7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Using Drugs

break free from drugs

Let’s start with the good part,

The moment you stop using drugs, your body is healed!

It is not breathing or functioning through the tars and toxins of the addictive substance. But, you are finally taking in the unfiltered oxygen.

That must feel good!

However, that is not all that happens when you finally free yourself from the clutches of drug addiction.

The positive side of sobriety is actually worth all the withdrawal pain!

So, no matter what you do, do not relapse by any cause.

If you want to know the changes in your body after a full drug recovery, keep reading.

This will surely increase your chances of conviction!

break free from drugs

Why You Should Leave Drug Addiction

Yes, we all know that the answer is going to be pretty obvious. Drugs cause drastic physical, physiological, and psychological changes in the body, and who would want to go through that?

However, you are talking from a sober person’s perspective. Therefore, if you wish to make an addiction patient understand, you have to take a different approach.

Remember all the sleepless nights you are dealing with because your mind is not steady. Are you either anxious, depressed, or extremely delusional about everything?

You can get rid of that if you just give recovery a chance!

No more physical pain when you do not get your ‘dose’ for just an hour, and no more isolating yourself from your own family because you are sure they are going to find out and then judge you.

You can get back that normal life, or maybe something even better if you just give yourself a chance.

No matter how difficult your life seems at this moment, it is not worth taking any amount of drugs. 

You can try the rehab in Orange County by Ocean Recovery and get all the professional nurturing and help needed for the recovery.

Because let’s face it if you think very carefully. How long does that intense euphoria stay, and how is it even helping you?

Thus, stop abusing and choose recovery.

Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Using Drugs

Now talking about helping, more than the minute euphoria, the recovery can help you even better, and here is how.

These will definitely help you convince yourself or someone else if they are battling addiction.

1. Increased Libido

It might seem like the chemicals in the drugs will increase the sex drive, but it is actually the opposite. These chemicals ruin your natural hormones and can decrease the amount of libido in your body.

However, when you finally recover with your system completely drained out, you will feel an increase in sex drive.

This is your body’s way of communicating that it is back to its normal course and doesn’t need chemicals to feel.

Drugs can also impact your performance during sexual activities, and they aren’t very controlled. Thus, needless to say, you enjoy the activity more when you are not under the influence of drugs.

Under drugs, the whole thing will seem like a blur.

increased libido

2. Increased Zeal & Productivity

When someone is under the influence of drugs, mental health issues mixed with physical problems can literally exhaust a person.

When you are finally recovered and do not have to worry about

  • Getting high.
  • Getting the supplies
  • Worrying about all the money spent on these substances.
  • Or how you are going to hide them from your loved ones.

You have a lot of time and energy to think about important matters. This is why you will find an increase in productivity with your work and academic goals.

3. Natural Mood Hormones

Once you stop abusing drugs, your body will automatically understand that it needs to produce oxytocin, endorphin, and dopamine.

This is a clear-cut sign that your body is slowly losing its dependency on these drugs.

They are functioning naturally like they are supposed to. Plus, they are now working better because of all the treatment and therapy.

All you have to do is take this as a rebirth and take extra care of this brand-new body.

4. Sleeping Better

Remember when sleeping better was like a big nuisance. Yes, this is what we are talking about

A goodnight’s sleep with no care in the world!

This is what recovery does to you; it helps your body rest without anxiety or depression. Recovery on its own can be a painful process, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

A light that will give you a brand new life.

When you are under the influence of drugs, the anxiety, constant thinking, and sometimes hallucinations turned into nightmares can cause a lot of disruption in sleep.

Some people even have insomnia.

But, with recovery, say hello to beauty sleep every day!

better sleep

5. Better Mental Health

When you recover, you are not just working on your body but simultaneously on your mental health as well.

With the endless therapies and self-help groups, you will deal with your triggers more often and learn how to cope with them much healthier.

There is holistic recovery, where you are taught other therapeutic techniques like journaling, yoga, meditation, and even art therapy that can help you express your struggles, pain, and fear better.

So, with recovery, you don’t just have a brand new body but also a brand new mind.

6. Better Appetite

Drugs are known for consuming your natural instincts and feelings. This is why you don’t feel hungry anymore.

The worst part is, with all your lowered inhibitions, you stop taking healthy meals.

Now just imagine what it does to your body?

However, once you are recovered, the natural instincts automatically return. There is no harsh substance causing you dehydration, and your appetite is back.

7. Better Immune System

Needless to mention that your immune system is worse when there is a constant, forceful chemical reaction going on in your nervous system.

The weak immune system makes someone prone to serious diseases like cardiovascular diseases, seizures, and asthma.

Thus, giving up these toxic substances is always the best option!

better relationship

A New Beginning!

This is a new beginning for you and your body!

Your heart, mind, and soul are out of danger, and you shouldn’t ruin this second chance to live that you have received.

Take care of this body and treat it as sacred!