10 Best Stadium Blankets: Reviewed, Rated & Compared For Sports Fans

stadium blankets

Are you a die hard sports fan that often ends up dying from the cold and wet instead?

Not for much longer! Invest in one of these top stadium blankets, specially designed to keep the elements at bay.

Stadium blankets keep you warm and dry, letting spend your time focusing on the all-important game, not on your goosebumps!

These tightly woven blankets are for use both outdoors at your favorite sporting event or picnic, and indoors cuddling up on the couch or by the fireplace.

A warm outdoor blanket for a sporting event usually has layers of fleece for extra warmth and comfort, while the outer material keeps you dry and sheltered from any icy winds.

Stadium blankets can even have your favorite team's logo on them to show your true colors on game day!

They'll help to keep you warm and comfortable during chilly days and create a snug atmosphere when used in and around the home.

Let's have a look at some of the top-rated stadium blankets on the web today to help you make an informed decision. Make a great sporting investment this season.

Stadium Blankets ComparisonTable


Choice Of Colour




Check Latest Price

Lightspeed Stadium Blanket

Lightspeed Stadium Blanket


72x58 inches


CozyCoverz Stadium Blanket

CozyCoverz Stadium Blanket


50x60 inches


Napa 4-in-1 Blanket

Napa 4-in-1 Blanket


60x50 inches


Practico Stadium Blanket

Practico Stadium Blanket


58x84 inches


Mambe Outdoor Blanket

Mambe Outdoor Blanket


58x84 inches


Practico Outdoors Picnic Blanket

Practico Outdoors Picnic Blanket


58x80 inches


Under Armour Stadium Blanket

Under Armour Stadium Blanket


56x56 inches


Fix Find Stadium Blanket

Fix Find Stadium Blanket


61x54 inches


Gildan DryBlend Stadium Blanket

Gildan DryBlend Stadium Blanket


50x60 inches


Yodo Picnic Blanket

Yodo Picnic Blanket


59x53 inches


Different Types of Stadium Blankets

Before buying a stadium blanket, you need to be aware of the different materials available to you, and their pros and cons.


Wool is often the first material that people think of when they think of a warm cosy blanket.

However, some people are a bit sceptical about wool stadium blankets, as it might not seem like the most practical material for something that's going to be getting wet and needs to be windproof. Wool does absorb a huge amount of water and loses all its insulating properties once it's saturated.

Never fear! As long as wool is combined with another waterproof and windproof material for the outer shell, such as polyester, it can make for an extremely cosy and comfortable stadium blanket. 

Wool lined stadium blankets can keep you extra warm, as the material has natural insulating properties. 

Just be sure to read the washing instructions, as a lot of wool blankets can't be machine-washed.


Fleece has been used in recent times as a more than adecuate substitute for those who're allergic to wool or prefer not to use wool for ethical reasons.

It shares the softness and warmth characteristics that wool provides, but is made from synthetic materials.

This quality material helps to keep moisture away from your body while at the same time providing you with the warmth and comfort that you've come to expect from such a versatile, lightweight and soft material.

Blankets made of fleece are versatile enough to go through the washing machine for the ultimate clean, without losing any of their softness and luxurious velvety feel.

Fleece is mainly used as a lining for the inner part of stadium blankets and allows you to wrap yourself in its softness.


This is the perfect choice for those looking for an affordable blanket made from a long-lasting material.

Polyester can withstand many years of washing and drying without losing its shape or color, and is generally more cost effective than natural fabrics and fibers.

A great way to ensure longevity, without losing any of its softness and breathability, is to choose a blanket that that's made from a blend of polyester and cotton, or another natural fibrous material.

The breathability of natural fibers, as well as polyester's waterproof properties, make it the ideal outer casing for your stadium blanket.

It keeps you warm and dry and protected from the wind.

A good blend of cotton and polyester makes for a more hardy blanket.

The strengthening of the polyester with a natural fiber makes it more resistant to tears and wrinkles.

It's great for adding durability and comfort to any stadium blanket.

Polar Fleece

Polar fleece is a soft, insulating fabric made from a type of polyester or other synthetic fiber. It's made from 100% polyethelene terephthalate.

It's a warm, lightweight, soft fabric that shares many characteristics with wool, but weighs only a fraction.

Polar fleece is also hydrophobic, meaning that it holds less than 1% of its weight in water, and it retains many of its insulating properties even when it's wet.

