How can you cope up with daily stress and anxiety?

Coping with stress and anxiety is often easier said than done. The mere thought of how to deal with it is stressful enough. Besides, different medicines claim to subdue stress and anxiety. That's not the answer either.

If not dealt with, stress and anxiety will manifest in physical form through ailments and sometimes weight gain. Nevertheless, there are many simple stress busters to help you out.

The Causes And Signs Of Stress And Anxiety

Nowadays, there are different things to stress you up. Before you think of dealing with the stress and tension in your life, you got to figure out the causes.

Cause 1 - financial difficulties

Many studies support the idea that the leading cause of stress and anxiety is financially related. Lack of finances results in worry, especially in people dealing with financial difficulties. Others deal with stress when about to make major purchases like cars and homes. More so, a debt or loss of income can also make you stressed and anxious.

Cause 2 - Work problems

Stress can also be work-related. Jobs seem to result in a lot of pressure, even for people who seem to be happy with their jobs. Deadlines, dealing with inter-office relationships, and worrying about job security can all be stressful.

Cause 3- Your relationships

Your relations can also stress you up. Whether it's a dating relationship, marriage, or even divorce, all these bonds can lead to more stress than you can ever imagine.

Cause 4 - Family members

We all love our family, but family members can also be the cause of your stress. While each member is lovely, they can stress you at one point or the other. There can be arguments between siblings, changes in family dynamics, sickness, or injury of a loved one, and all these can cause a great deal of stress.

Simple Stressbusters

Understanding the causes of stress and tension enables you to deal with the condition better. Below are tips for coping with stress and anxiety.

1. Sleep adequately

Stress and sleep are correlated. High levels of stress can cause insomnia making it challenging to have a peaceful sleep. On the other hand, sleep reduces stress and anxiety. By following a regular sleep routine, you calm your body and control your moods. You can deal with stress better when you rest well.

2. Acquire proper beddings

As simple as it may sound, beddings are simple stress busters! Although there are different stress buster activities for adults, sleep works best. For best results, have some stress buster quotes in your bedroom.

However, most people have interrupted sleep due to the lack of the right mattress. If you lack a proper bed and pillows, you're likely to be uncomfortable at night.

As discussed earlier, lack of sleep increases stress levels, so if you lack the right mattress, you're likely to have challenges coping with stress. At this point, you must be wondering whether to pick Nectar or a Purple mattress? Search their comparison online and this will help you to choose the best bed for your needs.

3. Juicing

Cortisol levels increase when you're stressed out. When your cortisol levels are high, you feel depressed and anxious. However, fresh juices high in vitamin C are famous for lowering cortisol levels.

These are like papaya, oranges, berries, grapes, and guavas. Mix them in your best juicer, and you'll have a nutrient-packed juice to subdue your cortisol levels.

4. deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises relax and calm the body so that it stops overproducing cortisol. As we've already discussed, cortisol increases when we are feeling stressed out and anxious.

Lowering cortisol levels through deep breathing is easy and free to everyone. The main exercises to try are resonance breathing, mindful breathing & belly breathing. For a fun and easy way to practice deep breathing try Harmonic Breathing music tracks.


There are various ways of dealing with stress and anxiety. However, the first stress relief step is understanding the cause. To better deal with stress and anxiety, practice these simple stress busters, sleep adequately, have proper beddings, and take a glass of fresh juice to calm you down.

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