A Complete Guide To The Best Bunion Splints

best bunion splints

Developing a bunion can be horrible for the feet, not to mention painful.

Bunions develop at the base of the big toe when a bone deformity causes the metatarsal to stick out, pushing the big toe inwards towards the other toes.

Around a quarter of adults will experience bunions at some point in their life.

This can be down to ill-fitting shoes, which explains why even Hollywood A-listers and supermodels suffer with them because of prolonged high heel wearing.

Sometimes it can come down to genetics. Whatever the reason, you’ll need something that helps correct it while giving you relief, which is why we've put together a guide to the best bunion splints.

What is a Bunion?

In simple terms, a bunion is a lump at the base of the big toe. They form at the joint where your big toe bends when you walk.

Over time, the bunion causes the big toe to point towards the rest of the toes. Bunions don’t always require treatment, but occasionally this bony deformity can be uncomfortable and painful.

Bunions have a number of causes that can include wearing inappropriate footwear – such as high heels – and genetics. They can require surgery to correct the misalignment, but can also be treated by wearing a bunion splint.

What is a Bunion Splint?

A bunion splint is designed to help realign the big toe instead of turning to surgery to correct the problem.

Whilst they may not be able to reverse bunions, a bunion splint will prevent the bump from getting worse and are therefore very effective if worn before the lump becomes too prominent or problematic.

The device is usually worn at night and either physically pushes or pulls the toe into line. There are a variety of bunion splints on the market so it’s important to find the style that suits your personal needs.

Bunion splints don’t work overnight, but regular use will result in a straighter and more comfortable foot.

Different Types of Bunion Splints

Bunion splints are available in many different styles. Some are comfortable enough to be worn during the day, whilst others are a little more restrictive and therefore more suited to overnight use.

When buying a bunion splint consider the following styles and designs:

Toe splints

These hold the toe in the correct position and often cushion the bunion. They can be worn under shoes during the day.

Toe spacers/stretchers

This design sits between your big toe and your second toe to spread them apart and keep your big toe in a more normal position. Wearing a sock or shoe will help hold the splint in place.

Bunion corrector splints

These cover more of the foot, wrapping tightly around it to support the arches. They’re made from flexible materials to allow you to wear the splint during the day to hold the foot and big toe in a good position.

Bunion night guard

As the name suggests, this type of splint is designed to be worn overnight. They work in a similar way as corrector splints, but are made from more rigid materials making them difficult to walk in. However, they’re perfect for extended use overnight.

Bunion pads/guards

These don’t do a very good job of correcting your bunion, but will make walking a little more comfortable as they offer some protection between your bunion and shoe.

Bunion splint set

If you’re unsure which style suits your needs, a splint set will provide you with a variety of options to help you discover the best solution. They’re a great way to experiment with different types of bunion splints without having to make multiple purchases.

Do Bunion Splints Work?

Unfortunately, bunion splints don’t offer a quick fix solution nor will they reverse any serious bunion issues. However, they’ll certainly halt the progression of a bunion forming and provide a cheaper alternative to surgery.

They’re a long-term solution that requires some commitment in order for them to show their effectiveness.

Bunion splints alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with bunions, as well as relieving inflammation and pressure in the area.

They can also prevent further damage caused by the misalignment of the big toe and any complications that may be associated with the deformity.

If worn regularly, such as every night, a bunion splint will offer some correction. It’s important for the bunion splint to be comfortable to ensure you wear it every night.

Wearing an appropriate bunion splint during the day will also help with pain relief and alignment. Making sure the splint is able to be worn under your shoes will ensure that you wear it on a regular basis, and therefore gain the full benefits.

Overall, if you remember to wear a day splint and a night splint, you’ll be sure to see an improvement in both the appearance of your bunion and the pain associated with it.

Top 5 Bunion Splints

Bunion Corrector Kit By Flyen

Bunion Corrector Kit by Flyen

Flyen has put together a whole seven-piece kit to help correct and soothe your bunions.

Separate, strengthen, and align your toes comfortably with the stretchable fabric designed to fit most feet.

The fabric is supportive yet thin enough to wear comfortably under socks and shoes.

 There's a gel insert in the fabric on the outside of the big toe, preventing friction with a gel toe separator as well.

If you prefer, you can use a standard space between the toes, made with medical grade silicone.

This kit also comes with a big toe strap. You connect it to each of your big toes and do small exercises to build up the muscles responsible for keeping your toes straight.

The best part about this product is that it works and provides you with the tools to make sure your bunions stay away, making this one of the best bunion splints out there.

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Fittest Pro Toe & Bunion Relief

Fittest Pro Toe & Bunion Relief

Here’s a 10-in-1 package that makes sure there’s something for everybody’s lifestyle when it comes to bunion relief.

Fittest Pro have thought of everything when it comes to this kit. From one-to-five loop toe separators to big toe straps, you’ll find something that you’re comfortable using.

There’s even a wide foot cushion, great for those who worry they can’t find a cushion that will completely support their wide feet.

The splint is very thin and supportive with the gel cushioning.

This is the best bunion splint for someone with an active lifestyle because of how thin and flexible it is, yet it still keeps your toe straight, along with the other bunion relief gear.

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Hyloon H03 Bunion Corrector

Hyloon H03 Bunion Corrector

This is one serious pair of bunion splints by Hyloon.

These bunion correctors have been carefully constructed to ensure your bunions disappear on the best way possible permanently.

The toe separator can be used during the active day, but it’s recommended to use the bigger splint when you’re resting.

It’s great for using at night too as it’s quite comfortable, just slightly bigger than others.

The strap works to lift your arch and pull the big toe away from the others. You’ll also receive a big toe strap for exercising those muscles.

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Maysky Gel Bunion Splint

Maysky Gel Bunion Splint

This bunion splint is a bit different from the rest because it’s entirely made from gel, not fabric.

It's been dubbed “a treat for the feet”.

The gel makes it very comfortable to wear, although if you’re active, this may cause your feet to sweat a bit more as it’s not as breathable as fabric.

The cushioning between the toes is soft, yet sturdy enough to correct those bunions.

It’s also easy to care for, only needing a rinse after each use to prolong its life. You get two in a pack!

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Foots Love 12-Piece Fight Bunions Kit

Foots Love 12-Piece Fight Bunions Kit

No matter what you’re doing or the lifestyle you lead, there’s something to correct your bunions in this 12-piece kit by Foots Love and prevent the need for surgery.

These products are made from a soft silicone.

There’s also a sports shield splint that goes over the big toe and second toe along with a guard that goes alongside the big toe, keeping it safe from knocks.

The deluxe bunion splint can be more comfortable for some people than others because it doesn’t wrap around the big toe, but has substantial silicone in the middle for the separator.

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There’s no need to suffer when bunions appear.

Choose one of these best bunion splints for relief so you can get back on your feet without friction or pain while correcting the problem.

Treat your feet with some TLC with the best bunion splint that suits you and your needs.