Tapestry Throw Blankets: Timeless Style Meets Warmth

tapestry throw blankets

Tapestries have been a popular pick in decorating a home for many centuries. They are a form of art, so not only would you be adding something special to your room, but also the elegance of an art form that first gained widespread popularity in Europe in the medieval age.

Today they have evolved from wall hangings to a more versatile item that can also be used as a throw blanket on your bed or couch.

There are many styles of tapestry throw blankets to choose from, from abstract to storytelling, but there are things you should look for in finding the perfect one for you. 


As tapestry throw blankets are sure to be the main focal point of your room, you will want to make sure it's a top quality blanket and of the right size.

You wouldn't want to get a tapestry that was far too big for the space you want to fill, and the same goes for the opposite. A tapestry that’s too small in a big space can look awkward.

When putting it on a wall, you want to make sure the wall is completely blank, without anything else on it, because most of the time a vibrant tapestry could clash with other decorations.

If putting it on a bed or the back of a couch, make sure there won’t be an excessive overhang, but also that it won’t fully cover it.

Most importantly, make sure the style reflects you!

Product Overview

Mandala Bohemian Tapestry by JaipurHandloom

Mandala Hippie Tapesty

The Mandala Bohemian Tapestry by JaipurHandloom is something special. This throw is true to tapestry style.

It can be hung or used as a gorgeous bedspread. It's a large but lightweight option as a blanket, keeping you warm but without it being too heavy.

This product is slightly thicker than a bed sheet, so it's quite comfortable and cozy in most climates. It's also made with 100% cotton. No itchy polyester or other added fibers that can sometimes be irritating!

The black and white mandala print is extremely eye-catching and has a very clean and detailed pattern which includes abstract Indian-inspired designs and elephants even.

Mandala is a Hindu or Buddhist symbol which means “circle,” itself represents a wholeness, or an infinity of life. Because it's black and white, this tends to go well with most other colors you may have in your room.

You’ll get a lot of tapestry for your money with this one. It’s approximately 7.5 feet by 6.8 feet. This works well with a full or queen-sized bed or large blank wall. This is really popular with students looking to spruce up their dorm rooms!

Pros And Cons

This tapestry is large and you will need to make sure you have adequate space for it.

As suggested before, it would work nicely on a full or queen-sized bed or large wall. Some might argue that it's TOO large, so be sure to measure out the space you are looking to fill before ordering so you’re not left disappointed.

The black may make a room look a bit darker, so it's a good idea to make sure the room you put the tapestry throw blanket in has a lot of light! If you were looking to use the tapestry over a window, it will offer extra privacy but won't completely stop light from coming through.

Also, when it comes to cleaning, it is recommended to do a cold wash by hand, which can be troublesome with a large tapestry throw.

A washing machine may fade the colors and using a dryer is definitely not advised as it'll shrink (made out of cotton) and may risk fraying the edges. Another positive though about this or other tapestry blankets is that they're a simple solution to bring life into a dull room!


When it comes to tapestry throw blankets, the Mandala Bohemian Tapestry by JaipurHandloom is a versatile choice for a wall hanging, bed, or couch.

The thickness is perfect for wrapping up warm in and even big enough to even wrap up with someone special!

For many, this is not just a pretty throw, but also a piece of art that injects life into the room. This is a fabulous, low-cost, simple way to bring something special to your home.