Get Comfortable: Choosing A Cotton Fleece Blanket

cotton fleece blanket

If you’re into warm snuggles with a good book, cuddling with your partner and sharing your day over a glass of wine, or even just wrapping yourself in something soft and cozy, a cotton fleece blanket could be your ticket to comfort.

Made using the same material as your favourite sweatshirt, the cushy soft side is sewn on the outside of both sides of the blanket.

These blankets provide a little more weight than a regular fleece blanket would, and they’re just as warm and soft. If you have polyester allergies, don’t turn your back on fleece blankets. A cotton fleece is your key to an allergy free cuddle!

Keep reading for our review of the best cotton fleece blanket for your home.

The Product

With so many choices out there, choosing a blanket for your home isn’t as easy as you’d thought it'd be.You want something that will stand the test of time and not warp, shrink, fray or pull.

You want something that complements the decor in your home, and if you love the blanket, you want to make sure it’s affordable enough to buy a few of them; one in each room where you might want it.

A blanket must be soft, easy to wash (we deal with enough “special” laundry loads that need to either be dry cleaned or hung to dry) and big enough that you can wrap yourself entirely within its folds.

A cotton fleece blanket traps warm air and helps to wick moisture away from the body, leaving you cozy and comfortable.

These types of blankets are super soft, durable, and won’t fray or unravel like some woven types of blankets. The colours they come in are endless, so they’re a great blanket to match the rest of your decor.

Ottomanson Bed Blankets

Ottomanson Trellis Blanket

Whether you’re looking for a cotton throw for your sofa, a blanket for the foot of your bed, or just an all around soft cover to wrap around yourself on a chilly night, the Ottomanson Soft Cotton Cozy Trellis Design Fleece Blanket is your ticket to blanket bliss.

The dimensions of the blanket are actually bigger than a regular twin blanket. You’ll be able to wrap not only yourself, but a cuddle buddy too – whether they’re of the two or four legged variety!

The vivid colours of this blanket won’t fade away and they can easily be tossed into your washer and dryer without pilling and wearing at the corners.

A high-quality blanket that would dress up any home. It’s a great blanket for folding neatly at the foot of your bed in case you're chilly in the night. Or use it as a cotton throw for your sofa if you want to be extra cozy while watching a movie or reading a book.

It’s also great for those cool nights on your deck when you want to wrap it around your shoulders like a mantle, but also keep your feet warm once you’ve settled into a chair.

There’s plenty of fabric in this blanket to go around!

​Pros And Cons

Although usually one would have to worry about shrinkage with a cotton blanket, the blend in this one prevents that. You won’t have to stress about accidentally having thrown it in the dryer with the rest of the laundry.

The blanket is lightweight but will have no problem keeping you warm and toasty through any chilly weather. It’s durable enough to bring outside for those campfire sessions.

​One con is that, although a blend ensures the best of both worlds (softness of cotton and the durability of acrylic), someone looking for a strictly 100% cotton blanket isn’t getting that with this one.

In Summary

I love that the colours in this blanket hold true even after many washes and that they won’t bleed into other fabrics in your washer.

They’re as easy to keep clean as anything other blanket or piece of clothing in your household with no demanding instructions that take time and money.

The weave is beautiful and adds a touch of luxury to the blanket as a whole, and gives it eye-catching appeal. Super comfy to wrap yourself in, this cotton fleece blanket is a sure-fire winner!