This material is 100% machine-washable and doesn't lose its softness and silky feel. It retains its ability to dry tremendously quickly.

Despite its fuzzy appearance, polar fleece isn't a flammable material and will melt when exposed to a naked flame rather than catching fire.

The plush fibers tend to last longer than regular fleece does, making them that much softer and more desirable.

They're great for really cold days and perfect for snuggling and getting comfy.

Styles of Blankets

Just because a product is called a stadium blanket, doesn't mean all these blankets are the same animal!

We've taken a closer look at the two main types of blanket available.

Hooded Stadium Blankets

These are exactly what they say on the tin!

Blankets that can be used as a traditional blanket, but also have a hole in them that you can pop your head through, and a hood to keep your head nice and cosy. Essentially, they turn into a big, cosy poncho.

This is perfect for people who only need to keep themselves warm, but means that if you want to share the warmth with someone else you can just use them like any other blanket.

These are great for any occasion when you're going to be outdoors in chilly weather, not just for sports games.

Stadium Throw Blankets 

These are generally large versions of traditional blankets designed to be used by more than one person at a time.

They aren't so much for wrapping around you, so be sure to bring along your coat, hat, gloves, etc., but more for throwing over a couple of stadium seats to keep you from having to sit on that cold, hard plastic.

You can, however, wrap them around you to, and lots of them are windproof and waterproof so will help keep out the elements.

Just like the hooded stadium blankets, these throw blankets aren't restricted to sports games! Use them to cover any hard, cold or damp surface when you're out and about in inclement weather.

Top Blanket Brands

Lightspeed Outdoors

Lightspeed Outdoors, in just 5 short years, have become one of the world’s industry leaders in the manufacture and development of quality, instant set-up outdoor gear.

The company creates easy-to-use outdoor camping and beach gear that's both fun and functional, with set-up taking literally a few seconds.

Ever since the company introduced their first beach tent, they've designed each of their beach tents and shelters with cutting-edge hubs and an integrated pole design system that makes set-up a breeze.

Their love for the outdoors has inspired them to develop and innovative and exciting range of outdoor products and equipment.

It includes everything from camping tents to beach shelters, and air beds to picnic and stadium blankets.

They have a clear set of goals, making products that make the outdoors easy to enjoy and fun for everyone.


When it comes to blankets, CozyCoverz know what the game is all about, and are a great source for quality custom stadium blankets.

They offer several popular varieties of blankets, including fleece blankets, sweatshirt blankets, waterproof picnic blankets, and faux lamb’s wool Sherpa blankets.

They guarantee that their stadium blankets will keep you both warm and dry during the game, as well as keeping you comfy and snug when used indoors.

CozyCoverz pride themselves on only selling the highest quality blankets.

Giving one as a gift is something to be proud of, and all their fleece materials are made from 100% no-pull polyester fleece.

This brand offers their blankets either blank or with a custom-designed logo as their products are meant to be embellished.

They want to add the thrill of enjoyment to their products and offer users a 100%-satisfaction guarantee.

KC Caps

Since 1991, KC Caps has been an industry leader in headwear, not only in quality, but in new and unique styles in fashion at affordable prices.

They've continued to set market standards in terms of a wide variety of styles, materials, and fabrication features of their products.

The company further prides themselves on their quality, service and innovation, not only in the products that they produce but also in their selection of personnel.

KC Caps has recently opened their sixth sales office in Canada and combines with the company’s 5 other saless office and warehouses in the United States.

This brand boasts one of the largest inventories in America and takes immense pride in delivering the excellence that you deserve.


This is a really popular brand that you'll definitely come across in your search for a warm outdoor blanket.

Matt and Margaret Weir started this company in 1999, and MAMBE stands for Matt And Margaret's Blankets Extraordinaire, which reflects their fun and cheery approach to their business! 

Living in the Pacific Northwest, they were no strangers to cold, wet weather, but didn't want it to stop them enjoying their time outdoors.

They set about designing the best waterproof and soft blanket, and once they'd cracked it they started selling.

They've never looked back, and now offer a range of practical blankets, making people's lives easier both indoors and outdoors. 

I love the fact that they make all their products in the USA and employ local people, meaning you can feel great about supporting this brand by purchasing a Mambe stadium blanket!

This is also the only brand we've reviewed that focuses exclusively on blankets, meaning you can trust that they know what they're doing.  

