Responsibly Cosy: The Perfect Organic Wool Blanket For Babies

organic wool blanket

If you're looking for the perfect organic wool blanket for your baby, you can rest easy – literally – because I've found it for you.

It was a hard task involving lots of draping and relaxing, but I persevered and found a beautiful, comfy blanket with none of the guilt that can come with big-brand, mass-produced blankets.

We tend to think of wool as an extremely natural product and it's all too easy to forget about the effects of wool farming on the sheep as well as the environment. Even something as simple as swapping to an organic wool blanket can make a big difference.

We all want the best for our children, and blankets are no exception - this merino wool blanket from Germany is the creme de la creme and is the perfect item to keep your baby warm and safe all year round…


As with every product you’ll buy for your baby, you want to make sure it’s safe, gentle and will actually work.

When it comes to blankets, there are lots of options out there, and it can be hard to know who to trust and where to look.

In terms of material, I’d suggest steering clear of acrylic and polyester, and sticking with gentle cotton and wool items, which soothe and protect young skin.

Merino wool is amazing, as it keeps your cherub warm without making them too hot. It regulates humidity because it's able to absorb and release up to 35% of its own weight in water. It works to balance and regulate their temperature while they’re sleeping - encouraging them to sleep longer, which is good for you!

Of course, color and style are important for some parents out there, and there’s no shame in that. You spent months planning, painting and arguing over the nursery, so you may as well buy a blanket that matches!

Think about what theme you’ve gone for in the nursery, and take a couple of snaps on your phone before you head out shopping. Trust me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by fabrics and forget what you’re meant to be looking for!

​Why Organic?

When it comes to wool, I prefer to go for something organic.

Sure, organic veg and free-range eggs are pretty commonplace now, but organic wool is a little harder to find.

Essentially, it means that the wool has been harvested in an eco-friendly manner without upsetting and harming the sheep in the way that mass-farming can.

If you see organic wool – go for it!

It's been sourced in a sustainable, responsible way and feels just as soft and lovely as everything you'll stroke on a stroll around IKEA. By stroll, I mean the four hour trek you'll inevitability embark upon as you pop in for one thing and end up stuck in their maze of flat-pack furniture and alluringly-cheap cutlery.

Product Overview

Disana Organic Merino Baby Blanket

This beautiful merino baby comforter is the best wool blanket for anyone looking for an alternative to mass-produced, high-street options!

It measures 40 by 31.5 inches, so is the perfect size for snuggling up with your little one.

It comes in a number of different colors, but I love this red one the most, with pretty scalloped edges. The pattern is simple but cutesy enough to go in a nursery.

It’s also made of 100% organic wool, which means it’s good for the environment and the animals.

This blanket is lightweight but provides a lovely layer of cosiness to keep your baby warm at any time of year.

The merino wool regulates body temperature while providing a soft texture for them to snuggle up to, making swaddling child’s play.

This blanket is made in Germany and comes in at around $50, depending on which style and color you for. It's an absolute bargain for the high quality you’re getting with this product.

It’s a lovely, bright shade but is toned down just enough by the print to match pretty much any decor.

Pros And Cons

My favorite thing about this blanket is how much better it is for the world than most supermarket/ homeware store options out there.

I've already converted to vegetarianism for the sake of the environment. For those unwilling to give up their hangover-bacon, buying organic wool can still make a difference!

This is a lovely lightweight wool blanket designed to keep your baby warm . It’s not as thick as some blankets, but offers the ideal cosiness to help them settle down.

It doesn't shed any wool, so you don't need to worry about it molting in the crib or stroller. Just make sure to follow the laundry instructions and this blanket will last and last.

So far, no let-downs. For some, a thicker, larger blanket is desirable, but this is a great size for swaddling as well as comforting.

If you’re looking more for a proper comforter for your baby, you may want to look elsewhere. Organic wool is on the rise, thankfully, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an alternative.


So, there we have it – the best wool blanket for babies and little ones out there.

This is one of those blankets that will start off being used for swaddling and will end up being taken to college by your grown-up baby as a comforting keepsake!