Lazy Days On The Beach: Our Guide To The Beach Blanket

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When last did you go to the beach?

Let me guess, it was great at the beginning. Then the kids, the dog, or just your friend who doesn't understand the no-sand-on-the-towel rule, got sand absolutely everywhere. Your towel got wet and sandy, and after that you just couldn't get comfortable. 

Then you ended up taking half a ton of sand home with you on your towel and it got spread all over the house. Sand does that!​

No one really likes getting sand everywhere, but some people really can't bear having any sand on their towel.

Did you know that a full on phobia of sand is called ammophobia

You don't have to have a full-on phobia to find the idea of a ​beach blanket appealing.

With a beach blanket, the headache of having to clean up wet, sandy towels after a day at the beach is literally a thing of the past. Easy to clean and sand-resistant, beach blankets are here to revolutionize the way you enjoy your beach days.

Big enough to fit the entire family, and then some, these beach monsters are geared to make your beach journey a pleasurable one, every time.

Let's take a look at some of the best and most versatile beach blankets that are on offer today. Hopefully, this review will assist you in choosing the best blanket for a better beach experience.

Top 10 Best Beach Blankets Reviews​




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Sand Escape Beach Blanket

Sand Escape Beach Blanket

Parachute nylon



Camco Striped Mat

Camco Striped Mat

Polypropylene weave



GkGk Beach Blanket

GkGk Beach Blanket

Polyster and PVC



SAN-AWAY Beach Blanket

SAND-AWAY Beach Blanket

Parachute nylon



Zomake Foldable Beach Blanket

Zomake Foldable Beach Blanket

Oxford Fabric nylon



Kahuna Parachute Beach Blanket

Kahuna Parachute Beach Blanket

Parachute nylon



Rosie and Baileys Beach Blanket

Rosie and Bailey's Beach Blanket

Parachute nylon



Just Relax Parachute Travel Sheet

Just Relax Parachute Travel Sheet

Parachute nylon



Weimy Beach Blanket

Weimy Beach Blanket

Parachute nylon



Roebury Picnic Blanket & Beach Blanket

Roeburry Picnic and Beach Blanket

Polypropylene weave



Different Types of Beach Blanket

There are many different types of beach blankets out there to choose from. Here, I’m going to give you a quick rundown of what types of blanket are out there, as well as what you can expect from your experience with each one.

Parachute Nylon Blankets

These beach blankets are made to withstand the sand that comes standard with a trip to the beach.

This material is designed to repel sand and water easily and dry tremendously quickly. Parachute nylon blankets have been made with this tough, breathable, lightweight, strong and durable material which affords the user of this type of blanket many years of continuous and carefree use.

The nylon allows sand to simply be removed with a quick shake once you’re done, and water beads up and is repelled like water off a duck’s back.

Microfiber Blankets

Microfiber beach blankets come with an extra touch of softness thanks to the composition of the material. They are however more prone to be a landing pad for sand than non-fibrous materials.

These blankets usually consist of around 80% polyester and 20% nylon, making them super lightweight and thin. Their material composition allows for them to be super absorbent as well as fast-drying.

Machine washable microfiber composition blankets will allow for many years of uninterrupted use, while at the same time providing you with the suede feel that the microfiber option brings.

Polypropylene Blankets

beach blankets

These blankets have been specifically fabricated with durability and longevity in mind. Polypropylene blankets have been designed using this material due to its non-absorbent and fast drying properties. You can really get your feet wet with this beach blanket.

Both mold and mildew resistant, this material is designed to not transfer heat and keeps its cool far longer than most nylon materials.

As well as being able to stay afloat, polypropylene is moderately resistant to both stretching and shrinking, ensuring you lose little size, if any, on your blanket.

Top Beach Blanket Brands

Wildhorn Outfitters

Wildhorn Outfitters is an outdoor adventure company that seeks to take the hassle out of any outdoor adventure. They believe in making it easy for everyone to share a great outdoor experience. Their quality and durable products have been thoughtfully designed to streamline the outdoor adventure process.

This company boasts the best-in-class products for all your outdoor adventure needs. They have designed their products to help you maximize and enhance your precious time outdoors.

Wildhorn Outfitters has dedicated themselves to bolstering outdoor adventure fun through their thoughtful design of products, adding their own unique twists that help to make your journey as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

This brand is also a direct-to-customer manufacturer of the Seaview 180 full face snorkel mask and other outdoor gear.


Camco has a longstanding tradition of customer service and has been involved in the RV industry since 1966. Over the past 40 years, the company has seen itself grow from just one employee and one product to over 350 employees that manufacture and produce more than 3,000 products today.