Under Armour

Unlike some of the brands above, the main focus of Under Armour isn't blankets, but that doesn't mean their blankets aren't amazing.

They got going back in 1996 with their first product being a t-shirt for athletes, and they've been growing since then.

They continually add new products to their range and are always using and creating the latest technology.

They now offer stadium blankets, using the waterproof materials they've perfected in the sports gear they're so famous for, so you can trust that the product you buy will be a quality one. Under Armour stadium blankets are a great choice.

10 Best Stadium Blankets Reviewed

With the enormous range of stadium blankets to choose from, manufactured by some of the best in the business, it can be tough to choose just one to invest in. 

Different sizes and materials used, as well as your choice of comfort level, are big determining factors in your choice of blanket, as is what you’re going to use it for.

There are a number of important factors to keep on the lookout for when selecting your game day companion.

Factors such as warmth, water-resistance, comfort, and easy transport and storage options need to be considered.

Let me take you through some of the best blankets around to suit your needs.

1. Lightspeed Outdoors XL Plush Fleece Outdoor Stadium Waterproof Blanket

Lightspeed Stadium Blanket

The XL Plush Fleece Outdoor Blanket by Lightspeed Outdoors is perfect for those crisp evenings or chilly days, inside and outside the house.

It's made from an elegant plush velour lining on one side for warmth and comfort.

The waterproof nylon-type outer shell will keep you comfy and dry in almost all weather conditions.

Stretching out to measure 72 x 58 inches, this blanket is the ideal size for two adults.

Plush Fleece is also machine-washable and comes with a stuff sack for easy transport and storage.

The XL Plush Fleece Outdoor Blanket is the perfect companion for any and all outdoor activities and events. Lightspeed has included a 1-year warranty on their blanket as a sign of their confidence that you will love it.

2. CozyCoverz Waterproof Stadium Blanket

CozyCoverz Stadium Blanket

CozyCoverz Waterproof Stadium Blanket is fabricated using soft and comfortable, 100% anti-pull fleece at 260 g/sqm, cased in a durable and waterproof polyester shell.

The convenient one-piece design includes sewn-in carry handles for easy movement and compact storage.

This Stadium Blanket has been designed with velcro attachments for some much need closure during those exceptionally or unexpectedly cold days and nights.

The easy carry design with sewn-in handles make it a great Christmas or birthday gift. It’s machine washable for a clean and comfortable feel.

The anti-pull polar fleece inner lining is soft to the touch and won't damper or harden after going through the washing machine.

This stadium blanket is great for more than one person, folding out to cover an area of 50 x 60 inches. It folds away into a convenient 12 x 9 x 4-inch package.

CozyCoverz also offers its customers logo branding and embroidery on their blankets so that you can wear your team colors with pride, even on the coldest of game days.

3. Napa Patented 4-in-1 All Purpose Outdoor Hooded Blanket

Napa 4-in-1 Blanket

The Patented 4-in-1 All Purpose Outdoor Hooded Blanket is designed to keep you warm, cozy, and dry.

That's thanks to its waterproof polyester construct and its fleece oxford lining.

It’s an all-purpose blanket that rolls up easily and compactly.

It includes a carrying buckle/strap and a stuff sack for easy transport and storage.

Folding out to a size of 50 x 60 inches as a ground cover, this blanket can also be worn around you as a poncho.

Similarly, it can be stuffed away into its stuff sack and used as a seat cushion. This multi-functional blanket is a 4-in-1 that can be used for any outdoor event. Use it as a blanket, poncho, table cover or stadium seat cushion.

It's machine-washable to keep it fresh and clean. This blanket folds up neatly into a manageable 12 x 7 inch package that's easily and comfortably carried around.

This blanket, cushion, poncho, table cover is highly functional and is the all-in-1 package for any game day shenanigans.

4. Practico All-Purpose Stadium Blanket

Practico Stadium Blanket

The Practico All-Purpose Stadium Blanket is the ultimate in water-resistant and windproof technology, designed to take care of you when you need it.

Each blanket features a reinforced polyester/nylon backing for superior water and wind resistance.

It provides warmth and comfort with its extra soft 220 gsm and 100% polar fleece lining.

The Practico All-Purpose Stadium Blanket is available in both large and small sizes. The large option folds out to 58 x 84 inches and the smaller reaches 48 x 58 inches.

Rolling up for easy storage and convenience, this all-purpose blanket includes a stuff sack with a buckle/strap for ease of transport.

