Best Spray Tan Machine: Reviews Guide

best spray tan machine

Almost everyone loves that gorgeous tan that summer brings.

Unfortunately, not all of us can find the time to get to the beach to work on our tans.

That, and we're all increasingly worried these days about the effects of sun damage on our skin. 

Luckily, though, there are plenty of spray tan products to provide a convincing tan without leaving the comfort of your home.

There's something that everyone who's ever faced a spray tan fears, though: orange or spotty results.

This is why we're here to help you find the best spray tan machine to help you achieve your perfect tan at home.

We'll have a look at the best spray tan gun. We'll also look at what these machines need to achieve and even what advantages and disadvantages the best product will give you.

Why Buy a Spray Tan Machine?


Buying your own spray tan machine may seem pretty extravagant, but it’s an investment buy.

Depending on what kind of product you go for, you’re likely to make your money back in a matter of months.

Those of you who regularly visit a tanning salon will balance the cost out pretty swiftly.


The beauty of having a tanning bed in your home is that you’re free to customize it as you wish.

You can play around with the settings (paying close attention to the manual!) and find a schedule that suits your perfectly. 

You can have the machine set up anywhere in your home, too.


Having your own mini-salon at home means that you can top up your tan whenever you fancy. No more stressing about cramming in a session in your lunch-break!

You can find the perfect time to tan, and you can get as many sessions in as you like without feeling guilty about the cost.

Features of a Spray Tan Machine


The rate at which the tanning solution comes out will vary. Some machines have HVLP spray guns (high volume; low pressure) that will cover you in a fine coat of tanning solution. This dries quickly, and prevents wastage, making them the best option.


Quality machines will cost you. There are no two ways about it, sadly. While you don’t have to go for the most expensive item available, it’s worth going for something mid-range. Think about how much use you’ll get from it, and be willing to splash the cash.


This is totally up to you, but I’d suggest going for a quiet machine! Fitting in early-morning and late-night tanning sessions are something you can do now you have a machine in your home. That said, having a quiet pump is really handy if you live with other people.

Mobility/ Weight

Remember that you, or a partner/ friend, will be holding the spray gun! Go for something relatively light and easy to move.

Anything too weighty will strain the wrist, and may even affect the aim of the spray gun – you don’t want the solution all shooting towards the floor because your arm feels too heavy!


Adjustable nozzles are worth looking out for – this lets you control how much solution will come out at a time. It’s personal preference as to how much tanning solution you want to spray you per session.

Having the choice and being able to alternate levels day by day is one of the joys of owning your own spray tan machine.

Hose Flexibility

Ideally, you’ll end up with a long, bendy hose. This will allow you to reach all areas of the body, especially if you’re tanning yourself. Sturdy materials are important here, as any punctures or damage to the hose will obviously massively affect the whole machine.


We all want reliable products, and spray tan machines are no exception. Most electrical products will come with a warranty, but try and get it right first time around. Strong, study materials and secure nozzles and handles are worth looking out for.


Before we jump right into spray tan machine reviews, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for.

Sure, you may know that you want a machine that isn’t spotty and you can use at home. However, there are other factors to consider as well.

If you know someone who’s willing to help you, a machine that you can’t tan yourself with isn’t such an issue.

Don’t have someone to help? You’ll need a machine you can easily control and maneuver.

If you’re new to spray tanning, you’ll need a machine that isn’t too complicated either.

Even if you’re experienced, you’ll probably want something that won’t be too difficult to work with as well.

If your spray tan machine comes with a good tent, this is ideal too since it'll help contain any mess.

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Best Spray Tan Machine

Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit With Tanning Solution Pack & Black Tent

Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit With Tanning Solution Kit and Tent

For the best spray tan machine, our search turned up the Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit with Tanning Solution Pack and Black Tent.

There are several different pieces in this kit, including:

  • Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning System with a spray gun and hose
  • Focus Tanning Solution Bundle
  • Extra-large “Skylight” designed tent
  • Carrying bag for storage or travel.

The gun applicator is designed to be simple with a fluid control knob as well as adjustable spray patterns and a nozzle that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

The Focus Tanning Solution Bundle comes in 3 different skin tones in bottles of 8 ounces.

These shades go by the names Luminance Medium Dark, Radiance Ultra Dark, and Vibrance Rapid Develop Dark Tan.

This variety of spray tan solutions allow you to find exactly the right color to give your tan a natural tone.

The model that Fascination designed is for mobile, personal, and salon use.

This means it works well, but is also easy to use.

Pros & Cons

The first advantage that this machine has is in the design of the machine itself.

This handle, for one, has an ergonomic design, making it more comfortable to hold while you work.

The needle that that this spray tan gun uses can be adjusted to change between different spray widths. It's also made from a metal alloy, as opposed to the standard plastic needle.

This makes it more durable than the guns of some other spray tan brands.

The fan on this machine is also located in the back, making it more efficient.

Lastly, each of the tanning solutions that comes with this kit are made from natural and organic DHA with antioxidants and no parabens, making it safer for your skin.

There are a couple of disadvantages as well, though.

First – the tent. While it will easily fit a smaller person, a taller person would be rather cramped as they received their spray tan.

It can also be difficult to tan yourself without a mess. This machine does tend to leak a small amount if it's tilted to the side.

Some customers reported having a bit of trouble understanding the dial on the machine since it wasn’t so clear, but said it worked fine after a little trouble.

There were also some customer concerns about the plastic handle of this unit but after use they reported that it was no less durable because of it.

Tips for the Perfect Spray Tan

Prep your body by exfoliating with an oil-free product, as this ensures all skin being tanned is new and fresh. You should do this the day before you want to tan, and can also shave the day before if needed.

If you normally shave, it’s best to do it 24 hours prior to tanning, as hair can get in the way of the tanning solution.

Plan the session, as you shouldn’t shower for around eight hours after tanning. This is when the solution will be developing on your skin, so avoid getting wet and try and wear loose clothing. Tanning at home is super easy – going bra-free can be a struggle after a salon-session!

Get rid of any excess products on your skin, such as moisturizer or deodorant, as they’ll cause an uneven tan. Shower and dry yourself, face included! Take off jewellery, unless you really want tan lines.

When spraying, keep an even distance away from the skin at all times. Move slowly, in order to ensure you cover every area without having to double-back!

If you move too slowly, however, you may notice it starts to drip, which is never good. Adjustable nozzles should help you find a pace and rate that suit you.

Now that you’re tanned, try and stay cool overnight. Sweating may cause the tan to run. The next morning, shower with mild water – anything too hot may cause skin to shed, which will make your tan look patchy.

Stay hydrated and moisturized – the better the condition of your skin, the longer your tan will stay looking lovely.


While this machine may have some drawbacks, it’s still one of the best spray tanning kits you can buy for yourself or a friend.

It passes our criteria. We'd definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a quality spray tan machine.