Is A Buckwheat Pillow Better For Sleeping? Our Review Guide

Buckwheat pillow

When we think of buckwheat, we usually think of hard husks. There's nothing about them that suggests that they could be used as pillow stuffing. However, it might be time to rethink our ideas about pillows and turn to something more eco-friendly.

Buckwheat hull pillows are actually very effective to help with problems in the neck or spine, actually giving you a better night’s sleep than a traditional pillow.  They 're naturally pesticide-free (unlike most cotton pillows), hypoallergenic and water-resistant. They even last longer, since buckwheat doesn’t compress and go flat like cotton pillows do.

Want to know if a buckwheat pillow will help you sleep better at night?

We've explained and reviewed the best pillows on the market, just for you.

Organic Buckwheat Pillow by Beans72

Organic Buckwheat Pillow by Beans72

The Beans72 Organic BW Pillow claims that it can relieve common sleeping problems. Some examples of these include headaches, tension, muscle pains, stress, and stiff necks.

Because of the buckwheat hulls, this pillow also circulates air particularly well, so the pillow stays cool throughout the night.

The pillow is filled until it weighs between 10 and 12 pounds, so it's a sturdy choice. Consumers also stated that these pillows are well filled and leave no gaps when you rest them.

Buckwheat Pillow by Balance Living

Buckwheat Pillow by Balance Living

This Balance Living BW is made in regular and travel size, so you can take comfort with you wherever you are. This pillow is also 100% organic.

The contours of this pillow are helpful regardless of whether you sleep on your side or your back, providing support for a stiff back, neck, or spine.

Some consumers said that the travel size pillow worked well as a regular pillow for stomach sleepers as well. It also does very well keeping its shape and supporting the user’s neck and back while they sleep.

Buckwheat Bed Pillow by ZMDREAM

Buckwheat Bed Pillow by ZMDREAM

The hulls in the ZMDREAM Buckwheat Bed Pillow have been washed and air dried to provide cleanliness and comfort.

This pillow provides ample support for your neck and back, allowing it to properly do its job to keep you comfortable. This pillow also comes with a cotton cover with a decorative floral design.

Consumers have said it offers plenty of support and, because of the colorful design, it even works well as a couch pillow.

Buckwheat Pillow by ComfySleep

Buckwheat Pillow by ComfySleep

ComfySleep is a company based in America. This offers the added benefit that, since these pillows aren’t imported, they don’t have to be fumigated or have any chemical added to them before you receive them.

These pillows are filled to a standard of 5 pounds but are shipped with an extra 1 pound of buckwheat to give you the chance to fill the pillow to your specific needs.

As you're able to fill it to your specifications, this pillow is guaranteed to form to fit your body and offer support. While these are American-made pillows, they are based on the traditional Japanese design, so they offer the same quality.

These pillows are also offered in a variety of sizes.

Buckwheat Hull Pillow by Makura

Makura is a company that was started by a chiropractor who aimed to help people find the healthiest and most comfortable way to sleep.

This pillow is made to help relieve stress on the spine and neck and even helps with treating cervical and lumbar conditions.

In addition, this pillow is hypo-allergenic, so your allergies don’t have to be a concern.

Consumers have said that they appreciate that the pillow doesn’t lose its shape as a traditional pillow does and many have reported relief from chronic neck pain.


Buckwheat Hull Pillow

So, now you've seen five of the best buckwheat hull pillows on the market. They offer you a variety of benefits, including support for your spine, neck, and lower back.

These pillows conform to your body without collapsing like cotton or memory foam and are firm enough to offer genuine support, no matter what position you sleep in.

Because they hold their shape so well, they also offer a longer lasting pillow that will save money.