5 Professions
For People Who Prefer Working With Children

5 Professions for People Who Prefer Working With Children - featured image

5 Professions for People Who Prefer Working With Children - featured image

Not all professions centered around children are filled with fun and games, but they offer a strong sense of purpose. Knowing that you can make a significant and lasting impression on a young mind is a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly. 

Encouraging role models for children can be found in a wide variety of places. If you prefer kids to adults, check out the jobs listed below for some ideas on how you could positively impact the next generation.


Did you babysit as a teenager to earn extra money? Were you always enthusiastic about keeping the children engaged, entertained, and feeling secure? If so, then you could make a career out of it. 

Childcare workers do not necessarily require a degree, so there are few barriers to entry as long as you have the right attitude. However, training in first aid and a criminal record check is typically required.

Taking employment as a private nanny could be an excellent stepping stone. Some nannies go on vacations with the family or even travel by private jet around the world. 

While it is not all so glamorous, childcare positions can also include working in a daycare or being a daycare owner yourself. Some people offer childcare services in their own home which can be incredibly beneficial if you are looking for a career as a working parent.


Teaching is typically one of the first professions that come to mind when thinking about jobs that work with children.

In addition to being a classroom teacher, jobs in the education industry can include:

  • Pre-school or early education teacher
  • Specialized subjects’ teacher
  • English as a foreign language teacher
  • Teacher’s aid
  • Principal
  • Special education teacher
  • School administrator
  • Bus driver
  • Crossing guard
  • Cafeteria worker
  • Librarian
  • School custodian
  • Career advisor 

A career in education offers opportunities for advancement, which can be rewarding for those looking to continue to push themselves. Bachelor, master’s, and doctorate degrees in education are widely available and can often be taken while remaining employed.


A great coach can be as instrumental to a child’s self-esteem and self-worth as their favorite teacher or extended family member. Sports are much more than about winning or competition. 

As a child, playing sports and being part of a team is about building character, sportsmanship, discipline, and ethics. It can teach children how to get along with others, to motivate and encourage and how to accept defeat.

If you have a passion for athletics, a caring nature, and an ability to push people towards achieving their best, then a career involving coaching might be an excellent fit.

Some jobs that involve children and sports include:

  • Recreation center employee
  • PE Teacher
  • Camp Counsellor
  • Swimming instructor


The opportunities to work with children daily in healthcare are massively varied. However, while children tend to see the sunny side of life, it might not be as easy as an adult to work with ill children consistently. Nevertheless, beaming smiles and laughter are fantastic rewards.

From the first moments after birth, a team of specialized healthcare workers is needed. Doctors and nurses can specialize in pediatrics and further differentiate themselves by focusing on newborns. In addition, certification in neonatal resuscitation classes and other ongoing training is vital to a role in healthcare.

In fact, almost every healthcare position that focuses on adults has an equivalent job that is specially trained to focus on pediatric patients, including:

  • Dentist and dental hygienist
  • School nurse
  • Occupational therapist
  • Speech therapist
  • Audiologist
  • Respiratory therapist
  • General surgeon
  • Specialized surgeon
  • Optician
  • Nutritionist
  • Mobility specialist


Lawyers that focus on family and juvenile law do not necessarily earn as much as other legal specialties, but most find the work incredibly rewarding. Unfortunately, not every kid has a parent or guardian offering a loving upbringing, and they may find themselves in the legal system.

Other children may have two parents fighting over custody, visitation, and maintenance. Legal jobs working with children can be stressful but massively rewarding.

These jobs may include:

  • Family and juvenile lawyer
  • Guardian ad Litem
  • Public defenders
  • Public interest lawyers
  • Agency lawyers
  • Legal reporting
  • Youth policy advocate
  • Juvenile delinquency law
  • Special education law
  • Advocacy for non-profit groups

We hope that we have shown you that working with children doesn’t have to limit your career choices. Almost every type of work can be pivoted to working more with children than adults, particularly if you are willing to take further training.

Consider your strengths and ambitions and find a career that utilizes your unique talents.

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