The Best In Outdoor Sauna Kits: Our Complete Guide

outdoor sauna kits

Are you ready for the ultimate in relaxation? It’s easier than you think when you purchase the best in outdoor sauna kits. There is no need to travel to use someone’s sauna or share one at the gym, now you can have the comfort and privacy right in your own backyard. Follow my guide to pick the best outdoor sauna to suit your needs.

Power Of An Infrared Sauna

You can receive incredible benefits from using an infrared sauna. Not only does it provide a way to safely detoxify the body, but it’s also highly relaxing.

You can easily use it as part of your weight loss journey or to receive pain relief. Many people find that sauna use will also lower blood pressure and increase circulation.

Finally, enjoy the added benefits to your skin when you detoxify your pores.

Which Wood Should You Choose?

The wood that you pick for your infrared spa is very important. Because of the moisture content, your wood needs to be kiln dried to a minimum 10% moisture content to avoid cracking and warping. Low-price saunas aren’t going to take the time to do this.

In addition, you will want to avoid aspen, basswood, fir, western pine, spruce, popular and California redwood.

You will instead, want to purchase a system made with Canadian, Western Red Cedar or Pacific Coast Hemlock for maximum durability.

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters

JNH Lifestyles 2 Person Far Infrared Sauna 7 Carbon Fiber Heaters

Made from high-quality Canadian Hemlock wood sauna is rated one of the best in outdoor sauna kits available on the market today.

It features 7 carbon fiber far infrared heaters for maximum performance and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The heaters are placed at the back, side and calf areas to keep you nice and warm.

There are no chemicals included in the treatment of the wood and it is constructed of tongue and groove construction to keep it stronger for longer.

You won’t need to worry about expansion with this model as it comes with better heat insulation and can be placed in tight spaces. There is even a special safety glass designed to tolerate the increased temperature from the cabin. This provides for maximum visibility while inside.

There is a digital temperature control so you are in charge at all times. This outdoor infrared sauna also includes built-in AUX control and 2 premium speakers. You can listen to your favorite music while relaxing.

The LED lighting will allow for 50% more cost-efficiency than standard light bulbs and last much longer as well.

The patented easy assembly with a tools-free design makes it simple to buckle the panels together and get started right away. You can also break it down and transport it to another location if needs be.


  •  This is easier to setup than most outdoor sauna kits.
  •  This sauna includes everything you need to be fully entertained while relaxing.
  •  There are 7 carbon fiber infrared heaters for maximum exposure.
  •  You will be backed by a complete 5-year warranty.


· This outdoor infrared sauna definitely has a higher price tag than some other options but is made to be durable and easy to assemble.

Caring For Your Sauna

You want the new sauna to last for many years, so here are some practical tips to keep it like new. To clean the seat and walls after each use, simply use a towel to wipe it down.

If you feel the need to have a cleaning agent, just use some vinegar diluted with water. Harsh chemicals can cause damage to your sauna and should be avoided.

Every few visits, you should take a scrub brush and clean the seats and walls thoroughly. To clean debris from the floor, you can take a vacuum in every few weeks to keep the debris and dirt away.

To protect the outside of the spa, be sure you pressure wash regularly. Do not use the pressure washer inside the unit.


Now that I’ve shown you the power of an infrared sauna, why you need one and the best outdoor sauna on the market, you’re ready to start relaxing.

With the easy setup design and the awesome entertainment features, you and a loved one can start enjoying the comfort right in your own backyard.

For more information on this sauna, be sure to check out the YouTube video.