Ultimate Workout: Pre Workout Supplements For Women

pre workout supplements for women

Taking a supplement before your workout can give your body an extra boost.

A pre-workout supplement can prepare your body for training. It can also help in the cool-down period afterwards, allowing you to train harder for longer with the use of essential ingredients.

Pre-workout supplements have been big business since the 1970s and 80s, when they first began to be widely sold. 

Because men and women may not always have the same fitness goals, a pre-workout supplement for women is designed specifically for women to help ladies achieve optimal fitness.

Whether you're aiming to tone up, raise energy levels, or improve endurance, taking pre-workout supplements for women are an ideal way of getting the best out of your workout.

The benefits of a pre-workout supplement

There’s a reason that so many people take pre-workout supplements! Making up a shake can really make a difference to how much you’re getting out of your workout.

Depending on what kind of supplement you choose to take, there’s a whole host of benefits you can enjoy.

Many supplements are loaded with extra vitamins and nutrients to help boost your general health. On top of that, they contain a whole help of protein – this breaks down into amino acids, which help your body form muscles. Time to hit the weights, then!

If you find yourself losing focus or energy during your workout, taking a shake or pill before you start could give you the burst you’re looking for!

They normally contain a nice, big dose of caffeine, which will give you all the benefits of a lot of espresso shots without the sudden energy slump or headaches.

This caffeine fix will enable you to workout harder, and for longer – exactly what we all want, right?

Alongside that is a chemical known as Citrulline Malate, which increases blood flow and allows you to your brain and body to work harder and faster.

So, essentially, you’re getting a huge energy boost, the ability to work out even harder and the strength and endurance to keep going for longer. Plus, they normally taste delicious! What more could you ask for?

The Differences between pre workout supplements for men and women

The world of pre-workout supplements can seem totally overwhelming, but it’s not as complicated as it seems.

If you follow this guidance, you should be able to tell what your body needs, and our handy review list will help you find the perfect product!

Women naturally have less testosterone than men, and this needs to be taken into account when you’re buying a new supplement.

While men have higher levels of testosterone, we women sometimes need a little boost before workouts.

There are plenty of powders and pills out there with the perfect amount of testosterone to help you get the most from your workout while staying safe.

Look out for any supplements for women with added testosterone boosters – you won’t start growing a beard, don’t worry!

You may have heard of the maca root if you’ve been looking around – this is a naturally-occurring plant that has been used in supplements for some years now.

Maca allegedly gives you a huge boost of energy which helps you power through your workout, and has been branded as a superfood, so is full of goodness.

There are mixed reviews out there, as well as suggestions that it can interfere with various types of contraceptive pill.

I’d suggest checking with your doctor before taking any supplements, especially if you take any form of medication of have an existing medical condition.

The ingredients of a good pre-workout formula

So - we now have more of an understanding of what a good pre-workout supplement does, but what ingredients should we be looking out for and what exactly are they doing to our bodies?

Citrulline Malate

As mentioned above, this is a dreamy little ingredient that helps increase blood circulation to your muscles.

Not only does this mean that you can push yourself harder, you can also go for much longer than normal.

This also helps your body recover more quickly, meaning you don’t get that horrible, laggy feeling the next day.


Anyone familiar with this will instantly understand the rush that it gives you!

Tingling aside, this ingredient really helps to build muscle, as well as helping speed up the recovery process so you can work out as much as you want.

We’re all aware of the dreaded lactic-acid and how painful it can be – this chemical actively blocks the production of it, meaning way less cramp and pain!

Caffeine Anhydrous

A little different to the caffeine in your coffee, this form is pure energy.

It gives you a massive boost just before your workout and really helps you make the most of each session.

150-200mg of caffeine is what to look for in a supplement – any less and you’ll get no effect; anymore and there’s a risk that the supplement is padded out with caffeine alone, and zero other goodness.


Another endurance-booster, this ingredient allows you to keep working out for longer before your body gets tired. It also slows down muscle pain and aids speedy recovery.


If you’re into high intensity training, this is a dream ingredient for you.

It allows you to endure tough workouts, as well as improving and strengthening your muscles.

Vitamin B12 – this vitamin can help aid weight loss, as well as giving your body a general boost in health.

It helps the cells of your body stay healthy, so they can develop muscle growth and strengthen existing muscles.

Top Pre-Workout Supplements In The Market

DoVitamins PrePump Pre-Workout Formula

DoVitamins PrePump Pre-Workout Formula

DoVitamins has come out with one of the “cleanest” supplements on the market.

Their formula contains no gluten, wheat, soy and also no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors.

In fact, there are no artificial ingredients at all.

It’s been tested for sport by Labrador, certified as meeting the standards for quality.

The caffeine, which supplies the energy boost, is derived from natural green tea extract. There's also an injection of vitamins including C and B vitamins.

DoVitamins PrePump proves there is no need to include all sorts of unnecessary synthetic ingredients.

Natural ones will provide a better workout without the energy crash post-workout.

This all-natural pre-workout supplement is also certified vegan. Out of all of the pre-workout supplements for women, this is the best no-nonsense formula out there.

HIT Supplements Women Only Igniter Extreme

HIT Supplements Women Only Igniter Extreme

HIT Supplements are looking to help women “ignite” their workout with their pre-workout supplement just for women.