This blanket is one of the best for some extra protection from the elements, designed specifically to keep the wind, water, and cold at bay. Better still, it's machine-washable.  

5. Mambe Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof/Windproof Outdoor Blanket

Mambe Outdoor Blanket

The Mambre Extreme Weather Blanket has been designed for just that, extreme weather.

This product has been specifically designed for colder conditions where the retention of body heat is essential.

It's been made with genuine Polartech Classic 300 fleece.

It includes an innovative reflective lining that helps block the loss of radiant body heat.

Enjoy warm fleece on one side and a soft, waterproof nylon lining on the other.

This blanket has been fabricated to keep you dry while maintaining your temperature throughout prolonged use.

Available in a large size, measuring 58 x 84 inches when unfolded, and a smaller size that stretches out to 48 x 58 inches.

This blanket fits conveniently into its stuff sack at just 5 x 7 inches for the large blanket, and 4 x5 inches for the small.

Furthermore, this multi-purpose blanket is machine-washable on the cold wash cycle. It's made in the USA and guaranteed for life.

6. Practico Outdoors Extra Large Outdoor Picnic Blanket 

Practico Outdoors Picnic Blanket

This is a large, polar fleece outdoor blanket that's warm and comfortable, machine washable and can be used for a multitude of outdoor occasions.

It comes with a reinforced polyester backing to make it extra water and windproof for your comfort. 

The lining is beautifully soft, 100% polar fleece. It's easy to carry and store with it's convenient carrying buckle and strap, and it's super easy to roll up!

Although it packs down enough to fit in your backpack alongside your picnic, it unfolds to a generous 58 x 80 inches. Room for everyone! 

7. Under Armor UA Stadium Blanket

Under Armour Stadium Blanket

This is a one-size-fits-all blanket that's been made from the best fabric and treated with UA storm technology.

This blanket has an element-battling and highly water-resistant finish.

Perfect for covering you, or for placing on your stadium seat to stop you from having direct contact with that cold plastic. 

It's big enough to cover two people sitting side by side, but rolls up to about the size of a sleeping mat, so you can easily carry it with you! 

8. Fix Find Waterproof and Windproof Fleece Stadium Blanket 

Fix Find Stadium Blanket

This is a soft and warm fleece blanket that's been beefed up with the addition of both a wind and waterproof lining.

It prevents ground moisture from seeping through the material and is great for any outdoors activity.

It's got a funky black, white, and red design that also does a good job at disguising the dirt. 

You can throw it in the washing machine, but just don't tumble dry it. 

At 61 x 54 inches, it's a great size. Perfect for keeping in your car in case of emergencies!

9. Gildan DryBland Fleece Stadium Blanket 

Gildan DryBlend Stadium Blanket

This is a 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend that weighs a mere 9.3 oz, which makes it wonderful for taking everywhere with you!

The DryBlend technology means it has moisture-wicking properties, while the air-jet yarn creates a softer feel and reduces piling.

This one's not waterproof so doesn't make a great picnic blanket on damp ground, but it will keep you cosy. 

It comes in 16 beautifully bright colours, so you can buy the one that best suits your team's colours, or just one that makes you smile! Of course, you can always go for a more muted black or grey.

10. Yodo Compact Water Resistant Picnic Blanket Tote

Yodo Picnic Blanket

This is a soft fleece blanket that comes with a waterproof and windproof backing, with the fleece providing some extra sitting comfort.

It's fitted with adjustable shoulder straps and a fabric handle for easy carrying and storage, which is one of its main selling points. 

It folds out to 59 x 53 inches but when it's folded up it's only 12.5 x 8 x 4 inches you can also fit it in a backpack if you'd rather not carry it on its own.

We love the cheerful blue and pink stripes that will brighten up any gloomy game day!

Which Is The Best Waterproof Stadium Blanket?

Let the good times keep rolling, even in the nastiest of weather! Rain doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your favorite sporting events.

You’ll need to be careful when you’re looking for the best waterproof stadium blanket, however.

Many high-quality blankets are only water-resistant and aren’t waterproof.

If you find yourself suddenly in the rain, you’re going find out the difference between the two pretty quickly.

Some blankets will feature multiple materials which offer the waterproof shell over a wicking bottom. This would work well in the rain.

Any time that water is absorbed into the blanket, it’s going to become not just heavy, but uncomfortable as well.

Then, you have the struggle of trying to figure out how you’re going to pack up that heavy and wet blanket.

