Best Antiseptic Products You Should Use For Soothe The Skin Aftershave

Beard Grooming

Aftershaves are the face soothers after the shaving experience. Traditionally, the aftershave has been a medicinal way of treating one’s skin after getting a shave. It was initially made as an antiseptic whose base was alcohol which helped in disinfecting the nicks and cuts from shaving.

Beard Grooming

But the aftershaves in today's world are more focused on effects other than disinfection too. They are multi-tasking gels, balms, and liquids that hydrate, exfoliate, and even tone skin.

Beard grooming is a manly act. Beard grooming has been the style of men for several years long. There are certainly wonderful clippers which are going to give you the best feeling of beard grooming you have ever got. In case you get a burn in spite of this, we have a few suggestions for you which can cure your bailing skin.

For Treating Razor Burn

You might easily get razor burn when you are not so careful while trimming your beard. There are a few aftershaves which can help you to get relief by the effect of aloe and chamomile. These two are very good elements to achieve relief when your cheek’s skin is burnt by a razor.

For Treating Razor Burn

There are certain aftershave gels that have a composition of lavender, slow and chamomile for better use. They are bacteria resistant ones.

Certain aftershaves have the acetylsalicylic acid which is commonly known as aspirin which is highly effective in exfoliation and the calming effect on the skin. It reduces the burn wounds and provides relief.

There are different products for different types of skin. The skin types are:

For Dry and Sensitive Skin

In case you have dry and sensitive skin, you have to avoid the products which are alcohol-based and have fragrance producing elements. These elements can turn into irritants and these products include menthol and lemon oil. Irritants can cause redness and itching. This can be really painful and disturbing as your cheeks are sensitive.

For Dry and Sensitive Skin

Nivea’s post-shave balm is a perfect remedy for the dry and sensitive skin as it does not contain chemicals or alcohol and it is moisturizing in nature and it can be layered up with your favourite cologne. This is a very good product and you are really going to enjoy its use.

Shea butter products are very good for sensitive skin types. It is a luxurious element and it contains several skin-replenishing elements such as butter and essential oils which are soothing for burnt skin. It is completely alcohol-free in content. It has a very good composition.

The shea butter is added in the L’Occitane shave balm, which is a very well recommended balm for a burnt skin type. It is a combination of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic elements which are very good for the skin. They help in soothing and cleansing the skin.

For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin

Alcohol-based formulas might be very harmful to the skin types which are dry and sensitive. They are very important for the skin types which are very oily and thus, prone to acne.

For these skin types, any pore logging element cannot be present in the aftershave as they reduce the chances of healing of the burnt skin. No oily elements must be present.

Proraso is one of the favourite brands for aftershaves and is a perfectly good product for everyday use. It has some menthol residue that provides you with a fresh feeling and surprisingly acts as a toner. This is a very good product for usage when you have oily skin.

To Prevent Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps

The Aqua Velva balm is good for cases when you have ingrown hair in your dead skin. This is a bad case where you might even get an infection. It is very important to get face exfoliation done very regularly to avoid these issues.

The Aqua Velva balm is very moisturizing and contains salicylic acid which helps in the gentle exfoliation. It helps to prevent the growth of hair. Salicylic acid is very good for skin types which are prone to get regular acne.


Shaveworks The Cool Fix, is yet another product that is going to be a good one for razor bumps and razor burns. It is a composition of glycolic acid and salicylic acid which are prime workers in case of gentle exfoliation, keeping the skin oil-free and cleansing the skin regularly.

Thus, these are a few products that are useful for razor bumps and other skin issues. We hope this helps you out. Happy beard grooming to you!

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