Vape That Looks Like a Cigarette

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smoking vape

Nowadays, many people are switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Vape kits offer a cleaner and safer way to consume tobacco or hemp products. They don’t release any harmful chemicals that affect passive smokers.

Recent studies show that vaping can help chain smokers quit the habit for good. Even doctors recommend it as a way of helping people who are addicted to smoking. There are plenty of vape kits on the market, each with a unique design. You will also come across a vape that looks like a cigarette. 

Below are tips to consider when buying your first vape kit. If you’re new to vaping, we recommend going for vape pens instead of mods. The reason why is because vape pens are easier to use and maintain than mods.

Built-In Battery

You will come across vape pens with removable batteries and those with built-in batteries. Vape pens with built-in batteries are more cost-effective. For the other type, you have to consider buying a new set of batteries once they run out of juice.

A realistic-looking e-cigarette with built-in batteries is fitted with a USB charging port. This way, you can recharge it anytime it runs out of juice. You can simply plug in the USB cable and connect it to a power bank or laptop to recharge it. Vape pens or kits with built-in batteries are more convenient to carry around. Check out this ePuffer vape that looks like a cigarette.

Tank vs. Cartridge

The other thing you need to consider is whether to pick a pen with a tank or a cartridge. Tanks are refillable, meaning that once you run out of e-juice, you can refill it. However, for cartridges, you will need to purchase a new replacement.

Both tanks and cartridges have their benefits and disadvantages. Cartridges are not as cost-effective, especially if you’re a heavy vaper. On the other hand, people often struggle with removing and refilling the tank. For newbies, we recommend going for a vape pen fitted with a replaceable cartridge.


Ideally, this will depend on how much you are planning to spend on your first vape that looks like a cigarette. The price of the vape pen will vary depending on its design. In most cases, disposable vape pens are the cheapest.

Make sure you do intense market research before deciding. Consider things such as size and if it comes with necessary peripherals such as a charging cable and extra cartridges. The best thing about disposable vape pens is that they give you a chance to sample different e-juice flavors.

cigarette-looking vape - featured image

Wrapping Up

The reason why we recommend going for simple vape pens when making your first buy is so that you can learn how to vape the right way. A vape that looks like a cigarette gives you a chance to control the amount of nicotine or THC you consume per day.

You also need to sample the available e-juice flavors to find out which one ticks your taste buds. E-juices come in a variety of flavors such as lemon, strawberry, mixed fruit, and mint. This ensures that you will always have a fresh breath and your clothes or car won’t have that nasty tobacco smell.