Another important thing to consider during the rain is picking a blanket with a warmth factor.

The damp air is inevitably going to make you chilly, so ideally, you’ll want a blanket with materials like fleece to keep you cosy.

CozyCoverz Waterproof Stadium Blanket / Picnic Blanket 50" x 60"

CozyCoverz Stadium Blanket

As I discussed above, there are some great options available that are made from multiple materials for the best in warmth and dryness protection.

This waterproof stadium blanket is made of quality construction and a 100% anti-pull fleece at 260 g/sqm.

The casing is made of a durable and waterproof

polyester shell to keep you completely dry even on the rainiest of days.

It’s a lightweight option, at only 1.4-pounds and it features a Velcro closure plus carrying handles for easy transport.

The large, 50” x 60” size is even large enough to share with a loved one.

This isn’t just the best waterproof stadium blanket, it also has a multitude of other purposes.

You can use it when you’re relaxing at the park or sitting on at the game when the weather is nice.

Another thing that can be difficult is figuring out where to put your things during the game.

This blanket solves that problem because it has two built-in pockets that offer convenient storage for your personal belongings.

CosyCoverz offers a variety of colors so you can perfectly customize the look you want.

They also offer all their customers logo branding and embroidery on the blankets.

This will help you cheer for your team even on those rainy days.

Which Is The Best Heated Stadium Blanket?

How many times have you been to a game and literally frozen the whole time? It wasn’t very enjoyable and probably made it hard to get in the spirit of things.

The first thing you’ll want to look at is the fabric being used in the blanket. There are several that will help to keep you warm.

A wool blanket is a natural way to stay warm. They're even used by the military in extreme conditions.

Another option is a fleece blanket. These are made of synthetic polyester which maintains warmth while wicking away moisture.

Thermal and Mylar blankets are also great for warmth but are generally only useful for emergency purposes. Neither of these materials is going to be a comfortable option.

Another point to consider is that many people will suffer from hypothermia during cold weather because of the sweating that occurs.

This is why it’s so important to find the best heated stadium blanket that features warmth-creating wicking action to draw away the perspiration from your skin and keep you dry.

There are some blankets that can plug into your 12V adapter to keep you warm while you’re near the car.

These would be an ideal option for when you're tailgating.

Otherwise, you’ll want to look for a stadium blanket that has a self-heating mechanism.

Mambe Extreme Weather 100% Waterproof/Windproof Outdoor Blanket

Mambe Outdoor Blanket

This blanket isn’t just warm but is also 100% waterproof and windproof.

Many people have reviewed it to be the best cold weather stadium blanket available on the market.

The genuine Polartec classic 300 fleece is not just thick and warm, but also quite soft.

It's the highest quality fleece you can find.

For heating purposes, this stadium blanket offers a heat reflective lining which maintains optimal amounts of body heat.

You can stay warm no matter what the temperature.

The blanket is available in two separate sizes 5’x7’ for the larger size, which is ideal for two adults or the 4’x5’ which makes a nice lap blanket.

The Stuff Sack  included offers convenient storage and transportation.

This blanket fights against hypothermia issues. It offers the warm fleece on one side and the soft, waterproof nylon lining on the other side.

This helps you to stay dry but also helps you maintain your body temperature even when you spend hours using it.

You’ll like that this blanket is made in the USA and is guaranteed for life.

In addition, it’s machine washable so it can be kept clean and ready for years to come.

Don’t freeze at your next game.

Which Is The Best Stadium Throw Blanket?

A throw blanket is smaller than a typical blanket and generally used to cover an area instead of a person.

You could use it to cover your stadium seat for additional protection and comfort.

When choosing the best stadium throw blanket, you’ll want something made from a comfortable material.

This could be fleece, polyester, wool or a variety of other materials.

It also benefits you to choose a throw blanket that's weather-resistant or waterproof. Warmth is also an important factor if you’ll be sitting on cold seats.

There are few things less comfortable than having a cold bottom through an entire game.

Another aspect to keep in mind will be the portability factor. If this is just to sit on, you want it to be easy to transport.

This is especially true if you’re bringing a separate blanket to cover yourself with. The last thing you’ll want to do is carry around two heavy blankets.

Most stadium throw blankets are designed to be lightweight and portable.

Many of them will even come with their own carrying case to make it even easier.

Once you’ve found the best stadium throw blanket on the market, you won’t be able to imagine yourself heading to the game without it.

