Everything You Need To Know About An ACL Knee Brace

acl knee brace

No matter how much we try to avoid them, knee injuries seem to find us sooner or later.

Whether you’ve simply twisted your knee coming down the stairs or years as an athlete have finally caught up with you, almost everyone experiences a knee injury at some point in their lives.

The knee is the largest joint in the body, and one of the ones we use the most, so it's no wonder it can cause problems. 

However, finding the best knee brace can be a little more stressful than you might expect.

Worry not!

We've done the research for you and are here to walk you through you it. 

We won't only show you the best ACL knee brace, but also share how we found it.


Is this your first knee injury?

It can be easy to look at your options and be confused about how all these knee braces are different. 

However, there are several different features to look out for when you’re shopping for a knee brace.

First, let’s look at what your knee brace is made of.

Getting a brace made of quality material isn’t only a matter of durability.

Cheap materials may not be able to properly support the knee. They might be prone to slipping.

The product we’ll go over is made of neoprene. They can be made of a variety of plastics, metals, and cloths. 

As long as these materials are good quality, you should be fine.

The other important factor to consider is thickness. Think about it this way.

If your knee brace is so thick that it’s hard to bend your knee, movement is going to be difficult.

That isn’t to say that these are bad per say. However, when you’re looking for the best knee brace, you should look for one that's comfortable and supportive whether you’re sitting or walking.

Winzone Knee Brace

Winzone Knee Brace

After a lot research, we found that the Winzone knee brace is the best choice for your ACL knee brace. 

This knee brace is made for ACL and meniscus injuries and allows for a full range of movement.

Rather than being stiff like some of the competition, this knee brace will allow you to jump right back into the game.

It’s made of 100% neoprene. It not only won’t get hot, but won’t slip even if you start to sweat.

In addition, it’s easy to slip on and off without a problem. It can be machine washed, saving you plenty of time.

This brace uses dual side stabilizers to keep your knee protected and supported during use.

It’s made to not only to protect from further damage, but it’ll help you to experience less pain as you walk around and play.

Winzone used this product as a way to make a brace that would do more than the average brace and it would actually minimize the pain you felt.

After all, for an athlete, laying around healing can be almost as annoying and impactful as the injury that caused it.

Pros & Cons

This knee brace is an extremely versatile choice which isn’t a bad investment at all.

 While you may be purchasing it for use on an ACL injury, you may need it later for a different issue.

With this brace, you can be sure that you have support for ACL injuries, meniscus tears, arthritic pain, MCL pain, and medial collateral ligament pain.

This way, you won’t have to keep and organize hundreds of different braces in your home in case you need them. They can all be found in one. 

The design of this brace is supportive, thin, and comfortable as well.

Customers had very few complaints about this knee brace. The main one, though, falls under comfort.

Much like many other knee braces, the Winzone knee brace starts to become mildly itchy after a while.

While this isn’t a total deal breaker, it's a slight inconvenience to users.


With the information we have gone over, finding the best ACL knee brace for you should be no problem at all.

Even if you don’t choose the Winzone model that we recommended, the tips and tricks that we've shared will steer you in the right direction.