arch support socks.


There are lots of socks out there designed for sports use, but they don’t always provide that key arch support your feet need.

Of course, these socks must have the right protection for that area of your foot, lifting the plantar arch to its natural position.

The arch is designed to take impact, but if you run a lot or spend a lot of time on your feet this can stretch or drop, a condition known as fallen arches.

That's why support is so important, and the right socks can really help with this.

Also, having sweaty feet doesn’t make for a comfortable day so you’ll need socks that absorb moisture.

There are lots of reasons why these socks are beneficial for our balance and pain management, which is why you should always use them to prevent discomfort.

Buttons & Pleats Support Socks

Buttons and Pleats Support Socks

Buttons & Pleats plantar fasciitis socks are some of the best arch support socks you can get.

Even the most active people turn to them for that much needed support when running or working out.

In fact, these socks don’t just give much-needed arch support.

They provide compression in areas that could use extra blood flow and give support in the right areas, like the ankle, to reduce the risk of injury.

It will reduce fatigue and help in recovery after a workout as well.

Although it hugs your foot, it still has flexibility so you can move your feet around as normal without feeling restricted.

The socks are toe-less, lightweight, and are designed to absorb moisture and to keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable.

You can wear these on their own or under regular socks to give you that added arch support.

Not only that, but the material has anti-bacterial properties, important for foot health, keeping odors away and your feet feeling fresh.

The arch support socks aren't just for athletes. This is perfect for everyday wear and traveling too. The socks come in sizes small to x-large and are unisex. 

Buttons & Pleats have a handy size guide available to help you find the one that’s right for you.

The reviews for Buttons & Pleats arch support socks have been amazing.

They've helped people with flat feet alleviate chronic pain and those who are on their feet at work all day not have achiness anymore.

The difference is felt very soon after people start using the socks.

Pros & Cons

These socks are very sturdy and should last a long time without losing its elasticity. They can even be washed in the washing machine.

These socks are toe-less, which may not be to everyone’s liking. The toes are sensitive and don’t always need the same compression as other parts of the foot.

Reviewers love these socks! It's been suggested to go by size of the arch of your foot rather than your shoe size to determine which is best for you.

This will make sure you have adequate support and can make all the difference.

Buttons & Pleats are so sure that you’ll love their arch support socks that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.


Shoes can help a lot, but don’t ignore the need for supportive socks.

Buttons and Pleats provide amazing arch support and compression with their socks.

You’ll feel the difference right away and be assured that your feet are being cared for even during the most rigorous workouts with the best arch support socks out there.

Try them today and make your feet happy again.