Yodo Compact Water-Resistant Blanket

Yodo Picnic Blanket

This soft fleece blanket measures 59” x 53” when open, but folds up into a compact tote the size of 12.5” x 8” x4” making it ideal to transport back and forth to games.

In addition, the shoulder straps are completely adjustable making this comfortable to carry.

It’s a soft, fleece blanket that offers a waterproof and windproof backing.

This is going to provide you with the ultimate in extra sitting comfort at your favorite events.

If you’re sitting on the ground, the waterproof backing will provide you with the extra protection from ground moisture.

You no longer have to worry about having a wet bottom.

There’s also a foam pad in the middle of the blanket to provide you with an additional layer of comfort.

This can also be used for far more than just sporting events. Consider taking it on the next family picnic, for camping or just using it around the house.

It’s also easy to clean in case of any mishaps. For the plastic backing, simply wipe it clean with a damp cloth.

For the fleece, you can use a tissue to soak up beverages. You can also spot clean the fleece with water and a gentle soap and then let it air dry.

Just be sure not to machine wash or dry the blanket if you want it to last for many years.

How To Choose A Quality Stadium Blanket

Once you've decided to make that all important choice of a stadium blanket, for whatever purpose, there are a few guidelines that you should follow to get the most out of your investment. 

Stadium blankets have been designed with a specific purpose in mind, and that's to keep you warm and dry, as well as comfortable.

Let’s take a look at some guidelines to help you choose the best stadium blanket to suit your needs.

Protection from the Elements

The main purpose of investing in a stadium blanket is for keeping yourself warm and comfortable during a cold day out, or a chilly evening under the stars.

It is, therefore, imperative that the blanket that you choose be water resistant, to prevent you from getting a wet bottom while sitting on the grass.

It should also be wind resistant to keep that icy chill at bay.

Choosing a blanket that's 100% polyester or a polyester blend is your best bet for fighting weather that has the potential to absolutely ruin your day out.

Warmth Factor

While most stadium blankets have been designed to cater for colder weather conditions, some have gone a step further to ensure you get warm and are kept that way.

Most stadium blankets have a fleece lining to keep you warm. Others have taken a step further adding the extra comfort and warmth of polar fleece.

Polar fleece boasts longer fibers than regular fleece and has been added as an extra barrier from cold conditions.

Some stadium blankets have even gone as far as using Polartech fleece inner lining.

This helps the blanket to trap much of your radiated body heat to insulate you even further from the cold.

Convenient Travel and Storage

While it's good to have your stadium blanket with you for every outdoor occasion, the hassle of carrying around an enormous blanket isn't ideal.

Choosing a stadium blanket that's foldable into a manageable and easily-stored package is certainly vital.

Having a blanket that folds up, and possibly even comes with built-in handles, is important.

Who's Going to Be Using It? 

Stadium blankets and warm outdoor blankets come in all shapes and sizes, and the one you go for will depend a lot on who you're planning to keep warm.

If you generally go along to games with your friends, you might want an individual-sized blanket, or a hooded stadium blanket, just to keep you warm, as everyone normally fends for themselves! There's no point buying a massive blanket if the bulk of it is just going to get in the way.

If you go with your partner, you'll probably want something big enough drape over the two of you so you can share body heat!

Taking the whole family with you? Go for a jumbo blanket that can spread across everyone's seats, or that can be spread out on the ground with room for everyone.

Other Uses For A Warm Outdoor Blanket

Blankets like these aren't just good for the stadium! They can be use for all kinds of outdoor fun.

They're great for taking on a camping trip, or make excellent picnic blankets, especially if they're waterproof and can protect you from the damp of the ground. 

After all, there's nothing more fun than a picnic, even on cloudy days!

You can also take them along to concerts or outdoor plays when you'll be sitting down and getting chilly, even in the middle of summer. 

Keep your blanket in the car even when you're not heading on an outdoor adventure, as it will be very handy should you happen to breakdown and need emergency warmth.


Making the right choice for your needs is the most important thing  when it comes to choosing a stadium blanket.

A blanket that's warm and soft while offering both wind and water protection is one that seems ideal for use outdoor, especially during those chilly fall and cold winter seasons.

Having your stadium blanket on hand is one of the best things that you can do for yourself and your family when tackling any outdoor excursion or adventure.

Your stadium blanket will soon become a member of the family, and something that you'll think twice about leaving at home.