This brand operates on the foundations of competitive pricing, superior service, quality products, and customer satisfaction.

The company prides itself on their friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff. It meets the ever-changing demands of a challenging marketplace while always prioritising the customer.

Camco holds true to its commitment to both its employees and its country. It has over 350 employees housed in 3 separate manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.

The Top 5 Beach Blankets Reviewed

With a massive range of beach blankets available nowadays, choosing the right blanket to suit your needs may be more of a challenge than you first thought.

Material composition, weight, durability, and size seem to play major determining roles among consumers when choosing their top product.

Having a look through the top reviews by customers, these products have come out as the favorites. Customers have been glad to spend their money on these top picks.

We’ve made the process a little simpler, selecting the top five beach blankets on the market today by way of customer review, price and popularity, to help make your decision all the more simple and rewarding.

Sand Escape Compact Outdoor Beach Blanket

Sand Escape Beach Blanket

The Sand Escape is a beach blanket that has been specifically designed for a larger family of five or the extended family. It has been fabricated using 100% parachute nylon.

It's a 63sq. foot blanket that boasts 20% more room than most other blankets. It compacts down to a neat 6 x 7inch pouch for easy travel and storage.

Made from quick-dry parachute material, this blanket isn't only lightweight and breathable but also strong and durable ensuring many years of uninterrupted use.

The 100% parachute nylon assures that sand doesn't stick to this blanket. Just a quick shake will get rid of all that excess sand.

The Sand Escape comes featuring four sand anchor pockets to weigh the blanket down so that gusts of wind won’t disturb your resting place.

Furthermore, the Sand Escape beach blanket comes with additional built-in pockets for the storage and protection of all your valuables. It even has zippered front pockets for your car keys and wallet, items you most definitely don’t want to lose at the beach.

Camco Striped Handy Mat with Strap

Camco Striped Mat

The Camco Handy Mat is ideal for any beach mission, as it's lightweight and comes with built-in handles for easy and convenient transport.

The Handy Mat also comes featuring handy pockets on both sides for easy storage of your beach day valuables.

Folding out to a massive 60 x 78inch blanket, it’s large enough to fit 4 seated adults. It handily folds away into a slim 10.5 x 15inch travel buddy for easy transport and storage.

Made from ultra-durable polypropylene, the Handy Mat is both mold and mildew resistant. It's also  weather-proof for those unexpected showers.

Handy Mat makes use of fabric edging in its design to help to reinforce the blanket, and to prevent the fraying of its edges.

The polypropylene weave is highly resistant to stains and is easily cleaned with a little soap and water. The Handy Mat comes in an assortment of colors and is backed by a 1-year limited warranty.

GkGk Outdoor Waterproof Beach Blanket

GkGk Beach Blanket

GkGk have brought out this large family blanket measuring at 70 x 56inches. It's big enough for you all to stretch out and sunbathe. 

Durable and suitable for most outdoor activities, GkGk’s beach blanket is both sand and waterproof. It's versatile enough to even be used as a barrier to bad weather.

Its unique purse design allows this beach blanket to fold down to a travel-friendly 8 x 12inches. It comes standard with a built-in handle for easy carrying and storage, even able to fit comfortably into a backpack or travel bag.

Constructed from a water-resistant polyester top and a waterproof PVC bottom, it’s a durable and versatile blanket that's good for heavy duty use.

The GkGk Beach Blanket is also easy to clean. A simple wipe will remove all grass and sand accumulated while in use.

GkGk is so confident in their product that they offer customers a 100% manufacturer warranty, as well as a 30-day refund of the cost of replacement on Amazon.

SAND-AWAY Sand Proof Outdoor Compact Beach Blanket

SAN-AWAY Beach Blanket

The SAND-AWAY has be specifically designed from 100% Ripstop parachute nylon to stay cool and dry, and sand-free, making wet towels a thing of the past.

The parachute material composition dries in an instant and manages to stay and keep you cool during those hot and sunny beach outings.

Measuring a whopping 9 x 7 feet when laid out, this mammoth blanket folds up surprisingly small into a compact 4 x 8 inch portable pouch that weighs less than a pound.

For Superior anchoring the SAND-AWAY comes with standard sand pockets. It has an additional 4 plastic tent pegs for a little extra protection from the wind.

The SAND-AWAY is also durable enough to be used as a shade tarp. The Ripstop parachute nylon ensure its durability and many years of continued use.

This gem is also easy to clean. A simple shake will rid your blanket of sand and debris, while the SAND-AWAY is also machine washable on the delicate cycle.

Streamline is so confident that you'll love their product that they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the SAND-AWAY, offering a full refund for unsatisfied customers.