They aim to get the body prepared for a high-intensity workout.

This is done with a combination of beta alanine, nitric oxide and a special blend of vitamins and amino acids specifically for women like biotin, folic acid and a vitamin B complex.

Combined, this will bring you a high-energy workout and help keep your mind focused as well.

Igniter Extreme doesn't give you an energy crash in recovery like some other supplements do. It comes in either tropical punch or pina colada flavor.

Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Explosive Energy

Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout Explosive Energy

Cellucor C4 Explosive Energy is one of the best-selling pre-workout supplements in America.

The supplement which comes in all sorts of flavors and is ideal for all levels of training.

Whether you're just at the beginning of a regime or experienced, this supplement will see you through.

C4 comes with new TeaCor, a highly-researched ingredient that claims to promote long lasting energy.

Many have said that after their workout, they felt like they could keep going!

But as it’s high energy, it’s recommended to start with one scoop before increasing the amount, especially if you are just at the beginning stages of a training program.

Rad Pre-Workout For Women

Rad Pre-Workout for Women

Rad’s take on the pre-workout supplement just for women does not disappoint.

It has everything a woman needs for an amazing workout, including creatine mono, beta alanine and even coconut water (helps prevent dehydration!).

You won’t find any artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.

You also won’t find calories, carbs, or sugar!

There's added green tea for caffeine and to aid in weight loss, if that's one of your goals.

The amount of caffeine in it is very low compared to others, at just 20mg.

Rad claims that the low caffeine and other ingredients will give you the energy you need during your workout.

It would be unnecessary to add any more as this could lead to a crash, and sometimes the jitters.

Rad has definitely made their pre-workout supplement with the everyday woman in mind!

Fitmiss Ignite

Fitmiss Ignite

This pre-workout supplement is determined to get you up and motivated for that workout, because sometimes finding the motivation is the hardest part!

While this supplement still offers everything that's suited to women including beta-alanine and amino acids and even fat burning power in l-carnitine, what sets this brand apart from the rest is the flavor.

Other supplements have been known to be bland, too sugary or downright disgusting. This one is almost like a sweet treat with very few calories before a workout!

Common pre-workout supplement questions

Artificial sweeteners or stevia?

Stevia is a natural, calorie-free sweetener that’s used in many pre-workout supplements as well as health-foods.

I would personally always choose stevia over artificial sweeteners, as I love that it’s natural and not full of chemicals.

Stevia also has health benefits beyond what it doesn’t do, eg add calories.

It’s believes to assist weight loss, as well as acting as a natural cure to issues such as high blood pressure and stomach problems.

For me, anything that steers clear of the dreaded Aspartame is good!

A lot of artificial sweeteners also contain chemicals that will undo all the hard work you’re doing by improving your health through working out.

My advice is to stay as natural as possible – always!

Beware that some sweeteners such as stevia and sweeteners confuse your body by ‘tricking’ it into believing you’re about to receive calories.

What you may experience is a craving for sugar or increased appetite if you’re not already eating a balanced diet.

Remember that supplements are designed to work alongside a healthy and balanced diet.

Stimulants or no stimulants?

Assuming you have no existing medical conditions, the choice is all yours. Given that I live off coffee as it is, my body copes pretty well with added stimulants in supplements.

If you’re not used to caffeine in any form, chat to a trainer at your gym or someone in a health store for help finding something that suits you.

There’s a myth surrounding supplements, with many people thinking that women shouldn’t be taking supplements with stimulants as their bodies ‘can’t handle it’.

Clearly, these people have never seen me on an 18-hour shift!

Women actually drink more coffee than men, so most of us are already geared up for a caffeine fix and can 100% ‘handle’ it.

In terms of your workout, it’s totally up to you. I think that added stimulants really help me to keep going and stay focused. Make sure you stay hydrated, and you’ll be fine!

If you choose to go stimulant-free, most supplements contain plenty of other ingredients to boost your energy levels and keep you working hard.

Will pre-workouts make me too big?

Another myth here – many people seem to think that women’s bodies aren’t built for workout supplements or weight-training.

You’re not going to turn into a female bodybuilder with a spray-tanned, orange six-pack overnight, don’t worry.

Pre-workout supplements are designed to enhance your workout and keep you fit and healthy.

The protein will help you to develop muscles, while extra vitamins and goodness are added to help you stay safe while you work out.

While pre-workouts help you get bigger and stronger, you don’t run the risk of getting ‘too big’ unless you start taking serious steps to do so.

Remember how much you had to work to get your body to where it is now?

There’s a reason why it takes a little while to build up muscles, so you’d have to be living a pretty unhealthy lifestyle to bulk up so big, so quickly, that it’s concerning for you.

Essentially, use supplements to compliment your workout and maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Easy. Ish.


Choosing to use a pre-workout supplement is a fantastic way to get both your body and mind ready for a workout!

Our guide has provided the best on the market with strictly women in mind.

Not only will it give you increased energy, but also the tools you need to increase the benefits of a workout.

You will see better fitness levels, muscle tone, and overall health gained from a regular exercise regime. 

Take your training to the next level with pre-workout supplements for women.