Top Tips to Survive Being a Mom and a Nurse

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Nursing is extremely rewarding; it pays a good sum of money every month and provides ample options to gain a specialization. But thinking about a nurse who is a mom, too, you will know how difficult it is to manage the duties of a nurse and the responsibilities of a mom. 

As a nurse…

you want to do everything to provide better care for your patients. Similarly, you want to be the best mom for your kids and provide them with the best life. Striking an equilibrium between your personal and professional life is quite challenging for a nurse. 

But the nurse moms have to work a little harder to achieve the right balance in their lives. For this reason, nurse moms need to take care of their mental and physical health to be ready for their roles in the hospital and the house. Even if it seems impossible at times, you have to take some time out for yourself if you want to survive being a mom and a nurse. 

Career Development Needs Of Nurse Moms

In all this debate about the importance of work-life balance, you must not forget about the career development needs of a nurse mom. Nursing is a progressive career, so there is no end to learning in this field. You might be able to perform your job with an ADN qualification in nursing, but you cannot rely on this basic education to excel in this career. 

So, you have to manage your life to make space for taking initiatives for career development as well. If you can’t take on-campus classes, opt for an online BSN program. Online education is very popular these days. Search ‘How to Go from ADN to BSN Online,’ and there you are! You will see many options appearing on your screen. Choose the education track that suits your situation.

On the whole, online degrees are helpful because you can continue working in the hospitals and take care of your kids too. This way, you have a dedicated income stream to manage your expenses. Simultaneously, you can succeed in your study program too. 

Whether you are trying to manage your career with studies or struggling to give proper time to your family and kids, mentioned tips below can help achieve the balance. 

Ask For An Advice 

Mentoring is not just needed for excelling in your career; you can also take the help of seasoned nurses to manage your personal life. When you are juggling life and work, often it impacts your decision-making skills, or you fail to find the light at the farther end of the tunnel. Nurses who have already gone through this phase know the best ways to have a stable life. 

Instead of making your own mistakes, take the benefit of the experience of other seasoned nurse mamas. Don’t be afraid of getting a reprimand even if you don’t follow their advice or do something wrong; strict teachers are often the best advisors. If you are shy about asking them, read parenting blogs and the life stories of successful people. 

Go For Flexible Work Hours

As a nurse mom, it might be difficult to stick to the nine-to-five job. You may need to send your kids to school, tidy up your house, do laundry, and whatnot. So, it is often impossible to be present for work at nine. 

Instead, you can go for flexible work hours and work in shifts during unsociable hours. You can discuss joining work with your supervisor after sending your kids to school and managing other house chores. Or you can go for a night shift if you don’t have infants who need care at night. With night shifts, you can sleep in the morning when your kids are in school.

Moreover, with this schedule, you will probably finish your shift before it is time for breakfast. So, you can prepare your kids for school and have a nice breakfast. Night shifts are often high paying as they are considered more challenging, but they work quite fine for nurse moms. 

Make A Schedule For Family Time

The notion of work-life balance is to spend some time with your family as it is essential for a sound body and mind. It works like a therapy that reduces stress and fatigue. Family time is extremely important if you want to bond with your kids and know what is happening in their lives. 

You must take some time to sit with them, listen to their stories, what they do in school, and how they spend time with their friends. This kind of open communication fosters trust. Kids also develop a habit of sharing everything with their parents. 

As a nurse, spending time with kids might seem like a struggle but think about it as an investment for the future. When you give attention to your kids even after your busy work schedule, they cultivate a sense of understanding, appreciation, gratitude, and recognition for your struggles. 

Some activities to do with your family include playing board, watching movies, cooking together, decorating home for festivals, going for a walk to a family dinner. Make a rule of eating at least one meal together as a family; you can even make your kitchen a family meet-up venue. 

Schedule Your Personal Care Time

As a nurse mom, you will find many reasons not to take care of yourself. But let’s face reality, if you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot manage your other duties either. You cannot provide the desired level of care with an aching body and a weary mind. So, not just for yourself, self-care is important for the wellbeing of your family, kids, and, of course, patients. 

Some ways of self-care include taking healthy meals, including fruits, juices, milk, and lots of veggies in your diet. Make sure to spend at least 30 minutes doing any physical activity. It could be yoga, meditation, or a full cardio session. Find a hobby that interests you; you can read books or listen to your favorite music. 

Finally, take some time for your friends to know what is happening in their lives. If they are working, ask how they are achieving a work-life balance; sometimes, an outside perspective is what you need. 


Even it seems extremely challenging, balancing nursing with motherhood is possible. But there is no denying that you might need to put more effort than nurses with no kids. Keeping up on laundry, scrubbing the floors, making meals, and keeping your kids neat and clean all the time is a constant struggle in the life of every mom, for which they need huge appreciation. 

But as a nurse mom, you can only excel if you prioritize your responsibilities and ask for help from friends and family. Finally, you have to opt for a work schedule that helps you with your work and family commitments.