ZOMAKE Foldable Lightweight Beach Blanket

Zomake Foldable Beach Blanket

The ZOMAKE Foldable Lightweight Beach Blanket is an Oxford Fabric Nylon beach blanket that's the perfect solution to your beach lounging needs.

Portable and lightweight, this beach blanket packs into an incredibly small 6 x 8inch pouch and is perfect for most outdoor occasions.

This fast-drying anti-sand blanket is made to be durable, ultra-light, and of a premium quality thanks to its Oxford Nylon composition.

The sand pockets have been included to prevent your blanket from blowing away in windy conditions. They've been dually designed to double-up as pockets for your valuables.

Additionally, ZOMAKE have included 4 tent pegs for some extra stability in the wind. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as a wind tarp or seat cover.

This premium nylon blanket is easy to clean, mildew and mold resistant, and dries in mere minutes, relieving you of that terrible wet beach towel odor. The ZOMAKE beach blanket also comes with a 1-year product replacement guarantee.

The Next Best 5 Beach Blankets

With all of the beach blanket options out there, there are more than just 5 that would have caught your attention. We feel it would be unjust to ignore the other top contenders in this division.

With that in mind, let’s have a quick gander at the next best in the category.

KAHUNA Next Generation Parachute Beach Blanket 

Kahuna Parachute Beach Blanket

A quality, parachute nylon fabricated beach blanket that boasts all the regular features of a top-quality beach blanket, from a large surface area, to anchoring sand pockets, and easy portability.

Rosie and Baileys #1 Largest Beach Blanket

Rosie and Baileys Beach Blanket

A large, lightweight, sand and waterproof, that's easy to store.

It boasts 6 sand anchor pockets and the nylon design will keep this blanket usable for years to come.

Just Relax Parachute Nylon Multi-Purpose Travel Sheet 

Just Relax Parachute Travel Sheet

A strong, lightweight, large, fast-drying blanket that's made form 100% parachute nylon material and is both sand and water resistant.

Measuring 7 x 7 feet, this blanket comes with additional buttons to connect more than one blanket together.

WEIMY Sand Repellent Beach Blanket 

Weimy Beach Blanket

A 100% parachute nylon blanket that comes with 4 sand pockets for anchoring. Compact and lightweight, sand resistant and stays cool to the touch.

It comes with additional pegs for extra anchoring protection from the wind.

Roebery Picnic Blanket and Beach Blanket 

Roebury Picnic Blanket & Beach Blanket

A large and durable waterproof blanket that's ideal for both sand and grass, and is easily wiped clean.

It folds easily into the compact zipped tote and is machine washable for easy cleaning.

The Beach Blanket Buying Guide

When it comes time to choosing your beach blanket there are a few important pointers and criteria to keep in mind.

Many beach blankets share similar features, while others have taken their game a step further to include some interesting and practical applications. Let’s take a look at some suggested buying criteria for these blankets.

Size Matters

When it comes to the beach blanket, of course size matters. Beach blankets have been specifically designed to keep the sand at bay while you have the luxury of enjoying your own personal, sand-free space on the beach.

A blanket should be big enough to comfortably fit the whole family, and possibly even have room for the cooler.

Another important feature is the travel size of the blanket. Look for a blanket that folds up into a compact and convenient travel size for easy storage and transportation.

Material Composition

Material composition is a rather important factor when choosing your beach blanket, and it all depends on your personal preference.

Some people prefer to have a little more padding and comfort, and choose to deal with the sand as an alternative. Others may be highly averse to having sand all over their goods.

It's a good idea to choose a material that's fast-drying, to help you avoid having a wet and sandy surface to relax on.


I suggest choosing a blanket with sand pockets as a bare minimum, as these will hold the blanket in place when it's windy.

Additionally, look for a blanket that offers a little more protection from the wind, perhaps one with some extra pegs to provide added anchoring support. These are ideal for extra windy days or for those unexpected gusts of wind.


Most beach blankets have been designed to work as multi-functional articles. Naturally, some work better in some situations than others.

Depending on the material of your chosen beach blanket, it can be used alternatively as a sun tarp, as protection from bad weather, and even as a rain tarp.

Many beach blankets have the capacity to be used for more than just the beach and can be taken on family vacations or used at the kids sporting events or picnics.


Your choice of beach blanket is clearly one that is not to be taken lightly. With the wide range of outstanding materials, as well as design and functionality, these blankets have got all the bases covered.

From repelling sand and water, to easy ‘one shake’ sand removal, these water resistance and waterproof blankets are a must for your next trip to the beach.

Once you decide on the beach blanket that's right for you, your beach experience will never be the same again. Stretch out and relax on your very own, sand-free piece of paradise, and change your beach game forever.