Stay Cool: The Best Summer Weight Down Comforter

summer weight down comforter

Human nature is a funny thing; we always want the best of both worlds.

Fortunately, sometimes you can have it. If you want a summer weight down comforter you want it to be warm and snug but not so heavy that it traps you in the bed.

You also don’t want it too hot so that it is still practical to use during the summer and it must be soft and luxuriously comfortable.

We have just the product for you.

What To Look For...

Before we get into it, let’s take a look at a few things to look out for when investing in a comforter.

Your bedroom is your refuge, where you go to relax and recuperate before facing the challenges of the next day. Apart from the bed itself, the comforter is one of the most important elements of your bedroom.

A good one will not only look great but will keep you snug and cozy all night. You want it to be fluffy and comfortable without being too heavy.

Look for quality stitching and piping. Corner anchor tabs are useful if you want to use it as a duvet inner as they will keep it in place.

While pure down comforters are very fluffy and snug, they do present a number of disadvantages. They tend to be rather heavy to sleep under and many of them get very hot, making them only suitable for very cold nights.

Another disadvantage is that many people react badly to the down and suffer from allergies or a reaction to the feathers. They can also be frightfully expensive and are rather challenging to clean.

Many people also have ethical qualms about the use of down to fill comforters. ​

It is for these reasons that down alternative comforters have become so popular in recent years.

They provide the perfect compromise in that they are relatively lightweight and not oppressively hot while still providing that feeling of fluffy luxury.

They are very easy to clean and are hypo-allergenic. A down alternative comforter gives you the best of both worlds by keeping you comfortable and warm without being too heavy or hot. It makes the perfect summer weight down comforter.

After researching numerous top brands, looking at consumer reports and loads of customer feedback, one comforter clearly stood out.

Take a look at the details below.

Chezmoi Collection White Goose Down Alternative Comforter, Full/Queen with Corner Tab​

Chezmoi Collection Comforter

The White Goose Down Alternative Comforter by Chezmoi Collection looks and feels like the real thing but with none of the drawbacks and at a fraction of the price.

It really is the perfect balance of luxurious, fluffy comfort in a lightweight comforter that will keep you warm but still be practical in summer.

​Key Features

  • Luxurious goose down-alternative comforter suitable for year round use
  • Allergy free poly fiber and 100% hypo-allergenic
  • Exterior is made of a high-quality, silky smooth microfiber
  • Piped edges for a robust, quality finish
  • Corner tabs to anchor inside a duvet cover to prevent it slipping around
  • Quality box stitching design to prevent shifting
  • Fully machine washable, can also be tumble dried
  • Relatively thin while still retaining a real down feel
  • Lightweight


  • Great combination of softness, stylish looks, weight, warmth and fluffiness.
  • Easy to wash and dry
  • Ideal for year round usage
  • Great value for money
  • Totally hypo-allergenic


  • Slightly on the small size, perhaps go one size up from your bed size
  • Can be a bit lumpy for a while after a wash

​Customer Reviews and Feedback

We looked at literally hundreds of customer reviews on this product and they were unanimously blown away by it.

Many were very pleasantly surprised at the quality of the product for the price they paid. Value for money was a very common thread in a number of reviews.

People were impressed with the softness and comfort a synthetic product provided and most found it to offer the ideal warmth and thickness.

A good number of people compared it to sleeping on a cloud while one of the younger users compared it to a marshmallow.

In Summary

Many people had washed theirs a number of times and were impressed with how easy it was and how it looked and felt after the process.

A vast number of people reported purchasing more comforters within days of receiving their first one which I found to be an extremely positive validation.

The only negative comments were a few that felt that the size (Full/Queen) was slightly smaller than they expected.

Overall, I would say that this is a good quality, well-priced summer weight down comforter that will have you snuggling comfortably for years to come.