A Complete Guide To The Derma Roller 0.5 mm

derma roller 0.5 mm

It’s time to take charge of your skin’s health and I’ve got the perfect product for you.

You can now get rid of those wrinkles, crow’s feet, scars, and more quickly and easily.

Just find the very best derma roller 0.5 mm, which I’ll help you to do in this article, and you too can have beautiful and radiant skin.

If you haven't come across derma rolling, or micro needling, before, it's essentially the use of tiny needles to make extremely small holes in the skin.

That means your body goes into overdrive repair mode to repair your skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what you’re looking for, I’ve figured it all out for you!

What to Look For in a Derma Roller

Before you begin your quest, there are several things you’ll want to know.

The derma roller 0.5 is the perfect size for a beginner as it’s gentle and effective on the face.

Ideally, you’ll want a roller that has titanium needles as they'll be more durable. You’ll be less likely to experience breakage or bending with this quality metal.

In addition, a secure carrying case to put your roller in would also be something to look for.

It’s crucial that you keep your derma roller clean and sterile at all times. A special case will make this possible for you.

Titanium 540 Roller (0.5mm)

Titanium 540 Roller (0.5mm)

My choice for the best derma roller 0.5 titanium is the Tentop model.

It has a total of 540 titanium needles, perfect for completing your skincare routine.

You can even use it with high-quality beauty products for maximum results.

This roller will exfoliate dead skin cells away, reveal your younger, more vibrant skin, and promote blood circulation.

By increasing the circulation in your face, you’ll naturally experience tighter skin and improved elasticity.

This derma roller 0.5 mm is ideal for smoothing out acne scars, reducing those fine lines, erasing wrinkles, and brightening the dreaded dark circles we face.

You should only experience mild discomfort with this size and could use a numbing cream or ice if that helps.

Also, the bleeding will be very mild or minimal if performed correctly. Make sure you don’t use this unit more than once per week.

As I discussed above, this model does come with its own case, perfect for protecting from germs.

Key Features

  • Contains 540 titanium needles.
  • Increases the circulation of your face.
  • Creates tighter and more elastic skin.
  • Exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • Comes complete with a case to keep it free from bacteria.

Don’t Over Roll Your Skin

Now that you’ve found the derma roller you are going to use, I want to give you a quick tip. No matter what you do, don’t over roll the skin.

You may think that by performing this rolling motion more frequently or for longer periods of time that you're going to speed up the healing, but that isn’t true.

Over rolling will actually backfire by creating inflammation and longer recovery times.

Make sure you stick to the once per week rule with this size and don’t roll more than three or four times in various direction; across, up and down, and diagonally.

There’s no sense experiencing additional discomfort when you don't need to.

In addition to not over rolling, it’s equally important not to push too hard on the roller. Use a natural force that glides easily across the skin for best results.

If down the road, you feel you need more than this then there are bigger sizes you can upgrade to.

Maintaining Your Derma Roller

Another crucial aspect to owning a derma roller is keeping it clean and sanitized. Everything the roller touches is going to be poking into your facial skin.

Any bacteria or germs will easily be able to get past the protective outer layer during this process.

Here are some tips you need to follow to keep your skin healthy.

1. Never share your derma roller with anyone. It’s meant for your skin only and saving a little money isn’t worth getting a nasty infection over.

2. Use alcohol to disinfect the needles before and after each use. Some people use a spray bottle, but I prefer actually soaking the entire head in a cup of isopropyl alcohol.

3. After use, and sanitization, be sure you allow the roller to dry completely before storing in your secure case.

4. Never attempt to sterilize your roller in boiling water. This can damage your needles and cause deformities.

5. These tools aren't meant to last forever. Replace yours on a regular basis to keep it fresh and performing at its best.

6. Always thoroughly wash your face and remove all beauty products prior to rolling.

Overall Benefits You Can Experience

Want to know what this is going to do for your skin? Of course, you do!

The derma roller is going to effectively “damage” your skin.

It does this so that the body will send repairing collagen to the skin surface and you end up with a plumper, more beautiful appearance.

In addition to that, you can expect a tightening of the complexion. If you’re a sufferer of dark circles and bags under the eyes, this is your new best friend.

By paying close attention to rolling in that area, the darkness will be brightened and you will look more awake than ever.

Suffer from acne?

Those scars are no match for the derma roller. Simple treatments will produce magnificent results over time.

This derma roller 0.5mm would also be good on minor stretch marks and body scars, but you might find a larger size would work better for that.

Remember to incorporate some special serums to be used in conjunction with your roller and they’re said to boost ingredient absorption by up to 90%.


If you feel like you have beautiful skin but it’s trapped below the face filled with lines and wrinkles, the derma roller 0.5 is your life line.

Bring forth that vibrant and healthy glow and show the world what you are really made of. Grab your high-quality derma roller and get started today.

If you could use a short tutorial on the derma roller, be sure to check out this great YouTube video